Fascism, American Style

By John Whitehead.



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  1. Bullshit. This nation is and has been a fascist nation for years now. All of us have only ourselves to blame. We allowed this shot to happen. While we’re eating fucking Bon Bons, the real enemy has penetrated our core values.

    With the removal of about 1000 people within this nation, we can have our country back. Yet I’m not willing to commit murder, for the good of all, so like you, I’m preparing for the long fight.

    That’s fucked up.


    • With the removal of about 1000 people within this nation, we can have our country back.


      Look closer.

      Much closer.

      This is NOT the country of your birth, your youth, your prime…

      The Fabian machine has been grinding away, year after year after decade after decade.

      tFat’s 100-200 million oppose you with their insensible cries, growls, and votes.

      It sucks, but it is.

      • I see it, I just think culling their leadership would SLOW the process of empire/Nation breaking. A ton of wisdom here specific to this subject.

        I’m out, going fishing for a few days, maybe do some long range work, to mellow my ass out.

        Happy Mother’s Day to all your mothers, and wives.


      • Mark Matis

        Actually, roughly 1000 people, done at the right time, WOULD give our country back. As I have repeatedly said before:
        “A suitcase for the SOTU”.

        The hive-dwellers in this country are fully sold on the value of Big Government. In an instant, one suitcase would decapitate that government, causing abject panic in the hives. Sure, someone would undoubtedly play General Westmoreland redux, but that would not sell. And once the panic starts, it will spread throughout EVERY hive in this country. You would end up with 100-200 million dead, but the overwhelming majority of those would kill each other without outside involvement. And once the hives purge themselves, then rationality might return.

        • COG.

          Continuity of government.

          The Bad People are bad.

          Not stupid.

          • It seems they are both evil and stupid-“against true imbecility even reasoning was useless since you couldn’t even appeal to your enemy’s self interest because they were too dumb to see it. “Against stupidity we are defenseless,”

          • Mark Matis

            Except at SOTU time. THERE IS NO COG (or CoO) when the party animals are all in the House. At least not to the extent that the hive-dwellers would recognize and submit to same. ALL the upper-level corruptocrats are in the building. Pull a random alleged government leader out of a hat and tell the hive-dwellers that he’s the new boss? Yeah, right. I’m sure they’ll follow on blindly. After all, it’s not like they’re slaves to the Cult of Personality or any such thing. And once panic starts in more than two hives, there is NOTHING the government can do to keep it from spreading throughout hivedom across the land.

      • London’s new Muslim mayor is also a Fabian.

        The red green axis.

    • mtnforge

      Dirk, are you a mental retard or a just a happy ignorant fool? Seriously? Our fault this government is a cultural marxist organized crime syndicate. What planet are you from?
      Buddy, you really pissed me off with that inconsiderate and thoughtless remarks its our fault. If I didn’t know better I’d say you are a cunning government troll.
      What a clusterfuck. I got two things to say in rebuttal here. Since when is the greatest act of theft in human history, the calculated systemic theft of my countries and my wealth, and subsequent unimaginable creation of debt, along with a line of cultural marxists usurpers my or any of the dirt peoples “fault”? Pardon me, but I don’t steal, lie, cheat, usurp, commit treason, felonies, or are responsible for countless deaths of my fellow human’s that the fuckers running things are responsible for. Do you Dirk? Have you committed any of these things? Have you assisted the sonofabitches. Are you importing jihadists by the thousands? Have you embezzled millions or billions from the American people? Yes or no Man?
      Furthermore those fuckers and psychopaths running things have gutted this country, ignored our basic will, spread hate and derision, despise us with a passion, destroyed a Republic entirely by their own doing, they rub our faces in it, we are threatened with the barrel of a government gun, imprisoned, and yes executed, if we even think of resisting, never mind refusing to pay for the privilege of having our faces rubbed in the steaming pile of shit they created in the first place. And we are now supposedly voting for a fascist, are white supremacists, racists, and idiots because we refuse to have another sexually perverted cultural marxist “president” crammed up our arses, how dare us peasants, because at worst we have chosen maybe a guy in the form of an American businessman and entrepreneur who has the intestinal fortitude and gumption to deviate from the one world order, that HE is a fascist???

      Ah excuse me…

      WTF is wrong with this picture?

      • …”Have you committed any of these things? Have you assisted the sonofabitches”… …” destroyed a Republic entirely by their own doing, they rub our faces in it, we are threatened with the barrel of a government gun, imprisoned, and yes executed, if we even think of resisting, never mind refusing to pay for the privilege of having our faces rubbed in the steaming pile of shit they created in the first place”…

        Short answer. Yes.

