Buppert: Enemies Foreign and Domesticated – The Feminization of American Males


His latest.

Money quote:

…Job one in the American education system beside instupidation and surgical removal of critical thinking faculties is the absolute supremacy of the feminine mindset and concomitant pursuit of security above all else…


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  1. Hi “Shooter,”
    ‘That part in the above that says,”..the absolute supremacy of the feminine mind set…” has me a little flustered?? Fems., feminists, feminazi’s and the like… sometimes I wonder?? From a recent Country song “He can’t even skin a buck or bait a hook!!” (Referring to the girl’s Metrosexual boyfriend!!)
    May as well have been referring to the feminists… Supreme my ass!! They can rant all they want but give ’em a fishin’ pole an’ tell em’ to put the worm on the hook and watch em’ freak out!! I have!! ‘Forget the part about skinnin’ a Buck!! ………. Now that’s why I love Corn Bread & Grits raised Red Neck Country Girls!!! Oh yes, they can drive Tractors too!! for starters!!
    As for these “Feminists” who think they are so “with it” I’d like to close with this quote…..
    “What I don’t understand is how women can pour ‘Hot Wax!!’ on their bodies, let it dry, then peel it off and rip every single hair out by its’ root, and……..still be scared of spiders!!!!!”
    -Jerry Seinfeld-

    Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat,

  2. What are all those blotches on his face???? Small-pox? Plague? AIDS sores? Some kind of advanced-stage STD???

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  4. Buppert winds..delivers…a vicious slider heading for the inside corner…Haxo swings and drives the ball into the power ally as left-fielder (and former Playboy bunny) Gloria Steinem turns and stumbles back toward the fence…and…it’s outta here!.


  5. Jeffery in Alabama

    It is beyond queer (tongue in cheek) how prevalent effeminate behavior has become today in American males and how abnormal behavior (homosexual) in general is becoming more of the “norm”. I am not over exaggerating, as television and the MSM does, the percentage of people who identify as gay, but I have often wondered why and why so many right now. I am 52 and went to a very small public school where there were app. 750 kids K-12. There might have been 2-3 boys who were labeled as a “sissy” all through school and maybe a couple of tomboy girls. That is it. Yes, I was raised in the Bible Belt and almost everyone was very conservative whether they knew it or not. Fast forward thirty-four years since I graduated high school and I can name several of my close high school friends who are having a very hard time coping with the fact that they now have teenage to twenty something child who identifies themselves as “gay”. It is very strange considering where and how we were born and raised. Almost all of these kids who claim to be homosexual come from middle-upper middle class families. All of these kids I am referring too were raised in Christian churches of various denominations by happily married mothers and fathers who believed in discipline, etc. In short these kids who claim to be gay were raised very similarly to their normal parents. I realized in the early nineties, when my children were very small, that there was an agenda underway which promoted leftist social engineering that attempted to steer people to believe that homosexuality, mixed race households, etc. were very commonplace in this country when in fact they only make up a very small percentage. The same “engineers” also promoted socialistic
    “green”/environmental perspectives along with thinking and talking animals which were capable of human type emotions (an old progressive ruse to bring humans down to the level of animals). The latter is veering from the post, but one gets the picture. I do not think media alone is to blame. Like many, I have read the theories about Fluoride being a factor and whether true or not, most of us have read or heard the stories of the NAZIS putting Fluoride in the drinking water at the concentration camps to make the inmates more docile. I am starting to believe there may be some truth in that as a common link. Most people who grew up around me and the parents of the kids were raised drinking spring or well water as municipal water was not prevalent in my area until just before my generation got out of high school. At this point in the history of our country where the POTUS is pushing neutral gender bathrooms, I would believe whoever is behind the curtain is capable of doing anything. This would include a program to give grant money to towns, cities, counties, etc. to install municipal water lines so Fluoride could be distributed to everyone under the guise of preventing “tooth decay”. I am not saying this is what happened, but only saying if the Marxist thought such a program would further their goals, they would do it in a heartbeat. I would presume that the causes for this type of behavior are a combination of things, but whatever the causes, it exists and on a scale never seen in this country. My wife and I stepped onto an elevator last night and held the door for a good looking young couple who appeared to be married and very normal, That was until the male subject thanked us in an ultra feminine voice. My wife (she and I frequently discuss this phenomena) and I just looked at each other and grinned. As the we got off the elevator, I thanked the the very polite male figure for holding the door and said goodnight. He replied likewise and my wife and both looked at each other again and simultaneously said as the elevator do closed. “too much Fluoride”.


