MVT: Combat Safety – The Importance Of Short Bounds


More on how not to kill your teammates, either directly or indirectly (through failure of suppressive fire).

Congrats also to Max and team for three years of operations!

2 responses to “MVT: Combat Safety – The Importance Of Short Bounds

  1. I’ve trained at Max’s place…he is a first class instructor. If you’re looking for real world applications that is….he’s a no nonsense British guy. This is the kind of thing you’ll learn with live fire when you take his Combat Team Tactics class. Btw, he runs a very safe and realistic range!

  2. A question that I never see posed that is rumbling around in the head.

    In a situation where its FREEFOR vs OPFOR what is the most dangerous item in the AO? Has anyone considered the armed idiot home owner that dug in and will shoot at anything out of sheer stupidity?