Dateline: Western Civilization, Spring, 2016


H/t NCR.

18 responses to “Dateline: Western Civilization, Spring, 2016

  1. Nice job. Short and sweet.

  2. LOL.

    100-200 million

  3. Sad but true……

  4. Pop. Pop…Pop. Pop. ‘Grab the lime hun…we’re gonna need two bags this time.’

  5. those Muslims have excellent values, which is one large reason why they’re (apparently) winning

  6. Many a true word is said in jest.

  7. Virgil Kane

    This cunt at Vanity Fair thinks Captain America should be sucking his buddy’s cock. I’m sure she is the woman in the cartoon.

    I wonder how she and her peers will react when they start throwing fags off buildings in London.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      They’ll ignore it. If it doesn’t fit the narrative, it doesn’t exist.

  8. Right on the money!

  9. The Jews of Wall Street are making their play.

    Wall Street: We’re With Her
    ¡Jeb! and Rubio donors on Wall Street rally to Hillary

    • Another successful play like striking themselves off the voter lists in London and electing a Muslim.

      Old man, look in the mirror. The ones who betrayed you, look like you. Welcome to collective Anglo-Saxon suicide.

  10. One thing you can always depend on, is for women to ALWAYS give the slobbering, sadistic, child murdering, rapist, thieving, drug addled scumbag, an opening, or a second chance. A guy named Rabbit, (no, really) went around raping women in St.Louis County twenty years ago, around fifty two of them, last counting. He would just trail single women to their homes, come back at two a.m. and break in and rape them. This was a fat, out of shape loser, white, and he did this over a five year period. The police didn’t finally find out how many women until one of the victims filed a report. By that time, more than a dozen were raped. He kept it up for a few years, finally fleeing to New Mexico, to be caught in a motel room with a fifteen year old girl, who he said was his “friend”. Here’s the grotesque part. Once he was charged, the cops began getting calls from victims. They allowed him to plea bargain away from the death penalty, if he would help them solve the other cases by admitting he did it. He did. Asking the victims as to why they didn’t file a report, the reasons given, other than the humiliation and shame they suffered, they were ok with not saying anything, AS LONG AS HE DIDN’T COME BACK AND DO IT AGAIN. Which he actually did do, in four of the cases. These said they didn’t file a report then because they were SURE it wouldn’t happen a third time. It didn’t. Women see danger, and react to it. Usually, in a manner that will spare them, even if only temporarily. But unless and until they see the knife or the gun, their reaction is critically flawed, by their own nature, which is to try and talk it down, like they do with their women friends. The moslems are going to enslave them, just like they do the millions of women in the NE, and their lives are going to be hell. The critical juncture, and part of the moslem strategy, is to let them talk about the “problem” long enough to make it moot by the moslem take over. This problem will never be solved by women, and the time for talking about it is over.

    • I would have to say your right on the money Sean…I’m sorry but if your letting a woman decide and make the important decisions in your life then don’t be surprised when she doesn’t want you to fight evil and instead give in to it to feel safe…

  11. Whats funny is the left are usefufl idiots for the muslims and they have no idea that one day their heads will be chopped off, too.

    We see this in europe with girls who applogize to their muslim rapists for her culture not being more accepting.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Whats funny is the left are usefufl idiots for the muslims and they have no idea that one day their heads will be chopped off, too.”

      It’s the same thing throughout history – people believe that they can control mass movements. They’re pretty much always wrong….

    • Yea but by that time we will be dead so it won’t matter to them because they(the left) will have won…That’s why I’ve always said they are homicidal/suicidal and they want us dead…