Barnhardt: On Diabolical Narcissism, The Overarching Global Pathology

The final Ann Barnhardt video.

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  1. Read Dr. Michael Heiser’s The Facade and the sequel, The Portent.

    Barnhardt 4 Prez.

  2. This chick is a 40+ year old virgin and religious nut job who wants to burn people at the stake for not being papist (ultra right catholic). How the hell is she any different from ISIS? Sorry, but we have enough “whack -a-doodle” nut bars, without someone that openly advocates religious genocide. Something “Ann” has done openly for decades. Her calling ALL non-Catholics “heritic” smacks of the “holy inquisition”. We should have left her brand of crazy behind with the hundred years war.

    • You should read, probably many times; her recent post on the upbraiding.
      Yes, Ann goes over the edge; but if she is right and the Crhistian God is the only God and the rituals of the catholics are the correct way to go and the old testament God is the God you are going to face at your death; then her going over the edge trying to get other to go fanatic to follow how she follows is the way to go; you obviously disagree.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        The problem is, that line of thought depends on a lot of ifs. Her zealotry can make her a less effective messenger on other points.


      Don’t shoot the messenger, Ray. The issue is not her age or virginity. Listen to what she is saying about what this once-mighty, once-righteous country and its inhabitants are doing. If you have not been raised as a prior-Vatican II Catholic, you would not understand. Mother Church, for all her historical faults, has helped to keep Western Society and Culture together. The smoke of Hell entered her Vestibule when that rat-bastard closet-Mason Pope John XXIII convened The Second Vatican Council.
      The trouble is that any institution run by humans will be flawed, sometimes terribly. If you are prejudiced against Catholics,fine. Go to today’s Breitbart page(05/13) and check out the latest trailer from the Duck Commander’s new movie about Amerika’s depravity. Different voices are saying the same thing.

    • Just another Guy

      Get to the point, are you willing to have the Muslim “religion” take over the entire world?

    • Ray is right about Crazy Eyes. Nonetheless, her analyses of collective psychology and political economy are often on-target. As to the Roman Mystery Cult, adherence to it is the only thing that keeps Ann Elizabeth even remotely sane; othwerwise her centripetal temperament would simply explode. I myself would be more inclined to (Jew-wise) Eastern Orthodoxy

    • Name calling, nyah, nyah, crazy eyes, imaginary friend in the sky, frustrated strident virgin….

      Got anything of substance, Ray, or just your own brand of projection?

      Afraid of a little girl? Or, maybe, that there is indeed a God?

      Your should be,.

      • Didn’t even come close to hearing her out did you, so couldn’t begin to deal with the content…..

        Upset your own little ego?

  3. Call it what you like … it all boils down to “men following orders”.

    If people are … as she says … to be “executed by the State”, for these pseudo-offences, who shall be the executioners?

    We all know who is gonna do it. Cops and Soldiers.

    When you enlist, you are volunteering to place yourself under the command of others. You want to be subject to the authority of others. Right there, you have a self-selected cadre of people who are eager to reject their own consciences. How many times do we have see the same scenarios played out?

    Anyways, I can’t watch 3 hours of that video. The simple fact of its inordinate length, will guarantee a miniscule audience. IMO.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “We all know who is gonna do it. Cops and Soldiers.”

      Or hybrids, like the SS, NKVD/KGB, Red Guards, etc. Those types proved to be pretty effective in the 20th Century. Then again, the Interahamwe was good at its job, too.

    • “Anyways, I can’t watch 3 hours of that video.”

      Take it in small doses, doggie. It’s way beyond the narrow behavior you wish to blame. It is, in fact, descriptive of the origin of all our woes, top to bottom.

  4. Newvegasbadger

    Troops, set yourself down in a comfortable chair, make pot of coffee, and have pen and paper handy to take notes. I’ve already watched this one, and will be needing to give it several revisits to ensure that I do understand it all and then be able to apply it.
    It is that good. She did an outstanding job!

    • Ann has always done a good job imo. If you really want to learn how backwards islam is, you should watch her videos on it.

    • Absolutely bedrock insight.

      Check your egos at the door… Heh!

  5. Replace the words “Diabolical Narcissist” with “Liberal” and tell me where she gets it wrong.

    This is why there is severe polarization with an inability to reconcile. Liberals aren’t simply people with a different world view, they are psychologically and spiritually broken people. Even those of you who aren’t religious see it but probably struggle to articulate it.

    A person who lives to put a boot on the throat of another human being, for whatever the motivation may be, rather than elevate himself/loved ones is defective. Suddenly all the recent zombie movies/teevee shows make sense.

  6. Penny Pincher

    I enjoy AB’s outspoken financial commentary and also her preaching even if I don’t agree with most of her dogma. She at least tries to give reasons for the various points, and makes me think. The video was rather long, and got super preachy at the end, but I made time for it.

    re. her virginity, or Bruce Jenner’s dingdong…. all y’all bitching or crowing about other people’s sexuality that is none of anyone’s business, can “Get a Room!”. OK it’s cheap entertainment I guess, but how vicarious. Yawn.

    Re. the fall of the empire: We’re just down to the dregs, is all. Of the financial and the cultural, and also of leadership… Not much we can do about it but protect our own as best we can when the barbarians breach the gate. It’s Rome all over again, only with drones.

  7. Anne does have a great series of videos on the evils of Islam, but her rants about Protestants are unhinged and downright nasty.

    When she goes off on these I think of people like her who might have power, in small groups, when the SHTF I get more than a little uneasy.

  8. Ought six: Ann said she was a virgin in a piece she wrote years ago. As she hates and fears most men and ALL sex(again HER written words) I don’t think that will change. I have read every word she has spouted for years, Since before her breakdown ,And the bitch is bat shit, 1000% ,dancing in the minefield, clinical, crazy. Crazy can make sense sometimes. But it’s NEVER not crazy. You on the other hand are just another asshole hiding behind your key board. She could get better with medication and intensive therapy. But You will always be an asshole.