Matt Bracken: “Europe is Going to be Hit First and Worst”

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  1. I’m waiting on either Matt Bracken or Gregory Kay to write a novel about smuggling arms into England, Scotland, Ireland, or Europe.

    That would be interesting, it seems to me.

    • Not to put to fine a point on your comment Pat, how about smuggling materiel into America in support of an insurgency waged in support of Liberty? Might come in a might handy.
      I personally am acquainted with a lot of Scotts Irish in a mid atlantic mountain range who might benefit such material support.
      Seems to me the last go-round with the cultural marxist fuckers they was left with their arises hanging in the wind in that regard.

      • The Iditarod will be auented by half a dozen races tracing weapon smuggling routes between Canada and the northern states.

        I occasionally had a delusion or two of running a dog sled loaded with ammo over the border during the coming celebrations of diversity, but realize it’s not realistic, at least for me.

        Especially if the wife moves us to Michigan.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Yeah, some of us could use a truckload of RPG’s.
        How come all the 3rd world shitholes get all the good gear?

  2. I have enjoyed all 3 MB EFAD books. Highly recommended!

    • Ol’ Matt rocks.
      Talk about keen insights.
      Bet you there are a few Boone Vickerson’s, Phil Carson’s and Jenny’s out there.

      • Old Soldier

        Let us not dismiss the LADY WARRIOR, Ranya BardiwelL – Wonder Woman, we need you NOW!!! The girlymen are leaderless! maybe you can ignite a little resistance in their tender hearts? Naw, didn’t think so. Hafta do ourselves. Not to worry – lock ‘n load!

  3. All would be wise to listen to this man. We have our backs up against a wall and no where left to run. Sad thing is most people have no clue this is about to happen and truthfully I believe most don’t even care. It is always a small minority that stands in the gap when things go crazy anyway so we should just come to terms with it now so our hopes aren’t crushed when the overwhelming majority sit on the sidelines and aren’t willing to stand up.

    • redcoogs

      You are perfectly right. Throughout history, it has always been a small number that have resisted and/or stood up, with many being slaughtered until the tide is turned for the better of all. That Europe and the usa have declined to the point they have because most could care less of anything outside their circle is nothing new.
      I give Europe no chance, besides England, norway finland and switzerland because they have geographical advantages to limit and export; from bracken.
      The usa has a chance if Europe will start falling fast and dramatically, so that the usa goes all out to remove muslims and any immigrant not toeing the American line. could be that the usa goes Nazi Germany and starts knocking off who it deems to, but in what way is the usa not here already. hard to believe we are just 30 years from the Reagan era.

  4. It’s interesting, we ALL know the truth when we hear it.

  5. Old Soldier

    This LIBERTARIAN espouses the following point of view. “Islam dilenda est.” Not all of us are lost in the foggy twilight. Islam is a cult, which openly promotes the destruction of free societies, and acts upon those threats world-wide. Many of those who wear the “L” label are often arm-chair philosophers who do not fully understand what “threat of force” means in fact. They will learn too late.

    Bravo Matt Bracken!!!

    • Anonymous

      Voting delenda est. You can believe in any imaginary friend you want to, as long as you don’t try to force your church’s rules on me. You should have freedom of thought and speech, not freedom to injure.

