A Brief Digression On Conventional Warfare


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  1. Por que no solo tiene que ir y se corta un interruptor para vencor el culo son?

  2. Grenadier1

    I disagree with this paper.
    War has always been and will always be about taking and holding ground. How you do that has changed for thousands of years and will continue to change but its always about holding ground. That ground may be an entire nation but in order to win you have to be the last guy standing on the ground. That’s why wars between closely capable adversaries DEVOLVE into wars of attrition. When you see battles become all about body count you know that the sides have reached a state of parity.

    • Bill Harzia

      An old Soviet-era joke: Two Russian tank commanders are sitting in their tanks in Berlin. One asks the other, “By the way…who won the air war?”

  3. Detroit III

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph was the grammar at that website horrific.

  4. Wow! Stefan Molyneux has migrated to WRS…however this time he’s wrong. The mistake here is that one is assuming that someone would start a war with the intent of winning said war.
    The ROPer in the WH is a MNS (like Hitler) who wants to be declared a God and what better way to achieve that than to physically destroy the Great Satan and bring the world under Sharia Law?
    How will he accomplish this, simple, launch a nuclear attack against Europe, Japan, SOKO and China. He’ll wait out the counter strike at his mini nation in Brazil, you don’t think he gave those Billions to Brazil seven years ago for nothing do you? And if you think no-one in their right mind would push that button recall that O has carried out a coup in the upper levels of the US Navy, replaced key players with lackeys, it will be one or two Boomers that do the deed. In many ways his behavior has matched that of the 9-11 attackers prior to the assault in his extreme self-indulgence and disregard for future consequences.

  5. Stephan says, “The American Military is not particularly well suited to an urban guerilla style of warfare…as we saw in Iraq”. I call bullshit. I was there, and it wasn’t our will or ability to fight that was the impediment. We had two major problems, and neither were under the control of our in-theatre commanders. Both of our problems were primarily political – there was lack of will in Washington to pursue “total victory”, and our intelligence was both delayed and corrupted by the political machinations of a military-industrial complex that wanted a long and costly (profitable) war.

    When I say “total victory”, what I mean is the employment of strategically planned and logistically supported overwhelming force, throughout an extended theatre of war, to the end of obtaining an enemy surrender without conditions – exactly what we did in WW-I and WW-II.

    But, politicians think they can use the dog of war effectively, while still keeping it on a short leash, and this is a sure formula for the “failures” which we have witnessed in essentially every conflict from the beginning of the Cold War to present, i.e. from Viet Nam, through the [NATO] occupations of Bosnia-Herzegovina and [UN] Somalia, and through our first, and also most recent festivities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Politicians always start wars…but they never finish them. To end a war, you have to turn a sufficient military force loose with only one directive – obtain surrender from the enemy. But oh, how politicians love the leash they keep on the military, to their own detriment, and the far greater detriment of everyone living in any war zone, anywhere.

    Worse, the political implementation of covert dealing in both arms and intelligence outside of both military and diplomatic channels, such as we witnessed in Libya, is not a new phenomena by any measure at all – witness “Air America of the Viet Nam era, the Iran/Contra deals of the 1980s and the “Black Birds of Tuzla”, in Bosnia c. 1991~93. And so it goes – Hilary Clinton, like Richard Nixon before her, is vilified mostly because she got caught doing what politicians *always* do. Never forget that. As my friend Davi would say, “All politicians are schmucks. Because if they weren’t schmucks, they’d be too busy doing something useful to f*^k with us nearly so much.”

    I am forced to conclude that if America survives, her military must never again be subject to the false authority of the Federal Government, or the diverse and shadowy power conduits upon which it thrives. The American military authority must [again] devolve directly upon the authority of the American people, as it was at our founding: with each command structured at the individual State level, and with all senior officers elected directly by the eligible militia in each division’s home territory. Period.

    Oh, and for the impertinent and/or malinformed, who say that the Federal Government (and particularly the Executive branch) has permanent authority over our military via the title “Commander in Chief” – that title ONLY devolves upon the pResident in time of war DECLARED BY CONGRESS, against a foreign enemy. The rest of the time, the ‘pres’ can go fuggem self.


  6. A much better way to win a war is to have the other guys leaders hate them so much that they allow millions of the enemy in their country, give the enemy millions food, housing, cash and government protection. And then persecute, jail and kill their own citizens who object to this self inflicted invasion and allow the physical and psychological rape of their young boys and girls….all with government approval.

    All this is happening without a single smart bomb, trained squad of patriot soliders or gun being fired.

    Entire nations are being wiped out systematically and slowly….because their people are committing cultural suicide by not wiping out their traitorous leaders.

    This is where we are …. Imaging where we will be.

  7. I agree with Freedom Radio. War of attrition and I always wondered when Europe would envy our “gun culture.”
    We need a separate War Department for asymetrical, unconventional, small scale high intensity conflicts.

  8. “¡Usted no tiene suficiente cantidad de municiones!”

    Chinga tu madre dreamers.

  9. Nukes were supposed to “Make war unthinkable” as well…….

  10. rightwingterrorist

    People get killed when bad things happen.
    In bad ways.
    Best remember that.

  11. There will be a mess.” A situation or state of affairs that is confused or full of difficulties.”
    Violence. Chaos. Pandemonium.
    Victim and gimmedat class will change the paradigm. Not like your Granpas depression.
    The Stepford communities are toast. They will burn like Tokyo.

    Overlying and dominant factor. Violence. Control versus administration.
    Which end of extreme violence will you end up on?
    No rules. No Geneva accords..Article 54 of Protocol 1 does not apply.
    Extremes will occur on all sides.
    As a species, we are percolating. So many humans. Pivotal major changes going on. Limited resources controlled by a few key players.
    That gut instinct,hair on the back of your neck shit. You can feel it.
    . You must have deep seated,non-negotiable truth in your life. Just in case you come out the other side. Something positive will be required as a solid foundation. Might be building from scratch.
    Scorched earth never went out of style. Political correctness loses to scorched earth. Communism loses to scorched earth. Musloids lose to scorched earth. Fascism had it’s ass handed to them by scorched earth.
    Scorched earth rules!
    . War cannot be waged when there is no food,clean water or shelter.
    Scorched earth requires nothing more than deprivation.
    The fragile system is teetering. The cannibalism is in full swing.
    Observe the vapid masses flopping about, screaming for relevance. Searching aimlessly for an answer in their I Phone.
    Clueless, irrelevant ,douche canoes. Unaware of the impending festivities.

  12. The notions in the ‘paper’ are so deeply flawed as to be nonsensical. End the grammer and poncutation was too equally effed up.