Virtual Militarism Grows Into Real Peril For Russia


An interesting read.

Tottering giants stumbling into hybrid war with each other.

I’ll be in the stands watching, thanks.

12 responses to “Virtual Militarism Grows Into Real Peril For Russia

  1. an nasty piece of neoCon nonsense. Putin hijacked the Crimea, because ‘Murka and it’s muppets hijacked the Ukraine. Putin came to Assad’s aid in Syria only because his regime was attacked by a mob of head-chopping Sunni terrorists armed and financed by ‘Murka/Israel/Saudia Arabia/Turkey. Russian planes buzz ‘Murkan warships because ‘Murkan warships are buzzing Russia’s coastlines. So it goes in the Land of ZOG

    and also, ZOG must be destroyed

    • outlawpatriot

      You’re a plant, aren’t you? It’s ok, you can admit it. It’s fucking obvious at this point. No one stays on message like you. Who sent you? Why are you here? Do you honestly think that there are more than only a few weak minded individuals here?🙂

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    V-Day 71–watched the whole thing live yesterday. put aside all my scanning the new hardware and examined the troopers. (ok, only 11k of them were on parade and “camera ready,” and, indeed, those were all hand-picked to boot.)

    saw the march by of the gals (why do Commies just luv them high black go-go boots on the gals? Norks, PLA, and now the Vladster makes ’em Class As.)

    back to my observations of personnel: all looked pretty well-fed, BUT “fit ‘n trim.” only saw one non-general officer with a big gut. their faces exhibited pride and a “can do” demeanor. variety of faces? sure–saw Asians, Georgians, Siberians and the like (hell, they’ve got 85 separate ethnic clans)

    BUT no black faces. no Hispanic faces. no LGBT. Humm…

    WHOA! better call in the United Nations, Southern Poverty Law Center, or any other high caliber social justice warriors! how dare the Russian forces!

    how dare they object to the West’s provocations!

  3. Centurion Cornelius, you beat me to it. Did you also notice that none of the troops wore glasses, with the exception of about four people I saw in the band who did? No black faces….. wow. Made a damn fine parade, eh? The dames looked sharp, and there weren’t too many of them. I hear Putin is offering CASH to those who procreate, and not abort. In the West, our women have gone over to the type that a lot of them don’t mind disposing of children via abortion, the same as they throw out trash. They’ve got that problem too. I didn’t know women were so ruthless and merciless, until I heard about all that stuff, in the sixties. Think of it. Women have killed enough of their own children in this country to populate the entire state of California, almost twice.

    • Use of glasses in Russia are a PITA in winter. Most either wear contacts or get LASIK done. I could go into a long story about Bausch and Lomb in Russia.

    • You don’t think men had anything to do with their decisions, do you…?

  4. Desertrat

    Reads like a CIA press release.

    Ironic. The US went bat-guano crazy over Soviet missiles in Cuba, but we now say that Russia is the aggressor because they resent NATO missiles directly adjacent to her borders. Operative word: Hypocrisy.

    • Always keep in mind that the Cuban Missile event was Soviet response to Americans siting mid range ballistic missiles in Turkey. Something we quietly withdrew once the Cuban thing was finished.

      What amazes me is how foggy bottom seems to consistently get it wrong. Its almost like they think actions lack reactions. A one sided chess board so to speak.

  5. The Usual Suspect

    Formidable !!!


    The Russians do not have to totter towards war. Do you honestly think that Barry and his minions or the Hildabeast, when she is elected POTUS, will spend blood and treasure for the Baltic States or the Ukraine? Look at the latest photo of the West Point Female Cadets of Color and their posed fist-salute. The Amerikan military is a hollowed-out, politically correct rotten pumpkin. But, oh boy, sailors can now get more tattoos! I just read that one today.

  7. Shinmen Takezo

    Honestly I don’t think the US military could mount such a spectacle such as seen in this YouTube video–let alone march straight.

    We should adopt the formal goose-step marching style.