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  1. Reading about Venezuela. No mention of many humans,”bugging out.” I believe we will mirror Venezuela. The Venezuelans are eating pets,rats and pigeons.
    How’s that working out? Those that choose to bug out,unless recognized, will be treated as hostiles. You show up uninvited and unannounced…expect to be treated badly.
    Bugging out with a crippled wife and a six year old. Not likely. I am digging in like an Alabama tick.
    Turn your abode into a house of horrors for unwanted shitbags.
    Bugout. Where you going.?
    Don’t come to my place,unless invited. Most folks who have done their homework and are realistic have very little compassion for the slovenly,hedonistic,lazy retarded scumbags who will want your shit.
    A different mode and approach to life must take place to survive. You have to be ready and willing to become mad dog fucking nasty when the threats arrive. If you are not trained to do this…it won’t occur. Start being nasty and with a total fuck you attitude. Practice in front of a picture of Hillary the Bushpig. It makes it easier.
    “Cause you gonna get your mind right.”
    Practice your game face. You may have gotten softer than you think.
    Good article.

    • Agreed. That’s why PZ wrote the series on plusing up basic security in the “Bugging In” series. We realize for the vast majority of people, bugging out is NOT an option.

    • outlawpatriot

      Exactomundo. If you’re gonna bug out, you better have a place to bug out to. That place better be pre-stocked too, cuz you ain’t humping as much weight as far as you think you can.😉

    • danmorgan76

      He mentions having the bag in your vehicle so that if you find yourself in a situation in which the vehicle can’t get you home, you now have most everything you need to walk home. Once there, then yes, be prepared to deal out some hate to protect kin and kith.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        I’ve got three basic bags: office, car, home. Given that I live in earthquake country, I figure there’s always a chance I could be forced to relocate unexpectedly from anywhere I might happen to be.

    • The fUSA is a big place. Population density within walking distance is going to matter to your safety and comfort.
      A few hundred bucks per person, well-applied with training, could add months to your lives when typical survival is days/weeks.
      Got water? Got tribe?

  2. I am very surprised that just because he won a TV show, all the sudden he is an expert in survival? Giving advice on gear? He has no survival experience except the show, come on!!!

    • I have trained with him. He is knowledgeable and legit. I don’t watch TV so the show means gatz to me.

    • I don’t know. I got a very different vibe from his presentation. Having untethered from the artificial world, I don’t know anything about the game show. I have never met the man, but my understanding is that he does have a depth of knowledge in bushcraft, from an early age. Certainly – to me- he came across as informed, humble and pragmatic.

      There were certain things he recommended that I *vehemently* disagree with, and there were other items that I made a mental note with “hmm, that was clever!”. All in all, some good solid stuff. However, I wonder how many people will actually heed his many assertions that there isn’t “one size fits all” for “the” ultimate perfect bugout bag – individuals and terrain/use etc vary widely. My current car kit is set up from the environment I am used to operating in – cold weather, lots of canopy/cover, lots of water (sourcing water almost never a problem in Northern Ontario) and no poisonous critters, but a long wait for a medevac (if you have the packed the means to hail one) if things go sideways – which really didn’t need that much of a reset for Occupied Virginia. However, we are transiting to totally different terrain in the near future – with heat, not cold, water scarcity an ongoing problem and lots of poisonous critters. Clearly, many items in my current kit are not going to be appropriate for my new circumstances – *and* I am going to have to so some major personal education/information spool-up.

      He did emphasize the “ounces add up” which I think was important to bring to newbie’s attention.

      My 0.02 on first pass. Your mileage of course may vary. 😉

    • danmorgan76

      Worked with the man on many occasions. He is the real deal. Don’t believe me, ask Mosby.

    • He probably won the show contest because he actually “is” that guy and can do the stuff. His gear is super-practical with much DIY packaging, obviously refined by actually walking in the rain and using it. Car camping doesn’t do that. Nothing focuses the mind like having to carry heavy stuff up steep hills, then camp with it. The truth of this is in like-new gear found “free!” along the long trail networks, because it was too damned heavy.

      Use a scale to weigh everything. SS 1L canteen weighs 25% less than plastic Nalgene. Who woulda thunk it? A liter of water ALWAYS weighs a KG, but a filter can help you not over-carry. Multiple-use items help cut excess weight, as does team-carry of shared items. This is why you bring strong 16 year olds: you share knowledge and they tote the bale. Put the data in a chart and spend money, if needed, to get the whole thing light. $25 +40 degree sleeping bag weighs a ton, $200 sleeping bag is 75% less weight/80% smaller and claims +30F rating. Tent, or hammock/tarp? Boots can vary 5x in weight (50x in cost), and make a huge difference in misery. I like the ILBE bag, even though it’s heavy, to carry #30 of cargo. Add money for a different pack and 5 pounds could be cut.