        He was a or is a——–COP

  2. What Whitehead is describing applies the the Trumpinator, insomuch as an indicator of a pre-revolutionary sentiment.

    Rather than view the rise of Trump for what it is; an indictment and condemnation against recent betrayals, the Plutocrats have decided to pour gasoline on the fire, by immediately attempting to co-opt the Don. What had been indicated is that:

    1) Your vote counts; as long as the Candidate you vote for is deemed “acceptable”.
    2) Should you go off-script, and vote for an U sanctioned candidate, every attempt will be made to nullify said vote.

    Unbeknownst to the dipshits in Mordor, any attempt to co-opt the Don is going to be viewed as further betrayal. You couldn’t fictionalize a more excellent example of what NOT to do in the face of failure.

    Trump’s candidacy has, if nothing else, illustrated to a large segment of the population, who were not previously clued-in, just how bad of a stump-fuckin’ they’ve been getting.

    The Deep State Boyz, are wrapping the noose around their own necks and foisting it upon the lamp post. They are either too detached from reality to realize this, or possessed by boundless arrogance.

    Either way, Whitehead’s right. Mordor’s an increasingly irrelevant cesspool.

    As the implosion of what was once a Law-restrained, Constitutional Republic chokes on its own vomit, the true outposts of sanity are local. A city ordinance has far more personal repercussions than Trans-Pacific Pud-Pulling.

    • Granted. This election boils down to which makes you more comfortable? A guy who already ‘has his’, feels comfortable with the accomplishment? Or a woman whose soul is an unsated money grubbing bitch?

      Remember our ancestors have been here before. One of the richest in the colonies, Washington himself did not take up the cause till he was tired of being taken for a ride in the goods and services as a second class citizen. Trump is no Washington but some parallels are uncanny.

      • Based on the squirming by the Overlords, I am fully certain Trump is the real deal.

        Like him. Hate him. Be indifferent. He’s shined a 100,000,000,000-lumen spotlight on the cockroaches. The behind-the-scenes bullshit, is now on display, front and center, thanks to no one but Donald J. Trump and the Unitarian Party’s own incompetence. If his only mission was to expose the charade: mission accomplished.

        It goes beyond even the Kleptocrats inside the ring-of-Mordor. The media shit-stains like Erick “Thanks for the $3,000,000, Ted Cruz” Erickson, to Glen “I rub my face in Cheetos” Beck have shown what absolute, utter whores the entire Commentariat class is. It’s pathetic, and massively entertaining if nothing else, to watch these little monkies dance to whatever tune the Overlords pick. These people have zero character, and are on national TV, and syndicated radio, making abject asses of themselves. These imbeciles are hemmorhaging viewers/listeners like a stuck pig.

        Trump is a talisman of righteous anger, whose rise can only be explained by Divine Intervention. Nothing, short of a black swan event, could have induced this much disgust, and unified such a broad base of Anti-Overlord sentiment.

        To watch both the Fourth Estate, and the Overlord Plutocrats shit themselves this mightily, for this long, has been one hell of a ride. For God’s sake, Ted Dracula ate a booger on live TeeVee. I couldn’t dream this shit up if I tried.

        This HAS to be what Sportsball fanatics feel like watching the Quarterback make a 90-yard run to the end zone from an on-side kick.

  3. I wouldn’t call what most Americans are doing, “living” exactly, but I gotta say, we certainly exist in interesting times. Every day I wake up and it seems our political process has grown more cartoonish and those tasked with making our laws, more villainous. If I were the type to feel bound by laws created by common criminals, I’d be feeling crushed by the weight of their absurdity. Fortunately, I’m not that guy, the ONLY problem I have with the whole shitty mess is I no longer feel safe speaking my mind and as a man taught at an early age that “you have an opinion and everyone is entitled to it” (thanks ma) my own nation no longer feels like home. The new rule being “keep your mouth shut” galls me to no end and if I can’t participate, openly and honestly in the process, I sure as fuck wont be bound by it, consequences be damned.

  4. The US government has been more than a little fascist since that photo-fascist, Abraham Lincoln was in office. Lincoln violated Article III, Section III of the US Constitution and it’s been violated when convenient since that time.

    Calvin Coolidge backed away from fascism a great deal, but Hoover and Frank Roosevelt (Hoover on steroids) came back to it in a big way.

    We’re about due for a Kennedy style invasion of a state, or several states, that will get it on, good and hard. I see section 8 housing burned to the ground, then such leftie enclaves, aka universities, following suite, with various other places facing the torch as well. I’ll let y’all guess what those places will be.

