Closing Stretch: Dan Almond For Georgia State House


Thank you all who have been supporting my campaign for Georgia State House against the current House Majority Leader in the GOP Primary.

I’m asking for your help one last time on here before Election Day May 24th.

I could always use more volunteers for door-to-door voter contact and donations to help pay for mailbox and internet voter contacting. I’m taking off of work from May 13th all the way to the election and canvassing the district looking for doors to knock on that I haven’t already knocked on. I could use more volunteers for any of those days, especially the weekend before the election and Election Day itself.

My incumbent opponent is taking me very seriously and has spent a lot of time and money campaigning himself. I think I have a good chance of winning this thing, especially after last week’s candidate forum. See video:

Website with donate/contact info:

2 responses to “Closing Stretch: Dan Almond For Georgia State House

  1. thesouthwasrght

    Mr Almond lost me within the first few seconds of answering the first question. That should be a hanging curveball. Not a “errr…uh…..I need to go and look for some specific differences but I would bring more energy…..blah” (I didn’t get to the second blah before I quit watching)

    C’mon man, if you are going to run against an entrenched incumbent you can’t do that imo.