On The Art Of Tactical Listening

pilots debrief

Herschel asks questions about self-preservation.

Before the fact.

9 responses to “On The Art Of Tactical Listening

  1. colddeadhandsdays

    Ouch….Does NOT bode well for the SEALS

  2. Examples (which abound) of the helicopter-centric way of thinking wherein the machinery (and its constraints) drive the mission, as well as failure to listen to the guy on the ground. There are some great examples/lessons in this regard in Pete Blaber’s book Don’t let your congratulatory self-view push you out of the way of a good idea (or drag you into embracing a bad one).

    • Chopper pilots in the glory days of portable heli-borne seismographic exploration used to call the brain dead actions which occurred under their machines, “turbine narcosis”.

  3. As for Afghanistan, we should long ago have been out. We should leave right now, today. Fuck that place. If there is even the slightest indication that they are going to attack us, nuke that fucking shit pile till it glows in the dark. End of story.

  4. Localizing the piece to what ‘Team Freedom’ may want to consider, the following, to me, was the key graf (insertion mine):

    “If you have the attitude that you have nothing to learn from those around you, then regardless of how much money has been spent on you [or how much you’ve spent on high-speed training classes], regardless of how highly regarded you are, regardless of how good you are, regardless of how much you know and what you can do, you have no business leading other men…”

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Colorado Pete

    Addresses one of the most basic and common flaws of the human, and I think especially male, ego. Deaf ears = dumb shits, and maybe dead dumb shits.
    At 57 I realize there’s still more I don’t know, than do know.

    • Got you beat by a bit on age. I’ve come to realize that the older I get, the less I know.

  7. Stealth Spaniel

    Apply that to everything in life. I am a good cook-I mean really, really good. There is still plenty for me to learn. We have so many self appointed, over educated, bloated ego, fools running this country that I am surprised things keep dragging on.
    Never turn down knowledge.