  6. I’ll tell ya the truth, Matt, your prescience is beginning to frighten me a little…

  7. Matt’s trilogy EFAD makes me think about it all in this way:
    A myriad of powers are in flux. From grass roots to globalistic. It is a dynamic stew pot ready to hit full tilt boil. A constant is power abhors a vacuum. I reckon it won’t be long crucial sea changes begin to emerge and conflict. The human extinction cult psychopaths aka cultural marxists proxies, the SJW’s, have come out from under their slimy rocks enmass they been hiding under to plunder and burn what they can. And that is the point of them. A great awakening of grass roots dirt people have armed themselves with the truth and weapons. And they are close to butting heads. The time honored divide and conquer, order out of chaos strategy of the spawn of the Fabian’s.
    Another component of the festivities in creating SHTF, there will be no lack of unprepared useful dupes and the usual deniers of ugly truths who will not accept reality, whom under this duress as a survival mechanism are going to follow the regime pied pipers who are making the promises of free stuff and illusions of safety just as before. Their usefulness will ripen to fullness. There will be heavy requirements for cannon fodder and sacrificial goats, and these dumbasses are going to pay the piper with blood.
    Amongst all that the axiom “have a plan to kill everyone you meet” is going to be a pretty regular thing, for a while at least.
    Pandemonium of the beginning of the first stage die off, if Bill Ayer’s gets his genocidal dreams of his father come true, is gonna be one hell of a hectic time till the natural order of selection begins to sort things out. This separation of the week meek unprepared and useful idiots from those who will live free or die is what the totalitarians are planning for. Probably some enclaves and havens with a semblance of order will spring up. Tribes and pockets of resistance will form in a myriad of flavors. But you can bet your right nut there will be some maniac with the luck, timing and charisma to establish one hell of a nasty sort tribal gang or fiefdom, or a few. Never mind the localized crazy brutes who gang up who will use the lawless turmoil to pillage and rape for all they are worth.
    It is the way of the human species.
    For sure the government as it is nothing but an organized crime syndicate currently can’t fight its way out of a wet paper bag. It is clumsy and amateur at executing Ranchers and Branch Dividien’s, but practice makes perfect. But as Matt has predicted, it is a pretty sure bet the globalists have foreign “peace keepers” pre positioned.
    Regime hit squads have a quality all their own. Marshal Law, (excuse me, continuity of the cultural marxist/bankster cartel), may work to some extent in its own right for those desperate to hold onto power through terror and hunt down particular forms of resistance and insurgency, at least so it can retain power in certain geopolitical zones. It still will require food, water, energy, durable goods and medical resources, because it is comprised of an oligarchy totally dependent on other peoples labor and productivity who reside in areas wholly unsuited to basic commodities, there is zero sustainability in its make up because the basic truth it makes nothing but trouble, and if that isn’t ironic I don’t know what is. And it can be defeated because of this fragility, because it will have the same baggage, worse than now, it will be politically a far more fragile thing too.
    No matter, just best to do what one can, hope for the best, prepare for the worst, pray like there is no tomorrow, gather the best you know around you, organize and fight like hell. Never say die.
    One thing, Liberty can’t be destroyed long as one person alive believes in it and all its fruits and fights like there is no tomorrow for it..
    Who really knows all these things and how they turn out? A man can only do his best, yet a lot of dirt people doing their best, that is powerful medicine.
    Something else, nothing is so bad it ain’t good for something. We may come out the other side a far stronger nation and people for it. Those of us who survive, not only with our skins, but our dignity and courage of our conviction, our wits and humanity with our principles reasonably intact, we may be the second founders of a republic reborn, or more probably a reformation of a compact of loose confederations, but hopefully in some way purged of so much treachery and tyranny that is in cold hard truth close to impossible to purge any other way. So maybe the best way to look at it is it couldn’t happen any-other way.
    There are a lot of good people out in that bitter clinging land called Flyover, things may look bad, yet it is not lost, we the dirt people are still here no matter what the bastards have tried, and in some ways are becoming better off for it in ways that matter most. History proves it is the dirt people who have ever effected change for good. The dirt people have pulled humanities chestnuts out of the fire time and time again. It has never been governments. Just the scale of things on this cycle are far larger than anything before, and Brother it’s going to hurt.
    We’ll see here pretty soon, that’s for sure, what’s going to happen.
    The world is like a big old swolled up zit ready to pop. The eternal array of good verses evil is ready to go at it tooth and nail with a vengeance.
    We shall see. Because at this point the train is a runaway, there is not much left if anything to stop it, and every day it gains ever greater momentum.
    No matter, no sense being consumed with the worry of it because it is coming, and like the pig, every damn one of us is committed, whether we want to be or not.
    But, you never know, this is a God blessed place we call America. We are a lucky people. By God’s grace and providence or some black swan paradigm it all could work out pretty good without gross murder and a river of bloodshed. Like I’m saying, there is still a whole hell of a lot of good folks in this here ole worn out battered and abused Constitutional Republic. For sure we outnumber the treasonous and treacherous ones by an order of magnitude. Just a lot of us don’t realize we do. Can’t see that for what it means. We will see. Trial by fire is has a steep learning curve and has away of bringing out the best in people. That is a savings grace all its own right there. For many it will be tough shit stupid and the easy way out because that kind of stupid gets you the dirt nap, it is the survivor’s who will be forged into the new American’s. I like to believe there is redemption in that, because if I have my druthers I plan on being a part of a redeemed America. Maybe in some small way I and a lot of others are already because we believe and fight.
    Live Free or Die Bitchez!

