NATO Is Much Worse Than A Cold War Artifact


Imagine if the Russians were still massing on the approaches to North America, as in the Bad Old Days.

There is madness afoot.

And the MIC does not care about you or your family.

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  1. NATO was obsolete as soon as the Berlin Wall was torn down. Bush I made sure it remained in place, with full support of the neocons.

    Now, Israel has an “advisory” seat at the table as of last week.

    Does everyone see where this is going?

  2. I asked the same questions years ago, particularity when Sara Palin in an interview was asked if she was president what she would do to support the NATO member Ukraine against Russian incursion. She stated she would keep all options ( I.e.,which translates into using nukes) on the table. Scary thought that US troops could be sent to fight and die there, and WWIII begin and end fighting for a place few Americans care about or could find on a map. It’s Pax America, and I don’t like it. No wonder Putin is ticked off, not that I have any illusions of what kind of bad man he still is.

    But the main reason NATO is still around is all those US and EU generals, bureaucrats, and contractors want to keep their paychecks and entitlements saving the world from Putin. It’s a sweet paying gig if you’re in it. If not, you are just a serf paying for it’s expensive upkeep. Gotta keep those officer’s clubs full of booze, and maintain those General golf courses and pools. Meanwhile the German army doesn’t have enough men or equipment to field even a decent corps, while the Russians have entire armies that would swallow them up in a single encirclement maneuver.

  3. outlawpatriot

    Excellent article.🙂

    • Just A Guy

      To: outlawpatriot and others

      Quoting Mr. Hornberger

      “The obvious question arises: Given that NATO was a Cold War institution, why didn’t it go out of existence when the Cold War ended, ….”

      Yes, of course, all the nuclear warheads, all the biological and chemical WMD, just became totally inoperable in 1991, because …. that is what the “elities” of the West wanted to believe. Of course they did not explain all relevant facts to an opinionated six year old boy and ask if the Emperor was clothed or naked.

      So, WRSA what do you believe? That the “elities” of the West were telling you the truth in 1991 ( We won the Cold War! ) or that they were fooled, and telling you the PRAVDA – the USSR’s “truth”.


      pages IV-VI of “Origins of the Fourth World War” by J.R. Nyquist

      Of course, everyone can see that there has been change in Russia. Everyone can see that the Warsaw Pact is now defunct, that East Germany has merged into West Germany, that the Soviet Union has been replaced by the Commonwealth of Independent States, that communism is daily criticized in the former communist ccountries. In terms of American security, however, these are not proofs of the ruling oligarchy’s well-wishes. The same basic staff runs the Commonwealth of Independent States as ran the Soviet Union. If they hated and envied us before, why should this attitude (deep down) turn to love and well-wishing? After the fall of the Soviet Union, International Currency Review published a list of the leaders of the so-called independent republics. The list follows:
      Azerbaijan: KGB General Gaidar Aliyev, former Communist Party First Secretary.
      Armenia: Levon Ter-Petrosyan, KGB-controlled nationalist leader.
      Belarus: Aleksandr Lukashenko and Vyacheslav kebic, Communist Party Soviet Union Central Committe members, opposed to the USSR breakup.
      Estonia: Lennart Meri — assuming things are exactly as they appear, Meri is the only genuine non-communist leader of a former Soviet republic.
      Georgia: MVD General Eduard Shevardnadze, USSR Politburo member under Gorbachev, Georgian Communist Party First Secccretary, and non-voting member of Brezhnev’s Politburo.
      Kazakhstan: Nursultan nazrbayev, USSR Politbburo member under Gorbachev, Kazakh Communist Partty First Secretary, and President of Kazakhstan S.S.R. Minister under Gorbachev.
      Kyrgyzstan: AsarAkayev and Apas Dzhumagulov, Kyrgyzstan Communist Party Central Committee member and Premier of the Krgyzstan S.S.R. respectively.
      latvia: Valdis Birkavs and Anatolijis Gorbunovs, Communist Party Secretary and Latvian Communist Party Secretary for ideology.
      Luthuania: Algirdas Brazauskas, First Secretary of the Lithuanian Communist Party.
      Moldova: Mircea Snegur CPSU Central Committee member and CP First Secretary, Moldavia S.S.R.
      Russia: Boris yeltsin, non-voting member, Communist Party Soviet Union Politburo.
      Tajikistan: Rakhmon Nabiyev, Tajik Communist Party boss.
      Turkmenistan; Sapamurat Niyazov, First Secretary of the Turkmen Communist Party, member of Gorbachev’s Politburo.
      Ukraine: Leonid Kuchma, former communist director of a USSR missile plant.
      Uzbekistan: Islam Karimov, Communist Party First Secretary of Uzbekistan.

      • What I know is that the NATO of today cannot make good on its obligations to its treaty partners.

        That issue will be addressed eventually, either on the policy side or in the field.

        • Just a Guy

          The “After the War SCOTUS”

          The SCOTUS of the United States: Improved; Automatic removal from office at 70 years of age. Expanded in size to 25, with 10 slots filled by citizens of the weakest – most vulnerable to destruction in war – allies of the USA.

      • Sounds like a literal “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” The bloody clawmarks inside the Beltway are the established guard here, doing what power-mongers do. Hold on & increase the ability to hold on. Takes many generations – or an extremely dramatic event – to change either behavior.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Well done piece; good to hear the echo back of my own words for years. And this is another monstrous issue GOPe v. Trump that has them both po’d and scared witless – and people tend not to make rational decisions in either condition. “Sporty times” ain’t the word for it.

  6. US runs NATO, Jews own ‘Murka. The Red Jews hate Russia because it is no longer communist. The Zionist Jews hate Russia because it will not submit to the Kosher culture of Death – abortion, porn, faggotry, feminism – and open-borders neoCon globalization. It is an large White-Christian pebble in both Jew shoes, and must be destroyed, else globalization will fail. And if it fails, the Tikkun Olam Jews know they will get no 3rd opportunity; they will be the destroyed. Zero. Sum. Game

  7. I agree NATO was useless once the warsaw pact was pretty much kaput. We missed a golden opportunity in that short space between the wall falling and Yeltsin retiring. Had we suggested that Russia pull out of the Warsaw pact, we would not extend NATO beyond the east German border and the former east bloc countries provide their own common defense framework. Russia would probably have said yes. Would have saved both parties much money and both blocs would have a buffer arrangement between them. But it was not to be.

  8. There is one point in the article that might be dubious. The Russian Crimean bases were under lease, still had 50+ years to go on them. (Think Guantanamo) Highly unlikely NATO would have ever gotten the bases anyway. We would in our infinite nonWisdom pissed off the Ukranians somehow and they would just convert them into commercial port facilities, giving us the finger. We seem to have a knack for that….

  9. I don’t know what MIC stands for. Man In Charge?

    • Military Industrial Complex.

      Not in the Commie Hippie sense, but in the Ike sense.

      • The net effect is that sometimes they are “in charge” (expenses & wars neither needed nor desired). Somewhere there’s an old hippie unscrewing his store-bought jar of cannabisized broccoli-looking things (hippie Copenhagen) and there are smile wrinkles around his eyes from the thought that (although stoned at the time) he might’ve gotten one right.🙂

      • Fun fact: Early drafts of Ike’s speech referred to the military-industrial-congressional complex.