Fool, Britannia

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From GoV:

Paul Weston: The Innocence Of Sadiq Khan

It is difficult to see how the UK recovers from the past 20 years.

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41 responses to “Fool, Britannia

  1. There will be no respite until Brits reject the ballot box, in favour of Property Rights. This is vanishingly unlikely.

    A concerted campaign of “No Consent” might pay dividends. Continually struggling to “put your own lackey in power” is fruitless and, ultimately, fatal.

    The Islamist will certainly out-breed the Briton.

    But, even now, at any moment, they could choose to out-fight the Briton. They have the Will and Motivation to fight. Brits don’t. The disparity of number is of little consequence.

    Sooooo, maybe it’s just as well that the Country is going to change hands. There’s a certain Justice in it. I’m past caring, to be honest.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “But, even now, at any moment, they could choose to out-fight the Briton. They have the Will and Motivation to fight. Brits don’t. The disparity of number is of little consequence.”

      Yup. In any conflict, the calculation is always the same: resources + numbers x will.

    • outlawpatriot

      Reject the ballot box in favor of property rights? Dumb limey. You fuckers need to pick up a gun.

    • The only way that could happen is by impregnating each and every non-Muslim women and taking their right to vote away. Even with that its doubtful they could save themselves.

  2. oughtsix

    Christ will not be crucified a second time.

    Once was enough. The Victory is secure in Eternity.

    Evil will have it’s way, for a season, but it’s defeat is inevitable.

    You don’t have to be a believer to appreciate that evil is insane and therefore caries the seed of it’s own demise.

    Meanwhile, right here in our present circumstances, enough with the Spiritual Long View, although correct and sincere…

    Kill. Them. All!

    Islam dilenda est.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Given how it often acts, good seems pretty damned insane, too.

      • oughtsix

        Good folks are long suffering, finding violence abhorrent and a last resort.

        We are down to the last resort. When the good folks have had enough, they lay evil to waste. Evil, being insanely fond of the notion of its invincibility, and blind to faults of many another kind, is complicit in its own destruction. The German Army, WW II, would not have been defeated as they were, or perhaps at all, had it not been for the insane and incompetent interference of a megalomaniac and his equally insane sycophants.

        Technology has placed ever greater power in the hands of men. Moral failure begets ever greater destruction, but that cuts both ways. Power may be used for good or ill. Evil never considers that its methods may redound.

    • Old Soldier

      Amen! Amen I say!!! Let’s get this party moving. Time’s awaistin.

    • organized Jewry eternally crucifies Christ:

      “The Jews crucified Christ? Good. I’d do it again…I’d do it in a fuck’n second”

      – Sarah Silverman

  3. What the Blitz couldn’t do with bombs and rockets, this one man will do with a pen.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Of course, Hitler never really wanted to destroy Britain; his target was always East. Its current rulers, different story.

  4. Actually I’m not surprised he got in.
    As for what the people want?
    Please don’t insult us by thinking most of us wanted this outcome.

    The corrupt voting system is rigged to enpower the wrong person.

  5. colddeadhandsdays

    That country is lost…toast. So are we most likely. I may live to see Great Brittain fall. Whirs will be concentrated in the redoubt by the time I’m an old man. I believe we’ll fight it out before we’re steamrolled over….

    • colddeadhandsdays

      Whites not whirs…

    • redcoogs

      Second the sentiment on GB. The future for them is likely clashes and bombs until GB gets a spine or submits to islam and same can be said for the rest of Europe.
      No matter what the western civilization looks like 100 years from now, the next 25 to 50 years will be dark and I wish the worst form of cancer for every govt puke of the past 25 years that let it happen. I guarantee govts knew islam was a snake in the garden and they let it in. They knew that it would be better to let muslims having nothing better than sticks and rocks but they thought they could control it and stay at the tiop. Well, good job; you just lost the most important city on the European continent forever.

  6. It is our fate too, given American males have more.interest in sleeping around and watching porn than procreating.

    Demographics are destiny.

    • Demographics are destiny.
      Said the Aztecs, from their capital, the largest city on earth at the time.

      • Grenadier1

        Conquered by a few hundred Spanish and their local allies who had got fed up with the Aztec bullshit. Demographics had nothing to do with it. It was cold Toledo steel and pissed off neighbors.

      • The defeatists will simply pivot the argument to suggest that we are the Aztecs and Islam is Spain.
        Defeatists pivot their argument from a lack of will to a lack of numbers however the particular circumstance requires.
        The outcome is not set in stone. We could win this in a month if the will was there. Things just have to get a bit worse before they can get better. What’s for certain is that we all have to get comfortable with the fact that we’re not going to get a shot at Islam without going through the globalist elites first.

    • What the fuck is your obsession with pornography? I saw you hanging around the elementary school with candy and a van. You are not only a douche canoe but an unhinged pervert. Because you are enthralled with porn and beaten your member to a bloody little stump doesn’t mean everyone else has. Lonely loser.

      • Please, Knuck, don’t use “canoe” in a derogatory manner. Canoes are good and kind and worthy of respect in every sense of the word and have saved my life more times than I can remember..

