Minor Slide Backs

wisdom hang on

Perspective, from a (relative) newcomer to this country.

Hang on.

Hang in.

Hang who needs hangin’.

Just don’t quit.


No matter what.

By any means necessary.

By any means

14 responses to “Minor Slide Backs

  1. We win.

    They lose.

    Evil inevitably plants the seeds of its own destruction.

    Optimism doesn’t require that you, personally, survive… just your children and your values. The “Long March” back through the sonsofbitches and all their works laid waste.

    Grim, determined optimism.

    Far superior to the usual bitter, defeatist, sardonic cynicism that is the normal currency hereabouts.

    • Bill Harzia

      Good points.

      I am going to remember to push back from the computer every once in awhile, and remember that when I work out, I intersperse periods of increasing stress with periods of rest and recovery. Trying to become John Conner gets old after awhile.

      Watch a movie or read a book, without considering if its story line is politically correct. (Yes, “politically correct” can be on our side of the line, too.) Enjoy the company of like-minded souls, whether they be family, friends, whomever. Life is short, play with your dog.

      Develop an interest in something that has absolutely nothing to do with the coming unpleasantness. Teach your grandkids how to make pizza.

      I can’t remember who said this, but “living well is the best revenge.”

  2. Optimism is fine. But cuckservative Hoyt has no clue as to who runs ‘Murka – Tikkun Olam Jews – or their ultimate purpose: extinction of the Whites and their individualist civilization. To be replaced by the Asiatic model: police-state socialism + crony capitalism, lording it over a herd of black/brown/muslim cattle

  3. …”He advocates beefed-up neighbourhood watch programmes and “resident deputies” – community members who would take policing into their own hands. In effect, self-organized, patriot-style organisation would fill the void left by permanently weakened county institutions. …”


    • outlawpatriot

      At the risk of rattling your cage… we’ve been there before. Research the Regulator Movement in the Carolinas during the 1760’s. In the case of western South Carolina, a brief period of anarchy caused by total government disregard didn’t work out particularly well. The regulators raised to restore order became abusive and had to be countered with Moderators. The whole scene became the precursor for the Whig and Tory militias during the Revolution. While western North Carolina’s regulators were raised to counter corrupt government over reach with some ameliorating effects, the lesson is clear. Militias have a purpose, but they are no substitute for legitimate government.

      While I’m reasonably sure I’m about to get hammered now, that’s fine. Those who refuse to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. I choose not to.😉

      • Anonymous

        Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Lincoln were all “legitimate”, which means temporarily out front in the PR battle. When Hillary is elected, she will be legitimate. Maybe you willl be law-abiding and register your gun if she tells you to? If not, then why aren’t you obeying the laws of a legitimate government?

        • outlawpatriot

          Sorry there Sport. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were not legitimate. Lincoln while originally legitimate for my folks was ultimately rejected as so and fought against.

          But thanks for playing.🙂

  4. She starts off with, “It’s very hard for people born and raised in a country to actually see it as it is”. That is both true, and a lie. It often falls to people to understand their country, and see it as it is, when they travel abroad, and see how the rest of the world looks. But being born and raised here will give you better grounding into what the US is, than immigrating, both because you’ve seen it longer, and actually lived and worked in it. Immigrants also have an inflated and glowing view of their new country, based on whatever they learned about it from whatever shit hole they came from. Remember that other countries have their own controllers of media too, and the way they show the US is often very skewed, depending on their current and former status regarding the US. And lastly, a huge number of immigrants view the “old country” with nostalgia, and longing, comparing it to the US in a negative way every time something goes wrong. Her column other wise is pretty upbeat, giving credence to the fact that currently, since the US isn’t completely destroyed and beyond redemption, it can and should be fixed, and renewed. But please, spare me the glossing over about Portugal, not exactly a giant on the world stage, historically, or currently, acting currently as a failed state, repressively despotic, broke, violent, crime ridden,plentifully unemployed, with its capitol a time bomb of earthquakes, tsunamis, and civil unrest. Hey, did I just describe the US, except for the natural disaster part of its capitol? Oh well, what the hell. Just keep in mind, that because some one from the outside gives you an evaluation of your country, doesn’t mean it’s accurate, or that they have your best interests as theirs. Being dog piled by every fucking person who walks through the door becomes…..old.

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  6. Yes, I agree with the article as I interpret it: Whites are the Builder Race. We are the ones who keep the lights on in Latin America. We are preyed on ruthlessly by the Judeo-Masons. But we will triumph if we can outlast them. As we weaken as host, they weaken as parasite. And in their shrill and feeble triumph, they reveal themselves to the host.