Schindler On The Rhodes Revelations


Democracy’s triumph.

warning(Earl of Taint)

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  1. Our knowledge is less for the loss of guys like Drew Pearson and Robert Novak. Most pressitutes are slime.

  2. Steve Kristmann

    I think that this sums it up pretty well!…..

    Scott doesn’t pull any punches!!

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  3. The failure to stop the Iran deal had little to do with Rhodes. No public opinion forced the republican leadership in the senate to vote to change the Iran deal from a treaty to an agreement. In a stunning combination of utter capitulation and complete incompetence, the republican senate leadership voted away all the power they had to stop the bill by changing it from a treaty, where Obama needed 66 votes to pass it, to an agreement where the republicans needed 66 votes to stop it. This mistake is a billion times worse than anything Trump has ever done in his life. Without the republicans complete capitulation, Obama would have never been able to give Iran the atomic bomb.
    I must say, the republicans in the house and the senate have been completely out classed and out smarted by Obama and his team throughout his presidency. One wonders how Trump could possibly do worse.

    • Why should Iranians be prevented from owning nuclear weapons?

      Sounds awfully like the same mentality that brought you “gun control”.

      • Back in the swamp, doggie. You are an idiot.

        Sure, nukes are equivalent to handguns and rifles… every insane crackpot should have them! Like mullahs, raging with fevered dreams of the coming caliphate with all its attendant glories of murder, rape and pillage of the world unto submission to Islam. Yeah, just like “gun control.”

        Moral equivalency is the first refuge of those without either morality … or an argument.

      • If you change Iran –> Islamists they will get the Nukes without a hitch. The demographics in England assure that in less than 20 years they will have control of the government and its arsenal.

    • Iran has no atomic bomb. It has no atom bomb program. And if it does, eventually get the Bomb…how’s about letting Israel do some of its own dirty work for a change? Instead of us doing it for them…and getting the blowback. While Zion-in-Palestine picks and grins. And Zion-in-America continues to destroy America

      • Grenadier1

        You are fucking clueless. Iran has HAD atomic bombs for years they got them from the Ukrainians shortly after the Soviet went tits up. They most assuredly have a bomb program to produce their own, or did you think they were just going to put garbage cans on those ballistic missiles they have been launching form hidden mountain stations? Maybe the Mullahs have a secret desire to be Bond villains?
        Your blind hatred for Jews and Israel has you believing the words of men who clear mine fields by having children run across them.
        Rest assured that Israel will do its own “work” when the time comes. They had no issues dealing with an Iraqi reactor.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “I must say, the republicans in the house and the senate have been completely out classed and out smarted by Obama and his team throughout his presidency. ”

      Assuming, of course, that they were actually opposed to anything he was doing.

    • There is no authority granted or delegated to the US government to stop a sovereign nation obtaining any weapon it decides is necessary for a successful defense of its territory. While I doubt Iran has an intention to acquire nuclear weapons, they aren’t cost effective, I have no problem with them if they changed.

      The Zionist state of Israel, on the other hand, has no business having nuclear weapons at all and if I were of the mind to remove such weapons from a a government, the utterly corrupt, criminal government that calls itself Isreal would be where I started.

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      Rainman, why do you call it a mistake, or incompetence? The Globalist Old Party did it knowingly, to advance their agenda. Mere incompetence would blunder, but it would blunder in our favor as often as not. This is unmistakable evil. The (R)s, like the (D)s, hate us and aim to replace us with Mexicans and Somalis. Somehow, Iranian nukes aid in that.