WeaponsMan: Another Month, Another Record For Firearms Sales


WM explains.

Wonder why all the guns and ammo?


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  1. mtnforge

    Listen for The dog that didn’t bark.

    What if those numbers are a falsity like all the other numbers the regime spews in the process of controlling the state narratives?
    What if the numbers are considerably larger than reported?
    Here is another thing to consider: Being the regime is such a data hungry spyware dependent entity which is giving this country a massive colonoscopy, it is not an unreasonable to assume it has a basic knowledge of how much ammunition is produced and sold.
    I sure would like to see those numbers, bettin’ everyone here that would tell a story.
    Because all a rifle is without ammo is a club at best.
    Same goes for what types of weapons and the buying trends.
    It is funny in this day and age of data mining and scrutiny of every facet of our lives by the corporate/industrial/political crony machine, this kind of data is mysteriously absent, mmmm? Multiple billion dollar data fusion centers in the desert, wholesale interception of every bit transmitted throughout our electronic culture, an NSA having literally unlimited budgets and unlimited access to all information, and not a peep about this astounding level of citizen armament underway.
    Funny that.

    BIG doggy no barky bark.

    • Just read a story 2 days ago that there are 12 trillion rounds of ammo in the hands of civilians here. And there should be no doubt that record number sales are ongoing. I just bought two Taurus PT709 Slims as gifts for each of my older female cousins who visited the family compound last weekend. They had a blast shooting their first pistols.

      • mtnforge

        Oh that gives me a warm fuzzy, “a tingle down my leg!”.
        12 trillion rounds.
        OK, lets do a for shits and grins for instance:
        What if you spread the ammo out on an average, take just the AR rifle platform as a baseline weapon, say evened out among all AR owners it is a case of 1000 rounds of 5.56 per AR? Which isnt an unreasonable number, if you don’t have at least 1000 res of ready ammo your not thinking right. Lets say there are 7 million AR15 based rifles in civilian hands, 7 million x’s 1000, that would work out to 700,000,000,000 rounds of ammo? Just for AR type rifles alone. I’m just making a guess on the numbers here, but if it is reasonably close, that is a lot of boolits. Then for battle type rifles you have all the other 5.56 rifles, AK platforms in 7.62 and 5.54, 308 battle rifles, 12 Ga shotguns, 9mm, then vintage military rifles from Garand’s to Nagant’s, pistols in 9mm, .40 and .45, not to mention 22lr, 20 ga, lever and bolt guns in 30-30, .270, .243, .300 mags, .338’s, 50 BMG, then the old timey stuff in 45-70 down to 22 Hornet, and top put a cherry on top, there is the whole 80% and other home built weapons movement the last fews years. Dude your talking the largest potential army in human history. By orders of magnitude.
        So it isn’t just NICS sales by month, you have to take into account the weapons built in the stretch of time from about 1862 to today, because even if those early industrial revolution weapons are modern, they still throw lead at lethal velocities, thank you very much.

        Man if guns where such a problem in this country, it would be kind of obvious. I guess guns are only a problem for the ones who want to disarm the ones with them.

        Interesting how math trumps the cultural marxists every time.

        • Actual estimates are that between 600 million and 750 million firearms are held by more than 120 million people in the US today, with more being added at the rates mentioned.

          I’m good with that.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Most of the good old boys I know who own guns haven’t a clue how bad things will get, and I can guarenfukntee they don’t have the balls to use them. They’re still telling me how voting will fix this the next go around.
          I’m more worried about my brainwashed neighbors then I am of any foreign Muslim invasion.

      • I’ve figured a minimum of 750 million guns in American hands. That means if there’s that many rounds out, we’re looking at about 16,000 -17,000 rounds per gun. I doubt that figure very much. Low ball figure of 150 rounds per gun means there’s around 112 billion rounds. THAT sounds more credible. Either way, the point is that the government is NOT going to be able to disarm Americans.

        • mtnforge

          There’s guys out there that buy ammo literally by the truck load. Who doesn’t know somebody or two who reloads thousands of rounds for stock piling? There was a gun show near me a couple years back, I was helping a buddy unload his show goods, and there was 5 ex .mil guys in the next loading bay buying a couple of pallets of 5.56 off a box truck before it went into the building.
          Ever take a live fire combat course? Shit you can burn through a thousand rounds without breaking a sweat.

