Forcing Suburbs To Be Less White And Less Wealthy



Fundamental transformation.

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  1. Where i used to live was floode with section 8 after the housing crash when all the investor owners needed
    To keep the rent checks coming in.

    No good comes from section 8. Crime shot up and the whole area went to hell.

    They destroy everything they touch and shit where they eat.

    Frankly no place is immune from them – as long as the check clears and they pass a “background check”
    Its all good.

  2. oughtsix

    Meet the new Face (of) The Nation.

    Take it back.

  3. This hits all the high spots for the rulers – trampling the concept of private property, divide and conquer, “caring” for the peons, and a jobs program for bureaucrats. What’s not (for them) to like?

    Government benefits those in government, not the rest of us.

    No matter. This, like many other excesses, will go away when the revolution comes.

    • “No matter. This, like many other excesses, will go away when the revolution comes.”

      I hope we live that long. We’ve been online together for at least 10 years now, (since you & ! were in Oregon) and I ain’t getting any younger.

    • There won’t be a revolution unless the left feels like they are losing power… It damn sure won’t come from the right…

      • QUOTE:”There won’t be a revolution unless the left feels like they are losing power… It damn sure won’t come from the right…”

        There definitely won’t be a revolution if Trump-sucking retards like you succeed in lulling White people back to sleep under the reign of your trojan horse pseudo-patriotic banister-loving hero from New Yaawwwwk City.

  4. Tell me about it. Got more and more of these flea bags every year, and the shit they bring with them would make you vomit. But they are not hard to find, and their habits are well known. Should there be a break down in govt. control, and subsequently, law and order, well, I leave the results to your imagination. I myself hold no illusions. The DFW area is a cesspit, that needs draining. Last week my US Rep sent me an email, asking how we should vet the “immigrants” from Syria. I hope my reply didn’t singe his eyebrows, but he’s a clown anyway. Put simply, I told him those people in no uncertain terms, DON’T BELONG HERE.

  5. tangotango-03

    I thought the collectivists moved folks into the cities….Wait they moved them to farms for labor. What was I thinking

  6. Does that include Martha’s Vineyard, and other elite real estate were Obama, VIP’s, and celebs also reside? I have my doubts.

  7. Trump will swiftly reverse this nonsense.


    Music to my ears. Soon, the “people of color” will be pulling the Cosmic White Progressives and Beverly Hills Irishmen and Irishwomen out of their Priuses, Foresters, Escalades, and MBZ’S as they pull into the Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s parking lots. It;s about time that all of these leftist mooks who have block-busted my neighborhoods and integrated my schools since the ’60’s will get their just desserts. Shooting and jacking them is actually merciful. And, it is long overdue.

    • Hey, i drive a forester and i dont shop at whole foods!

      Stop the hatin, bro!


        Stewie: My apologies. I am categorizing a culture of people who destroyed my way of life. SoCal in the Fifties was a safe, decent place to grow up and live. Then, the changes happened.They were brought on by the leftist handlers and leftist money behind “The Civil Rights Movement.” The Hollywood elite and Haxo’s people were the driving force behind most of it.
        Blockbusting and busing hit many neighborhoods and white flight was in full swing. That is what started the real estate boom in Orange County, which is now slowly but surely turning into Fort Apache-type enclaves. Riverside County is over 60% vato-loco. San Bernardino County, never a desirable place to live due to climate, is a total septic tank.
        I’ve posted about this many times before so I won’t beat a dead horse any further. And, for the record, if I could afford it, I would buy an Outback. It would be a nice ride here in Rawles Land.

  9. The Usual Suspect

    Of course they want to move the section 8 housing residents
    to the suburbs.
    They need the empty section 8 for the 100,000 expected
    Syrian future Democrat voters.

  10. “If at first you don’t succeed…” These dipshits do not know when to stop digging the hole they are in. Removal seems in order. The Magic Negro belongs in the dustbin of history.

    • “…The Magic Negro belongs in the dustbin of history….”

      But that won’t happen. He’ll make $20+ million a year on the circuit railing against Christians, whites, and freedoms in America, exploiting the “people of color” for all they’re worth, encouraging his muzzie brothers and sisters to more quickly eradicate Infidels.

      What’s more, we taxpayers will be footing the bill for the security that keeps him and his queen moocher safe.

  11. Uncle Larry

    Eric Holder, former Atty. Gen., initiated a program in the Civil Rights Div. of the Justice Dept., that looks at every zip code in the US to determine if the location is too white. He used HUD and the Census Bureau. You will notice that the Feds are sending huge numbers of non-white migrants to the Great White North, Minnesota, Idaho, North Dakota, Maine, etc. No breeding ground for white people will be left unspoiled. Act accordingly.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Ultimately, most white people hate white people and want them gone, too. They swallowed the propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

      • “Ultimately, most white people hate white people and want them gone, too.”

        That is a Most Ridiculous Assertion Award Winner for today!

        You’re better than that.

  12. redcoogs

    If you’re a man that is married, attends church weekly, reads the bible regularly, has a permitted gun, a job and is a veteran; I do not care if you’re poka-dotted; you can move in next door; but that is not who obummer wants to move in next door.
    he wants to move in the type that take your property values down and bring in crime and drugs and make things unsafe. I know, I grew up in southwest Houston and then it was a mice middle class part of Houston; today there are parts of it I would be cautious of going to after dark.

    • Well redcoogs maybe you wouldn’t be welcomed up here because we don’t have permitted firearms;)

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I wouldn’t want to live next door to you either, for several reasons.
      Freedom is obviously not something you understand. Putting prerequisites on people negates the whole concept, right?

