New Woodpile’s Here!



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  1. Steve Gibson – NEVER 10.
    Search for this software. It’s an executable, so it never becomes a part of your system. All it does is turn off the upgrade to windoz10 crap.

    Use it before scumbag gates’ crew forces this 10 spyware onto your system without you ever having a say about the fact that you don’t want it!

    • Bill Harzia

      Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Gawd, I was so sick of that crap! It’s MY fucking computer, not theirs! (I know, it’s still wide open, but at least I don’t have to be nagged by my own computer any more.)

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Murka is a shithole.

    Just look at your unemployable lowlife sub-human neighbors who look like over-stuffed mangy freaks who escaped from an ink factory.

    These guys are clean-cut and respectable compared to what’s out there today…

    • Grenadier1

      That is not the “official” video for “Run to the Hills”.
      The official video was the one that featured footage from an old silent western showing Cowboys and Indians fighting over a wagon train.

  4. Is that a picture of Cody, WY?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      If you read it, it says Sheridan, Wyoming.
      I almost thought it was Hailey, Idaho. Buddy of mine rode his horse thru the Mint Bar in Hailey when we came in from a long pack trip.

  5. I felt so sorry that our Woodpile friend had windoz10 forced onto his computer. It seems that gates’ scumbags will do anything to force us to spy on ourselves.

    The ‘never10 is a little tricky – I had to look for the dot exe bar, which showed up at the bottom of the screen. As soon as I hit it, WHEEEEE!

    Did it to all the computers in the house…..

  6. just plain todd

    tfA-t! wassup you old umbrella man falling from the sky rascal ??!! how you been? your low on your numbers. 200 mil is the start. 100 isn’t even worth looking at. i consider myself a good judge of character. thats why i can’t stand most people i meet. 2/3 at least.

  7. Sheridan Wyo

  8. Stop using Microsoft Windows. I don’t use it on the machine I’m using to write this, an iPad Pro 12.9; nor on my laptop, nor my desk top.

    Just say no.

    • Linux Mint. I downloaded the .iso, and was watching videos 10 minutes after burning the DVD. Live DVD, boot from it, won’t touch your existing hard drive / OS until you tell it to. After more than 40 years working with computers, I do not impress easily, but I was very impressed, and still am, after running it on a variety of machines, from USB sticks, SD cards and normal HD installations. I am using the MATE desktop, which has less eye candy fru-fru and is easier on older hardware. Unless you have fairly new hardware with more than 4GB memory, I’d stick with 32-bit. Let me say once again, to try it out will only cost you the download time and a blank DVD, and you can boot and run from the DVD without affecting the existing OS on any x86 based machine. One caution: when you burn the DVD, be sure you burn it as an image, most current burner software can do this no problem. The easiest way to be sure is that you should only be able to select one file to be burned, and either only files with a .iso extension are displayed, or a file type selection of .iso is available.

  9. Until I came to WRS,, I’d never heard of, read the Woodpile Report. What a breath of fresh air. I can spend an entire evening just looking at the pictures, and reading and re reading the articles.

    Apple products seem to be in my best interests. Dont seem to have many issues with Apple. We’re getting ready to purchase a Mac Book product.