        • Quote from TFB article about a tour of the Lonoke, Ar Remington ammunition plant:

          “…Generally they run 3 shifts 5 days per week with 4 shifts 7 days a week 24/7 in some areas. The annual production is 2.6 billion rounds of ammunition…


    • NSA? Pfffft. For data mining to work, it still needs a key or set of parameters to sort against. Lacking that essential its worthless. When do TPTB acquire the sort algorithm? Somewhere after the second or third attack pattern. So the first two patterns are free. But a wise insurgent would have already selected a new modus operandi.

      The bigger the data sets get the longer it takes to filter for the essentials using a fixed set of computational power. Even the might NSA has limitations — cooling and power. One of their sites have already been threatened by the locals for using too much water.

      Be nimble and do not repeat and even the NSA will be blind.

  2. Succintly tells me all I need to know underneath the PsyOp / MISO Op. going on.

    • Well well well, it’s good to see your here, my brother. ALL the beautiful people hang here!, well perhaps not beautiful, but definitely knowledgable, in depth thinkers.

      Your a natural fit for this crowd. Your research skills set, WILL be useful here.


      • Thx Dawg appreciate. Usually a lurker & have been for a long time (years in fact) but it’s all so risible I had to enter the fray. The World scripted fictional Kabuki Theatre has captured my jocose animus. This feckless pernicious perfidy of this Deep State has gotten almost ineffable for me. You can’t make this stuff up. Until that day…

  3. the govt has to spend less money arming its goons if they let the serfs buy everything then declare it all illegal forcing all the law abiding citizens to comply with said lawful orders

    • “forcing all the law abiding to comply…”

      Like that’s going to happen. No, it’s not going to happen outside certain urban centers.

  4. They have always been at “war” with Redneckistan.

    Just wait till Redneckistan goes to war with them.

  5. Except, Stewie, for those of us (including you) who are going to have a slightly different reaction to the order to disarm. I think we’ll be playin’ a little chin music.

  6. Uncle Larry

    1 trillion rounds of ammo in private hands was the number in the media recently. No verification.

    • Was wondering, does that number take into account the rounds that people are currently building?

      The -06, while dated, is a real nice host for bullets with various colors of paint on their tips.

      There’s still some use for the US Rifle, M1, if it’s done up properly. There’s some older folks that never did graduate to the Stoner platform. I’ve seen them compete head-to-head on dynamic courses of fire with M1s v Stoners, and have seen M1 shooters do real well.

  7. So what if, you knew bad juju was coming to a nation. What better way to have a population arm themselves to the teeth, then to threaten their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

    Most here are alpha dogs, telling an alpha they CANT, do something, or own this or that, is a natural incentive to the alpha, to step up to the plate, and do exactly whatever it is those in charge tell an alpha, they can’t do.

    It’s the natural reaction in an alpha’s head. Most alpha’s will prove their Alpha- ness by buying triple the amount their not allowed to have, it’s the Big Dog Syndrome.

    Or I’m wrong again.

    Dirk Williams

    • Mark Matis

      I would only note that a VERY significant percentage of those people buying guns prefer their coffee and donuts filtered. They tend to be Rove Republicans.

  8. Numbers like this indicate a nation not at peace with itself.

  9. outlawpatriot

    Means absolutely nothing unless they are going to be used.

  10. There is a major flaw with the premise that many people are putting forth. Many of the firearms that large numbers of people have, were not purchased utilizing the gubmint system. Many rounds of ammo are manufactured at home. Whatever the true numbers are remain to be seen.. In rural America,firearms are passed down for generations and added to. It is not uncommon to have multiple hunting and sporting firearms. The only obstacle to firearm ownership is availability of fun coupons. Anything else, is wishful thinking on someones part.

  11. tangotango03

    was at the local gun show in Ft Worth on Apr 30. I believe the figures are fair. The lines for the ATF guys receiving complaints from vendor and buyers regarding the delays were sick.
    Sales were brisk and every vendor there said they were making some money.
    Just an observation.

  12. Marketing with scarcity, the most effectve selling technique. Remember Obama owns stock in S&W

  13. The more the merrier I say.This as many pointed out does not take into account home made ammo/heck/home made firearms and such.Folks new hope got plenty of ammo for practice and to have some for when they may really need it.To all the brothers and sisters not new,well,keep practising as time/budget allow,some may be fair shots/some good/some excellent but we all can be better.

  14. Stealth Spaniel

    The whole article just warms my heart. Beats the hell out of baseball cards, antique books, or unusual cookware: Americans have been doing practical collecting since the beginning. What’s the saying? “If we were a problem, you’d already know it!”