Bracken Sends

Locals and Feds cooperating on gun control.

Don’t expect anything different.

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  1. They’ll continue to do so until it bites ’em in the ass.
    What’s the non-compliance rates in Connecticut and NY again?
    .gov inc don’t have enough SWAT teams/”HRT” teams to enforce any of the Hildebeast’s “Australian style” gun confiscation schemes.
    Not all of those who would have to enforce such laws are dumb as a box of rocks-a lot of them realize they would stand a very good chance of being shot in the face.

  2. Everyone in Arizona should ask your local and Fed Representatives WTF. Like we in Glendale have $$$ to burn? Probably because one of the gunshops located in Glendale was involved with Fast and Furious and not because they wanted to. Arizona citizens need to call their local Reps and ask WHY? Get a hold of Trent Franks, its in his district.

  3. Have I not been saying the cops are the enemy?

    Always have been. Always will be.

    There can never be Freedom and Liberty as long as poLICE exist.
    They are the scum who protect the rest of the scum. WE the People cannot take back our country until the pigs are disbanded first. They serve no one but themselves first, the politicians second, the scum criminals third. Of course, the decent working taxpayer gets stuck paying for these lowlifes who live high on the HOG while the middle class withers and dies.

    The cops have to GO… So honest Americans can set things right.

    • Virgil Kane

      Get rid of the lawmakers and the sillyassed laws. No laws – no law enforcement.

    • JustAroundTheBend

      Would you consider community policing as a viable option to Law Enforcement? Seems to me they are catagorically different methods of harnessing the wild dispositions of some kinds of men/boys. Or do you advocate vigilante justice for petty thieves or bullys who prey on weaker people? How would you handle corrupt officials or businessmen who use power and connections to advance their agendas or line their pockets? How would you today plan to corral the Zetas, the Sinola and other cartels who are predatory in nature using the same brand of brutal terrorism on innocent people as any hardened muzloid? I abhor corrupt police and I think I understand your supreme distaste for administrative policy leveraged through coercion. The Judenrat in the Warsaw ghetto was a dispicable example of self serving people trying to survive in desperate times. They were finally useful idiots thoroughly disgraced in their own communities suffering the same fate as the rest of their people.

      I am just trying to get a handle on your alternative option.

  4. Great news for Trump lovers!

    Mister Trump loves gun control and The Police!

    In other news, Mister Trump now says that his Muslim ban idea was “just a suggestion.”

    • any WN or hardRight who takes the Donald seriously, beyond his role in destroying the Republiscam pty, needs a brain transplant. Trump and Chuck Schumer are best of friends

      • Jimmy the Saint

        The generals in the Army of Northern Virginia were often close friends with the generals in the Army of the Potomac. Didn’t stop either of them from trying like hell to win for their side. Plenty of gangsters were friends with their eventual executioners, too.

  5. Probably correct for the most part.

    However we have to factor in the years of Obama showing his utter and complete contempt for local law enforcement outfits.

  6. Stealth Spaniel

    To quote Lennon & McCartney:
    “You say you want a Revolution, well we all love to sit around……”

    Looks like the ATF has some secret wand that they are waving over the Idiots with Badges. High time the taxpayers exercise their right to sue over misappropriation of funds, for starters. But I’m thinking that this Revolution tune has some real possibilities.

  7. The Feds goal has long been control of local law enforcement. Say what you will about the John Birch Society, but they have been on top of this for a long time. The problem is you may be able to slow the Federal government’s take over of everything, but there is no stopping it at this point.

  8. Yeah, but the vast majority… I mean, right?

  9. The video misses the fact that the state and local governments ARE making money off this: when that person is housed in their jails. There are people who serve their entire federal sentences at county jails.

    Now to this add that the feds and locals can split money from seized/forfeited assets. With that level of corruption there’s plenty of loot to pay everyone off.


    Old news. The agency I worked for was doing this over twenty years ago. DA’s would be cross-designated as Deputy US Attorneys so they could prosecute local federal cases due to the backlog in the US Attorney’s Office. The cases were primarily property crimes such as theft of US mail, etc.
    The one thing that the local Deputy DA’s all agreed on was that the cases presented to them by the BATFE(which were few and far between) all fell into the “P.O.S.” category. It is a fact that the agency gets the absolute dregs of FEDGOV “law enforcement” personnel.
    Now when you fast-forward to 2016, you can see that obvious danger in present day is federal cross-designation of local LEO’s as Deputy United States Marshals. This can happen. They tried to do it to me in 1993, but I threatened to take my agency to our union. Should Barry, the Hildabeast, or even The Donald do this by Executive Order, things will get real bad, real quick. Keep in mind all the Stasi-like activities such as secret renditions and door-kicking of student loan scofflaws the Marshal’s Service has done in the last 10 years.
    Remember all of the posts by me and others about the importance the badge-wearing thugs and thugettes attach to their pay, benefits, and pensions. The POLS know this and these gun-carrying ORCS will be first in line when the economic correction happens and TPTB struggle to maintain their power. Stay very vigilant in your local A/O’s. Befriend local cops/pols and find out what is happening. Bleib ubrig.

  11. Cool. What this means is I don’t have to find some nameless, faceless bureaucracy to fight. Not only are they local, but so are their assets and supply chains. So much easier

  12. outlawpatriot

    And what about your state guard?😉

    • Jimmy the Saint

      For California, they’re mostly just disaster-relief type units, or auxiliary administration for National Guard stuff.

  13. Mordor – aka Mordor-on-the-Potomac; Washington D.C.
    Uruk-Hai – federal law enforcers
    Orcs – state law enforcers
    Goblins – local law enforcers
    law enforcers – see Mafia ‘enforcer’

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. This bears repeating. The cocksuckers who agree to enforce these laws do NOT enjoy the benefits of having an ocean betwixt themselves and those they would oppress. KNOW your enemies and where they live and keep your mouth shut.

  16. I know that many in the Southern Nationalist movement will vote for Trump next fall, assuming the Republican elites haven’t been able to stop his taking of the Republican nomination.

    At the risk of sounding too elitist myself, the cognoscenti of the SN movement have know all along what Trump is and what he’s about. He’s a dyed in the wool New Yorker, both culturally and politically. He’s always gone along to get along with his various real estate deals, as required to be successful in the corruption riddled states where he’s operated.

    My personal view is that he’s been both entertaining and destructive of the Party of Lincoln, both of which I like. A true Southern Nationalist will not vote Republican any longer, and will not vote Democrat either, unless it is to put a genuinely destructive person into office. Hillary is just such a person.

  17. Trump can’t be described in a few words.

    Even his ex-wife says he’d be a great President. How many people have ex-wives that would say that? He’s able to get along anywhere, with anyone… even Putin

    He now says that he’s done with other screwups and is going to do it himself. He sure does know everything about politics, having gamed the system for decades!

    I’m voting for him… and if he doesn’t keep his word on the border, aliens and the second amendment… well…

  18. swan832013