  5. Lost Patrol

    Think Globally, act locally. Start at home. Build community, build tribe. But the time to operate within the system is rapidly vanishing. Protest and riot … do as our enemy in that regard. But separate the riots from our political body and also separate it from the rebellion operations. Pick a slot for yourself and work towards the goal of restoration of the Republic. Do not overlap functions, as those who speak out (media and political branches) must have a “clean house”. Operations, safe houses, logistics, comms, Intel etc must remain removed from those that draw fire. Find a slot and work within that slot.
    Fur blut und ehre, fur unser volk und unser familie. LP

    • That’s to much like work LP;) It’s a lot easier to just to set and bitch about what’s going on than do something about it…Everyone likes to talk about L3 but most have been living where they are for a long time and havent had much luck but they think that somehow people will someday wake up in their neighborhood and then they can build tribe/community…The problem with that thinking is that it will have to get to a point that’s pretty bad before people will wake up and who wants to try and build in a chaotic situation… Hope you are well Brother…

  6. “a government of the people, by the people, for the people”
    As with Whitehead, this phrase is so often and so erroneously attributed to some vague “founder”, yet it is not from any.

    It is from the tyrant Lincoln. And an example of just how muddled “thinking” and remembrance have become.

    Next, the fly-the-face-of-evidence belief that the states under Hitler & Mussolini actually engaged in any textbook form of fascism is absurd.
    Both Hitler & Mussolini were socialists. You know, National Democratic Socialist Party and such. Hitler and Mussolini controlled the actions of corporations, not the other way around.

    And of course corporations are a creation of the state. No State, no corporation.

    Socialism and fascism are twin sisters. There is no practical difference betwixt the two. They are both minor variations on a common theme, that being communism.

    “The difference between [socialism and fascism] is superficial and purely formal, but it is significant psychologically: it brings the authoritarian nature of a planned economy crudely into the open. The main characteristic of socialism (and of communism) is public ownership of the means of production, and, therefore, the abolition of private property. The right to property is the right of use and disposal. Under fascism, men retain the semblance or pretense of private property, but the government holds total power over its use and disposal.”
    — Ayn Rand

  7. Given that the US is already a dangerous fascist nation, much better to have OUR fascist than theirs…..or perhaps their communist.

  8. The point is that the political spectrum is not represented between socialism on the left and fascism on the right, BOTH are creatures of the left, by the left, for the left. Both demand obeisance to an all powerful State.

  9. mtnforge, you are correct in your assessment, but I think what Dirk was trying to say is something I’ve stated before – although we didn’t ‘do’ all the things you said; it sure as fuck happened on our watch. Could have – and should have – seen it, recognized it for what it was; and stomped a fucking mud puddle in the middle of it years ago. But for whatever reason, we didn’t. So now, at this point, as the ones who remember – the ones who know – our option is to fix it before it is ‘game over’ for our kids and grandkids. And we are not getting younger, stronger, and healthier. And we know it is coming to a fight. Not a discussion, a vote, an editorial. A fight. An ugly, brutal, loud, bloody, horrible fight – to the finish.
    I recall the famous line from “Olaf glad and big”…
    “Olaf(upon what were once knees) does almost ceaselessly repeat
    “there is some shit I will not eat” “

  10. Socialist, Marxist, Facist, Communist, Nationalist.. Yours mine, ours.. they are all different levels of the same thing.
    They all deserve to realize the same reward.
    I hope to live long enough to be witness to it.

  11. rightwingterrorist

    Voting still ain’t going to get us out of this mess.
    No matter what anyone says.
    Best believe it.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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    I fear the only way we will change this is by force of arms. And, my greatest fear is that I will have to start with my clueless, flag-waving, in-permanent-denial, good-little-government-snitch neighbors. God help me, I hope I am mistaken.

  14. If- if Freedom survives what is inevitably coming and makes it to the other side, Fascist Government and it’s required POLICE STATE’s immoral hired- thug enforcers must be erased from existence and never again be allowed to deny good, decent, hard working men of their- Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The current version of forced socialism and psychotic police thuggery in Fusa reminds me of Nazi Germany on steroids and I think it’s safe to say we’re all pretty tired of it. The murderous corrupt police protect the whole rotten system- the revolving door just-us system, career criminals, multi-trillion $ banker theft, political corruption at the highest levels, and COMMUNISTS…. all for a paltry 30 pieces of silver…

    There’s a conflict coming and it will be Epic. You’ll either fight or you will die.