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  1. There’s a coda to that graphic — I believe Milton Friedman used it first — that’s all too often overlooked.

    The government official or employee with spending authority is nominally in quadrant 4, spending other people’s money on something for other people. However, his situation and his personal incentives impel him to figure out how to spend that money so that the principal benefits flow to himself. Those who learn this best are those who ascend the ladders of power most swiftly. This helps greatly to explain the behavior of the State Department, among many, many other things.

  2. Government bureaucrat employees are in zone 2 sometimes. When they furnish their offices, treat themselves to a well deserved conference out of town, choose the vehicles they get to drive on “official” business, or at bonus time among others. Sorry to say it, but these b*astards waste your money whenever they can.

  3. Grey Ghost

    The corollary to .gov spending is “No bureaucracy will EVER turn in money at the end of the FY”… it is ALWAYS spent before the end of the FY, even if it’s shit that isn’t needed. This is done to avoid the appearance of under spending and getting a budget cut next FY because you didn’t spend all you had last FY. Now we have the CONservative Paul Ryan giving the Communist Community Organizer in charge everything he wanted and fighting with the presumptive nominee.

    Can someone please tell me the last time some CONservative actually cut the federal or state budget for that matter… they love to raise more taxes. Even that great CONservative George H.W. Bush raised taxes. Then of course there is his son George W. Bush who admitted he would sign another “assault weapon” ban if Congress would just send it to him. Good riddance to the Bush crime family and hopefully the Clinton crime family too.

    Grey Ghost