  3. Uncle Larry

    I always try to stress the point that the bag should be with you at all times. Most people I talk to assume they will be at home with their family when the balloon goes up. I tell them to consider what if they’re on the road and can’t get home. Most of them don’t have a plan for that.

  4. I am not in the ‘bug out by choice’ crowd. Pretty much in agreement with Knuck. That said one’s position can be over run so we do have a bug out bag for each one in the family.

  5. Alan throws the Sawyer $20 filter away when it clogs instead of backflushing with the included plunger. “It’s just twenny bux.” This is a mistake referred to as “stupid-light” among bicycle builders. Read and understand the instructions before use.

    He has 2 ways to make relatively-pure (rural creek water, not mine-tailings/ag-waste pond) water safe to drink: fire in metal container, and a filter. The filter is the high-speed one (but such good tech that it can filter years of water for an individual), not to be casually disposed of.

    Jmho. Thanks for the video.


  6. I believe there are very few generalizations that apply to all when discussing a BOB. A lot of it depends on things like your local situation, topography, etc. A first aid kit, dry socks, emergency rations and ammo are a start, beyond that it gets down to personal needs and desires. No 2 will be exactly alike.

  7. Well done, objective, and gives credit to those who he purchased from, or assisted in his choices. I don’t know that any of us who prep are experts, but one has to try and do the best they can, with the resources in their region of the country.

    I would note that 18 years ago my BoB, was lite like that, and handy. I’ve got multiple vehicles, each vehicle has its own set up. Ive gone from power bars, and that line of food to add water stuff. I carry four #10 cans of mountain house, in each vehicle. These can be opened and poured into gallon plastic bags quickly, upon an event occurring.

    Everybodies different, I’m not a fan of the lite weight ponchos, I’m still using the older rubber ponchos. With the same application he stated in mind.

    Lastly if I’m carrying my BOB, then something really bad has happened. My choice of protection is a folder AK, and ten magpul mags. My AKs have been under my vehicles back seats for at least 18 20 years. Theirs shit growing out of them, no,worries I know they will work some engine oil, and a shoe string will keep them clean enough. Fold down nicely. Using the ACE folders on MAK90 s. And a glock 30 or 21. And five mags,

    Admittedly a lot of extra weight, i would rather have these tools and not need them, then need them, and not have them.

    Choices and balance, are individual, my kit is heavier then I’d like, at around 30 to 38 pounds with a couple of the same water bottles this gentleman was using, just much older.

    I appreciate the reminder presented, and think he’s right. He can survive in what he’s carrying. I just like options, for myself, my wife and my grown kids.

    Hell I’ve made a BoB for my 7 year old grandson this past Christmas. It’s a game, to him but he’s learning. He can have his hammock up, and water boiling in under 5 minutes usually.



  8. All cops are legitimate targets come SHTF. A more deserving bunch I do not know of… What comes around -goes around you fuckers.

  9. Shinmen Takezo

    Alan Kay seems legit enough–and his mind is in the right place.
    He is doing no harm–actually he is doing some good for the masses.

    Knowing the insides of that show “Alone” –all participants were forced to sign a contract with the producers/production company of the show which gives them a percentage (for two years) of any proceeds earned derived due to publicity from being on their show after their appearance–yeah a complete rip-off BTW.

    Being involved with the film industry, and being represented by a “literary agent” –the guy I was in contact with (name not going to be mentioned) was one of the participants and he told me of this contractual demand. I told him that the stipulation was in fact illegal, because the production company or individuals had to be bonded, licensed agents to demand any percentage of earnings they deemed derived from their “alleged promotion.”

    Soooooo–this coming from Kay, about 2 years after his initial signing with the “Alone” production company comes as no surprise…. he just wants to make a buck off of his win (no problemo) and not have to pay some scum-bag producer 20% off the top of his earnings.

    And if Alan Kay is reading this–and you are paying a percentage to the scum-bags who produced the show…. you don’t have to pay the squat-shit buddy. In fact, if you have paid them their “grift” you have a very, very good lawsuit and can reap big $$$ if they are not bonded, licensed theatrical agents (true in nearly all states). I believe the contract you signed was under the jurisdiction of California or New York State where such requirements are in fact law.

  10. A Non E Mouse

    If you’re not practicing with your gear, you will merely be a resupply pod for someone who has.

  11. jaquebauer

    Since I do not know how to post a new topic, I will add it here in the hope that the moderator will place it where it belongs. And perhaps a reader can guide me into how I could add to this forum in the correct way. Thanks.

    A link to the US Army Medical School and the text books available for download.

    There is also current content on the Zika virus here.