      Jeffrey In Alabama: You are on to something. The Conspiracy Folks(Jones, Quayle, the Deyos) have been trumpeting this for years. They were poo-pooed and marginalized as kooks. Now look at what the Leviathan hath wrought. We have pajama boys, feminazis, and every assorted mutant life form walking around our communities texting on their Smartphones,
      Now, fast forward to the next false flag, manufactured crisis, or economic correction. These pasty-faced, flaccid, effeminate excuses for “Men” are are going to be running around in tight little circles emitting high-pitched squeaking noises. It will be entertaining to a point, but they may end up at my front door. Then it will be time to do what needs to be done.

  6. Dan Morgan

    Absolutely, but it is also the worst feminine tendency of busybody-ism.
    I’ve taken too telling these types to “Mind your own F**king business “.
    They generally slither away in search of a safe space.

  7. SameNoKami

    You should have known we were headed down this road 20yrs ago when everyone started going apoplectic when the words ‘stupid’ ‘shut-up’ and ‘retarded’ were uttered in polite company. All the female, touchy-feely, hurt-my-feelings, self-esteem garbage could only lead to ‘Nancy-boys.’

  8. Fluoride? Don’t think it’s that particular substance. Rather it was a trial run for something in the future.

    The old JBS was pilloried for that but in reality they were simply against any state-run, top-down edicts that could effect our lives in the future.

    They damn sure were right as rain about the U.N. as an agency to be feared.

    God, I would adore to see Trump tell them to go to hell, pull our funding (or at least curtail it) and let them move to Brussels to await the tender mercies of the moslum hoards.

    Now, wouldn’t that be nice?

  9. I know it’s a cartoon and provides us with lots of fun and joking, but when you go out to the store and see the clone of PJ Boy, complete with what looked to me to be his PJ’s and of course the single strap man purse…

    I just have to shake my head and thank God for what I’ve been given. My girls have husbands that good boys that work good jobs, make good money and look and act like men. My son has a wife. Nice girl. From a decent family. The kids come over for dinner on Sundays, swim and hang on Sunday afternoon in the summer and depending on the season talk fishing, the lease, hunting, sometimes traveling or possible vacations (sometimes taken together, can you imagine?) the economy, the country and general stuff. I’ve never heard about micro-agressions, gay rights, transgender anything, how good the government is to us or that they don’t pay enough taxes.

    I’d ask what the hell happened to so many of our kids, but I know. Parents trusted the schools and the government to educate their kids when in reality they were only interested in brainwashing them into falling for the Progressive agenda.

    Freaking Pajama Boy. Makes me want to puke.

  10. Stealth Spaniel

    A former co-worker sent a picture of passengers travelling in coach class on a Pan Am Wide Body plane from 196something. First, coach class then had more room than first class has now. The thing looked actually luxurious!! Second, the women looked like WOMEN. Exquisitely dressed, hair and makeup perfect, with happy friendly expressions on their faces. The men looked like MEN! Suits and ties, chatting with other passengers, and presented very American. The stewardesses-not stewards!- looked like Heidi Klum and wore gorgeous uniforms. What the hell happened?? These airline passengers appeared civilized. I almost wish that I could transport back there.
    Pajama Boy is a Haunting.