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  1. good on the Japs and Koreans for maintaining ethnic purity. But that’s not enough. The Japanese in particular continue to die out for lack of babies. That’s because, post WW II, they have slavishly imitated America’s kosher Culture of Death: abortion, porn, faggotry, feminism. The KCOD must be extirpated root and branch

  2. Jimmy the Saint

    Of course, the Japanese are self-extincting through not breeding, so it won’t make much difference to them.

    • A temporary situation, Japan being very over crowded as it is….The Japanese don’t care what anyone thinks about them, as the most long lived and homogeneous society on the planet. Remember, they do blackface routines in Japan, and when the West pretended horror, Japan went…meh.

  3. So, you are telling me my best chance for long term survival is to learn to like to eat eel ? Hmmm.

  4. This whole “out breeding” needs to be put in a different perspective. the issue is not that Western indigenous people are not having enough children, it’s that the 3rd world invaders are not being repelled or outright killed. If you let the flies into your home, don’t be surprised to see maggots on food left uncovered. On average, American’s believe 2.5 kids is the ideal size family. It’s the 3rd worlders who, like the vermin they truly are, have litter after litter. Close the borders, and expel all illegals including their “anchor” babies back to the over-populated cesspools from whence they came.

    • Harsh, as usual, and blunt, as necessary.

      Hard to disagree with the truth, although most folks make a ‘life’ of it.

      When do you think that will change, if ever?

    • LeGrandeGuy

      I agree. Brazil, Pakistan, India: everywhere you go in the developing world you see human beings reproducing like flies on a hot afternoon. It would be one thing if this was the 5th century with 75% infant mortality and a life expectancy of say 35, but it isn’t.The west’s ‘demographic crisis’ may just be a better way to slowly bring down population densities short of thermonuclear war. Human beings shouldn’t be as thick as gypsy moths, hanging from the trees, eating everything in sight….

    • tfA-t

      So, are you ready to help create the next, and necessary, church, state, culture, EMPIRE, and individual?

      I’m in Oregon now, if you have any contacts that are serious, let me know at my site, if you will.

    • outlawpatriot

      Well, ok then. In perfect congruence with regard that topic.🙂

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “On average, American’s believe 2.5 kids is the ideal size family.”

      That’s just slightly over replacement rate. And Americans as a whole – and white Americans in particular – aren’t breeding at that rate anymore, and haven’t for quite some time.

  5. What tfA-t said. Only turned up to high volume.

  6. *See also: Shared-cultural values

  7. LeGrandeGuy

    r vs. K selection: species (races) with r reproductive strategy have large numbers of offspring with little or no parental input other than the act of reproduction. Think mollusks, cockroaches, maybe invasive vertebrates like starlings. K selection-think wolves, elephants, etc.
    It is very possible that the Japanese and Germans, far from being in the midst of a demographic ‘crisis’, are naturally adjusting their population density on the landscape downward toward a level that is closer to the real carrying capacity, as in the condition of the soil, availability of fresh water, long term strength of the economy, etc.

  8. Japan and Korea have not been targeted for racial destruction like all the white countries have. That’s the only reason they’re allowed to have sensible policies without being castigated for it.

    All the rationale used for inundating Europe with migrants could just as easily be applied to Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. All of them are advanced, high tech countries and in theory should be equally suitable destinations for the poor urchins who “just want a better life for their children.” They may be densely populated, but no more so than the Low Countries of Europe, and those are still swamped with invaders.

    White people, and only white people, have been specifically targeted for ethnic annihilation by the NWO.