      • Yeah, that “permitted gun”, in singular, is an outlying argument as to where the head is at.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Gonna be NE of Worland (Hyattville) again this weekend, with my “permitted’ 10mm in hand, gotta keep those snakes away!

    • Grey Ghost

      We have open carry here is my area, but not after the Demoncraps said that it would be a bloodbath in the streets. Of course that didn’t happen. Oh sure violent crime is up, but it’s related to the economy… and the magic negro’s policies.

      Permitted firearms… what is that? When I carry concealed I’m not too worried about a permit, I’d rather be judged by twelve and plea for jury nullification than carried by six.

      Grey Ghost

  13. Centurion_Cornelius

    wait until the “double whammy” hits the ‘burbs:

    Section 8 catering to Musloids. the ole’ 1-2 punch.

    “Hello, Hamtramck!”

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. I’ve been looking into this locally. The thing is landlords have to agree to take Section 8, and many (for obvious reasons don’t want to). Perhaps most or even all in this area. So there is something called the Vancouver Housing Authority which is run by the nearby city of Vancovuer, WA that buys up (and now builds) apartments and converts them to 100% section 8 housing.

    The Vancouver Housing Authority is now buying and building housing in adjacent (suburban) communities, but those communities have no say in the workings of the VHA, which is completely run by apointees of the city government.

    I’m pretty sure they are using this same plan elsewhere.

    • Here in Southern California every white guy who owns more than one home is happy to have Section 8 renters – it’s express train to wealth for them. The money they get more than pays for the mortgage and in no time that house is paid for and money from uncle sam is pure gravy.

      This is why Section 8 is spreading, there is a lot of money to be made.

      But that’s only one group Or you can set up a half-way-home for convicts or child molesters just out of the big house and get really big money $10k a month.

      We have one guy out here “The Pillow Case rapist” who is staying at a half-way-house costing the tax payers over $10k a month.

      Then there are the homes for retards – each one you house you get around $5K per month per simpleton. Generally the home owner rents out a house to four of them, hires a Filipino nurse and several orderlies to watch them 7×24 and still pockets a very large sum.

  16. All is not as it seems. When Cabrini green in Chicago was closed and dozed all the inhabitants were dispersed into the burbs. This was supposed to normalize them and keep them honest. It did neither of those things. The thugs could not exist in normal suburban life and slowly made their way back to the city. A very large population found their way to the neighborhoods that are now making the news every week because of all the shootings. Their is no way to integrate hardcore scumbag criminals into honest neighborhoods. What happened in Cabrini was a product of the “Didn’t see nuffin” culture that allowed the illegal activities to thrive.

  17. Z of Doom

    The whole nation will be just like many cities here in NC, with good and bad neighborhoods mixed just like a checkerboard and there’s no good way to move away from the filth. Better be armed, on your toes, and monitoring your police scanners at the slightest sign of trouble. For example, a drug shooting just took place here, in section 8 housing, less than 200 meters from $750,000 – $1m homes.

    • Now you know how I have been living for the last 20 years. it doesn’t matter where you go. There’s always a lowlife lurking right nextdoor or down the road. I’ve grown to hate the murkins with a vengeance. My last gaybor who always had a beer n cigarette in his hands used to ask me “why do you have an alarm system? why the lights and cameras? why the sensors? what are you afraid of? They think you’re afraid of the dark – it’s more like you’d be a fool to trust them or their friends not to steal your shit when you’re gone, after all, they’re the same ones who are always broke and don’t have anything. It’s not that they didn’t have opportunities to get ahead in life, everyone does, it’s that they never/can’t make the right choices and sacrifice to succeed. Fucking losers.

      100-200 million and all will be well again.

    • ChuckNTexas

      Don’t you really mean to use a measure of feet “from $750,000 – $1m homes.”? What’s a “meter”? some commie expression of make-believe?
      In America, the English measure is what is accepted. NO MORE COMMIE BS! ( Oh and by the way, the “m” is 1000 in Latin. If you are trying to put a million dollar price tag on those houses, it would be expressed as $1MM)

      • Z of Doom

        What is the unit of measure on AR-15 sights, US military topographic maps, and US military protractors? Even more importantly, with what measure did we use in land navigation and range estimation while in the Army? I use inches for making things, miles for long distance travel, and meters for tactical applications.

    • colddeadhandsdays

      Gasoline will fix that quite nicely.

  18. Comrades. You all just aren’t getting it are you? This is exactly within the grand design: everyone equal, everyone sharing, take from those that have it and give to those who don’t, diversity, on and on and on.
    Sadly, the train left the station a long time ago – either not enough push back or not enough force of the push back. Close (and don’t forget to lock) you doors, keep you cable and internet going, keep you weapons handy (just in case) and get ready for the (really) big show – me thinks it’s just about ready to begin …..

  19. The criminals don’t like it back here in the sticks.

    It gets real dark out here and there are teethed animals in the forests that will eat criminals.

    Everybody around here has lots of guns and most if not all of them are loaded all the times.

    Crime is almost non-existent.


    Stupid people are every where it seems, the diff is, out here they don’t last long.

    So bring your section 8’s, bring 1000’s of em, cause we like live running targets.

    And the woods like the fertilizer.

    The dippers gonna be spectacular tonight – creeping ever westward…..

  20. Stealth Spaniel

    I wish that I had a lot of expendable cash. I would love to build a real grand apartment building on Martha’s Vineyard, and then convert it to Sec 8. Oh! The howls that would ensue!! So, we will have to settle for the start of The Festivities. 8 months is not a lot of time.
    Julian Castro is one ugly MF. Is his home address in someone’s book? We could send a thank you card.