  8. RT Rider

    Good metaphor – a tsunami. The trigger event has already occurred, but a lagging period is underway to allow for retreat to high ground. All the talking in the world isn’t going to change anything, anyways. The enemy has committed us to destruction and won’t be swayed.

    The time for talking appears to be over and the time for preparation is running short. No excuse will be needed to initiate the conflict because they’ll be bringing it to us, first – they’ve told us so.

  9. colddeadhandsdays

    As usual, Matt is probably right….

  10. I was hoping for this. That Alex Jones interview was just too distracting for the message he brings. I will be sharing this with as many as I can. NOG

    • Hater. Isolated incidents don’t you know. (I wish there was a font for sarcasm). Each area is different – our local Sherriff is pretty decent and a big Second Amendment supporter (but the unknown is what if the Feds step in). Lucky for us, we would be lucky to see anyone within an hour if we needed help – so – we help ourselves. Best practice – keep the man out of your life and if you are lucky enough, have a back-hoe available. Just saying……

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  12. Let’s not mince words: Mohamedians who kill non-Mo civilians in non-Sharia-compliant parts of the world are Observant Mohamedians. This is not a “radical” or “terrorist” behavior, he is enforcing “submission” (translated as “peace” by useful idiots) on “infidels”, as required of every Follower of Mohamed. He is following the example of The Perfect Man as required in the Holy Books.

    If a person claims or is observed to be a follower of the historical warlord Mohamed, he is a danger to all nearby persons, sooner or later. Disregard all words that may come from a Mohamedian, since they have been religiously instructed to lie when in a position of demographic or military weakness. Only death, or swift expulsion, of the Mohamedian from a peaceful nation is sufficient to be assured of the continued survival of that nation.

  13. Bracken, as usual. Good on symptoms: the murderous Islamic (Black, Mestizo, Asian) invasions of the White Nations. Nothing on fundamental cause: the Judeo-globalist Tikkun Olam, via their puppet political class. And there’ll be no Tet II in western Europe. Just the usual, scattered atrocities. The muslims (read: Judeo-globalists) are winning w/o it. And will continue to win…until the Central Bank-administered debtPonzi collapses

  14. Can’t thank you enough Matt. I thank you and the fam will thank you once they realize where we’ll be. “Erase history and wipe out the past”, sounds like the M&M’s (Marxist and Muzzies) have something in common. If I’m not getting sleep at night, I’m sure Matt isn’t either with all that stirring around in his head. Sometimes I feel like a man stranded on an island, no country and no church to lean on. They both left me. God help us all, we’re gonna need it. Last minute preps to be sure.

  15. Bracken is right about the numbers involved and the potential for mass armed violence. For now I see more of a crime jihad. Paris, Brussels and Cologne brought too much attention and the new refugees aren’t organized enough yet. Their arms supply lines have yet to be fully put in place. Instead, look for crime jihad for the next couple months. The stupid Euro-trash will think they got a break from the shooting and will think it is just big uptick in street crime they are facing now. But the increase in drug dealing, robbery’s, assaults, sex assaults and general hell raising is jihad by a different name. But as ISIS and Al Qaeda in Iraq and Syria continue to take a beating, they will soon have to change battlefields. By the end of the summer, early fall, the terrorists will be organized enough to begin a hot war again.