A reader sends:

Hey Pete –

I can take orders now… the patches are on order and expecting delivery in a week or days. So it’s a pre-order status as of right now.

I will have 49 of each color combo. Working with another vendor to have a 2.0 variant already.

Also put up some vinyl decals. Same deal with those. I have a few of them on hand that came to me as samples, but placed an order for 30 each which should be in my hands tomorrow. I am truly impressed with the vinyl. Once I get my call sign, I’ll be slapping the resistor decal on the car, too.

The prices are introductory as or right now. For snail mail… have users email me (contact page of web store or here: and I can furnish the snail mail address. This will help me control inventory better.

Site is simple, but I have big plans.


5 responses to “Subtlety

  1. I don’t know what the “Appeal to Heaven” one is about, or for.

  2. Thx. One that said “Islam Delenda Est” would be good, too.