Gomer Is Surprised


UK Telegraph: London’s Muzzie Mayor warns Donald Trump’s ‘ignorant’ view of Islam could make Britain and US less safe

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  1. Lost Patrol

    The Brits have always been assholes with no concept of culture and heritage. We continue to follow the bastards even though we won our independence from them so long ago. This mayor is nothing more then trash from hell and should be a target of opportunity … if there were any white men in the UK that still had their balls attached. Just saying … if. In our case look at Michigan or maybe it is Illinois which have a Muslim mayor. Another bunch of worthless oxygen thieving cockroaches there as well. It is a disease and it is spreading. Where and when will we stop it? If…

    • LP
      ” if there were any white men in the UK that still had their balls attached”

      That certainly applies to Fusa too. Those who are broke, have no future, and no marketable skills, should be the ones to jump in and set things off. I know there’s millions of murkins who fit that bill. The only reason they don’t is because they are fed, housed, kept drunk, drugged, and entertained on the taxpayers expense-for the time being. Those of us who are still doing well, see no reason to needlessly and prematurely sacrifice ourselves for them. It’s all a waiting game for now. TPTB are desperately scrambling to militarize their protection forces-the pigs, to ensure they remain in power at all costs. It’s up to the masses to neutralize the scumbag cops and then go after their masters. The French Revolution will look like a day at the circus once Liberty’s spark turns into a raging fire. There’s no doubt things will go very badly -for them. NO DOUBT. Got rope?

      Sic Semper Tyrannis

  2. Anonymous

    The mayor is blaming Trump for imminent Islamic terrrorist acts committed here and abroad ? Talk about a self fulfilling prophesy . . . man is an idiot !

  3. the raghead “mayor” has nothing to fear. Trump, massaged by Judeo-globalist stooge Ryan, has now stated that his Ban the Muslims proposal was “just a suggestion”

    • Lame duck is he is every elected. No way in the world an of his proposals would pass congress. They do whats best for them.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Obizzle has shown Congress to be irrelevant. Executive Orders work just as well. (Though I’d imagine Congress would find its balls again – at least to an extent – for a non-Donk president.)

  4. I am so friggen tired of the muzzloid human trash threatening me if I say something they don’t like. How about this: ‘I consider therefore that Islam must be wiped from the earth.’

  5. So is the great hope that is trump backing down already?

    It seems all his talk before he got the nomination clinched is merely talk now.

  6. Little Pig, Little Pig, let me in…
    Or I’ll blow you up.

  7. Death to Islam.

  8. I posted this on a couple of other sites, so here it is again:

    My paternal Grandfather (born in Bath) immigrated from London to the city of my birth, Los Angeles, sometime around 1910. My mother’s ancestors were Scots (Ferguson). I have always longed to go to England to personally trace my roots.

    I have, from afar, watched in abject horror to what England has become over the years. I now know I will never go there. I will die without this dream being fulfilled.

    London is fallen, indeed. I have read, in more than one place,  that in the past two decades over 750,000 white Brits have fled London in their own version of “White Flight”. Guess the curry and kebobs weren’t all that much of a draw.

    The “Long March” of the Frankfort School, the Gramscians and the Communists to take over the West has all been but completed in all of Western Europe and there is no solution but submission or a very bloody war (which I still think will be instigated by Germany. There is already and EU army forming up with over 2 million servicemen from Deutschland and the Netherlands heavily involved). Islam is being used as a tool (really, a blitzkrieg) by the EU and globalist elites to force submission of the emasculated white men of Europe.

    Brexit is as good as dead, if not by vote then by demography. UKIP only garnered 4% of the mayoral vote.

    We here in America are next in line. Only us, aligned with the Eastern European states (and OZ who has oceans and real men still as protection) have a chance.

    We MUST elect Trump and keep The Lizard Queen as far away from power as possible.  If we do not, we are history as a nation.

    Heed the words of Mr. Enoch Powell in his “Rivers of Blood” speech to Parliament in 1968 which made him a leper and outcast in the “pre-PC” days.

    As England goes, so goes the Western world if we are not vigilant.

    Keep this speech on your drives and print it out so you have a hard copy (and thank you, ZMan for posting it…)


  9. ditto for being sick of the threats from this virus of a so called “religion” of peace..
    I say wipe ALL the m*therfuckers off the face of the earth, is no room for coexisting when they will not even try to join a modern society, other than to try and infiltrate and destroy it, and bring it down to their levels.
    and dont even try to say its not ALL muslims..
    the korap kor AN says about all infidels being killed.. not coexisting…so fuck em.

  10. Lot of gas marts are owned by ragheads. If I need to buy gas and it is at a raghead owned store, I use the bathroom, shit on the floor and wipe with pages torn from the koran and leave the shit smeared pages on the floor as a sign of my “respect” for their book. Just my 2 cents worth.