        Try using “douche bag” or “douche bottle” or “dipshit” or…

        Thank you.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Have you met the average American woman under about age 40? Small wonder American males act the way they do. The fucking they could get isn’t worth the fucking they would get.

  7. Centurion_Cornelius

    the Marxist Laborites and crack-pot screeching wimmen elected the rag head.

    they will get what they freaking deserve.

    all for all the others in England–c’est la guerre mon ami.

    no election.



  8. the brits are just being good, tolerant and accepting people.

  9. Slow motion suicide.

  10. Hi. Thought I’d drop by and say “Death to Islam”.

  11. Uncle Larry

    In the US, with a birth rate of one white child per white couple, our fate is sealed. Mathematical not theoretical. Plus wide open third world immigration here. 52% of all children entering kindergarten in the US are non-white. It gets worse every year. Laughing at London?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      White culture, here and in Europe, is comprised of limp wristed, spineless progressives who will vote themselves into oblivion, not realizing the holocaust that precedes it.
      Most won’t even get it at the eleventh hour, they don’t want to understand they are just useful idiots in the rise of the darker species, the ones who will club them to death, won’t even need bullets.

    • redcoogs

      the usa has the slow motion suicide. Europe is going to fall fast as muslims have been let in by the millions and will spread “radical” islam like the plaque to the rest of the muslims in Europe, about to be civil war all over Europe and Russia shooting any muslim trying to enter Russia. the usa is slowly being converted to probably mexico where the very top lives an elite, corrupt life and the rest remain at the bottom. that would probably suit Hillary and Obama just fine.

  12. And when the moslems get their hands on Britain’s nuclear arsenal…maybe the ADL will realize that it wasn’t that great an idea to force muslim immigration on the “Whites”…

  13. London has fallen, without a shot being fired.

    Jews, and their Muslim co-religionists, have been successful in conquering a vital part of Christendom. To take it back, and that will happen, will be a very bloody affair.

    It won’t be on pay per view.

    • Jews in North London weren’t allowed to vote (mysteriously left off the voter lists) and London ends up with a Muslim mayor. Just another coincidence for the sheep to ignore, but for Pat it still somehow benefits the Jews. When churches and synagogues burn across Europe and the the Muslim call to prayer is heard echoing across the Alps, for Pat it’ll still be part of the Jewish grand plan.

      BTW, have you moved to Maine yet? Demographically speaking the South is already lost and you’re almost all alone.

    • London/Washington fell to the Judeo-banksters long ago. The entire Muslim/Mestizo/Black/Asiatic thing is simply a matter of insourcing anti-White stormtroopers to secure the Sanhedrin’s rule. I doubt very much that Britain/Western Europe are salvageable; North America and Eastern Europe/Russia remain in play

  14. The Muslim population of Britain is around 4 million. The non-Muslim population is around 60 million. I think you guys are a bit early in your prediction of the end of Britain…

  15. Steve Kristmann

    Just as I thought…khan’s scuzzlum psychophantic supporters along with the “I’m not a waaaacissst briton..see I voted for sadiq!!!” english in name only dihimmi’s just presented london to this islamist filth carte blanche.

    Disgusting..yet utterly predictable!!

    Makes about as much sense as a ‘man bun on a cud chewing metrosexual crybabby millenial social justice warrior’.

    Of course there’s no chance of ‘voter fraud’ possible there, lol…..

    Pat Condell’s take on this btw:

    Of course ‘voter fraud’ could NEVER happen here in America, right..
    I mean Len Greenwood says so!!! (ok, sarc switch now reset to off…)

    Rigged Elections – Clinton Curtis’ Sworn Testimony

    Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections (Full Length)

    Yep, Larken Rose was right all along. “Voting” is nothing more than a excercise to legitimize sociopathic parasites and their thuggish enforcers (aka ‘law enforcement’).

    Ya Gotta Vote!

    Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose

    “Vote” for Trump..Hillary..Sanders..or any other power seeking sociopathic narcissistic kleptomanic thugs who spout things like, “I’m your ‘representative'” or “I only ‘govern’ by your can trust me..I work for you!!”??…not only Hell No!!! but I DON’T NEED YOU, you putrid murderous lying sack of collectivist shits!! Plant yourself on the nearest barrel cactus and rotate at max rpms then eat shit and FOAD!!!

    Be your own ‘leader’…and let other people be theirs.
    “Voting?!…we don’t need no stinkin voting here!!!”

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  16. The Usual Suspect

    Sodding, disarmed subjects of the sodding crown.

  17. Stealth Spaniel

    Britain will congratulate itself on diversity, multiculturalism, and fairness with this elected Muslim Mayor-until the first bomb goes off. This Muslim will surround himself with the Brotherhood, Imams, and “liberated” women in burquas. He will also provide a conduit for terrorists to pack guns in mosques and run havoc to other countries in the EU. It won’t take long for a bomb to go off in the financial district, children taken hostage at schools, and a run at an American airbase. Every English Elite will express shock, surprise, and wonderment at the cruelty of the modern world. Of course-they won’t be involved in any of the havoc. But everyday Sarahs and Simons will pay a heavy price.
    As usual, Mr. Bracken is an oracle.

  18. Stefan Molyneux’s take: