SLL: Running The Table


Robert scoffs at HRC’s prospects in November

Interesting times.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Personally I don’t think HRC will be running in the general election. Either the party yanks her at some point or the DoJ really does indict her.

  3. At what point do the never trump, panty wetters “get it”. Trump didn’t do this alone, a majority of fed up, pissed off, had a F-Ing nuff of this system voters put him at the top.
    I’ve said it all along. Trump IS the FU candidate. An insurgent that is the fly in the Vaseline. Good. It’s the last bastion of a representative republic, which this country is, to reset the usurping statist establishment that has bent us over with not even a reach around.
    This will be the last election, God willing, before the shooting starts. And it may start this summer. The famous Tree Of Liberty needs to be shaken and pruned of its corruption before it is fertilized with the blood of Patriots.
    Buy another pack of mags, Ammo, spare parts, stay local. Think about the .gov having its pants pulled down for all to see how corrupt it is. They don’t like it. And that’s fine with me.
    I hope they lose sleep over it.

    • That’s “the blood of Patriots and TYRANTS!, Tom.

      Them first, and more of them than us.

    • The conclusion that I have come to about the voting public is this —> they want to be told what to think. They can read, but they don’t. The establishment Republicans have lots of mouths to spew their rhetoric —> Namely: Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved and others. The real traitors are those that tell us what we want to here, then steer us to the very candidates that will get THEM what they want. Which is a sense of importance, invites to elite parties, and inside financial deals, etc.. The first people I will be arresting (wink wink) are those members of the Radio Mafia!

  4. Stealth Spaniel

    Robert forgot one point-especially important to young women. There is no way you can buy clothes that ugly. You must custom order them. Just sayin’.

  5. I wonder if Trump has ever studied into John Boyd’s presentations. He seems to have so far, gotten ahead of his opponents’ thinking. Or the lack thereof.

    • Not too hard to outmaneuver ideologues and those whose “thinking” is as described by Robert’s opening graphs.

      Heheheh! ‘Bout time.

  6. In case you missed it:

    Trump picks super-rich Eskimo Soros friend as his official campaign finance chairman:

    -Also check out these articles about Patriot Donald:

    -Trump picks anti-gun, pro-Muslim New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to lead his transition team:

    -Eskimo anti-white billionaire Sheldon Adelson endorses Trump:

    – Dick Cheney endorses Trump:

    -Trump panders to Latinos, tweets photo of himself eating Taco with caption “I love Hispanics”

    Yep, Trump is surely a patriot with America’s best interests at heart.

    Trumptards, you were warned that a Trump presidency would lure white people back to sleep, since they will trust him like they trusted W., Reagan, etc.

    The best that can happen for the White race is that Hillary beats Trump in November. That will ensure that White people stay awake, and don’t start trusting The System again.

    Oh, and in regards to the recent thread on London’s Muslim mayor, a fun UK fact:

    -The ban on British people carrying ANY kind of weapon anywhere in public was implemented by that great patriot and statesman Sir Winston Churchill, in the Offensive Weapons Act of 1953.

    -The ban on semi-automatic rifles, shotguns with more than 2 round capacity, and various other types of rifles (slide action, etc) was implemented by the conservative hero Margaret Thatcher.

    -The British ban on handguns was implemented by the trusted conservative John Major (except for .22 handguns, which were banned a year later under Labour PM Tony Blair).

    Seems like a lot of Bad Stuff gets done under trusted conservative heroes, right?

    I shudder to think of what New Yawwwwwwk Donald will get done if (God forbid) he becomes president.

    • Ahhh the troll for Hillary opens his blowhole once again… We have your number stooge every time you speak it’s to bash Trump…He has your panties in such a twist and it’s great fun to watch you squirm…Trump’s a murder weapon and he’s doing a great job in driving you Progressive Marxists nuts which is just an added bonus…

  7. Mrs. Clinton has a stable 7-point lead in the current poll aggregate. And this is before what will be an extremely fractious – inside and out – Republiscam Convention. To win, Trump will have to overcome this lead and then some, because of a baked in (thanks to 30 years of Republiscam open borders ethno-collectivist insourcing) 240 Demoncrat votes in the EC. In particular, Trump will have to carry Florida and all the rist-belt states . Possible. Not likely

    as to Trump himself, his latest my-mouth-moves-before-my-brain remark about shooting down a Russian plane buzzing one of “our” ships (said ship busy buzzing the Russian Baltic/Black Sea coast) absolutely disqualifies him from the Presidency. Does he not realize that Putin will then sink “our” ship? Nope, he never gave it a thought. Or what to do once Putin has restored symmetry by doing so. De-populate the norrthern hemisphere via a nuclear exchange with Russia? Nope, no thought as to that either. We cannot restore a Republic (or whatever) if we’re all suddenly dead. Mrs. Clinton, on the other hand, is murderous…but thoughtfully murderous

    • just looked at a couple dozen recent state Clinton/Trump polls. Trump leads in only 2 – W. Va. and Indiana…plus he’ll get the usual low EV high plains states. In particular, Florida since 2004 has become such a non-White ethnostate it’s no longer in play. Right now, those of us who agree with CA’s position that

      1) we are not going to vote our way our of this, and
      2) worse is better

      are in excellent shape

    • Poll results have three phases —
      * Pre Primary where stable mates drum up support for their proposed runner.
      * Primary season where the runners are in the race.
      * General Election where its no holds barred.

      Each have its unique characteristics and the attributes of one cannot be counted on in the next phase. I would also point out that at this date eons ago Reagan was projected 20 points down in the polls and was expeccted to be a 40 state loser to Carter.

  8. Virgil Kane

    Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer keeps popping into my head.