Diversity Is Our Strength

Carina-Black-mainDestroyer information

RRW: Nevada – Ready or not, refugees on the way to Reno

Diversity sucks, actually.

Is your town next?

17 responses to “Diversity Is Our Strength

  1. Another member of the “square glasses Brigade”…

    Don’t they make her look smart and hip?

    Here we have an example of the Progressive pestilence that we IMPORTED!

    As if we don’t have enough of these Globalist shills as it is.

  2. Fucking scumbag motherfuckers worthy of a life ending event.

  3. I’ve been enjoying watching libertarian/anarchist/proposition nation blogs go towards the ‘right’ over the last year or two.

  4. Uncle Larry

    They’re called “non-profits”. Really? Somebody’s making hundreds of millions every year off of this nonsense. I want to remind everyone that Eric Holder started a program in the Civil Rights Div. of the DOJ that goes zip code by zip code looking for places that don’t have enough non-whites. The DOJ and the Census Bureau and HUD send those unlucky folks as many non-whites as they can find. If they don’t have enough, they import ’em. There is no place to hide. Act accordingly, as the man says.

  5. Actually, being able to fully trust the fighter on your left, right, and behind you, and fully trusting the political leader behind you, or in front of you.
    THAT is strength.

  6. They are not “refugees”. That is a convenient euphemism, intended to invoke emotion while suppressing reason. Don’t adopt the language of the opposition.

    Whether aged 2 or 29, they are HOSTILE FOREIGN INVADERS.
    As with the Tsaernev brothers, arriving here as children.

    Furthermore, I consider that islam must be destroyed.

  7. Bill Harzia

    Divide and conquer:

    the Delphi Technique

  8. ” A native of Argentina and a citizen of Switzerland and the US, Carina Black has lived in the United States since 1987. ” The bitch isn’t even from our country but has the balls to do this. Seems like tar and feathering needs to make a come back! Shame we cant come together and get rid of these people, damn shame!

  9. Makes me wonder what kind of community *she* lives in…..

  10. Diversity is another code word for white genocide. When are people going to realize what the plans of these neocommunists thug are and begin to take preemptive action to sanction them, with extreme prejudice?

  11. Prime example of what Mao sent to the rice fields for ‘re-education’.


    Well, I guess “The Biggest Little City In The World” better brace for impact. How are the Muzzies going to react to all of the gambling and other pleasure of the flesh that exist in Reno? Time will tell. I’m sure when push comes to shove, the chest-thumping, Gadsen Flag-wearing, Lee Greenwood-listening “Muricans” will just roll over and wet themselves like my dog when I wave the rolled up newspaper at him. I hope I am dead wrong.

  13. Stealth Spaniel

    Another foreign whore masquerading as a US citizen. Originally from Argentina, now a citizen of Switzerland & the US??!!?? Dual citizenship from 2 countries that you have zero birth ties to??
    Why don’t we just declare the entire world Citizens of the United States? Come & go as you damned well please, get free degrees from WhatEver Universities, and then declare yourself an expert on “helping the poor.” Wait!! What the hell am I saying? We have already done this without Congress or any discussion in a public forum.
    I hope that we all have our address book up-to-date, with special notations.

  14. NWO Eskimo billionaire Sheldon Adelson endorses Trump, plans to donate $100 million (!) to Trump’s campaign:





    QUOTE from Adelson: “I am endorsing Trump’s bid for president and strongly encourage my fellow Republicans — especially our Republican elected officials, party loyalists and operatives, and those who provide important financial backing — to do the same,” the casino mogul wrote in an op-ed for the Washington Post.

    “The alternative to anyone but Trump becoming the 45th president is frightening,” he added.”

    Trumpbots, remind me again how Trump is “anti-establishment”?

    Or maybe NWO billionaires routinely donate $100 million to pro-White candidates?

    It’s time to admit that Trump is a charlatan who says whatever he thinks will get him elected.

  15. Leauxryda

    You know…

    There will come a time when these “diversified” morons will get bit hard in the ass for that diversity they promoted. I predict it will become a fad to convert too. And it will be a vast majority of them that’ll learn the hard way their ignorant decision caused their demise.

    Oh well…

  16. Mark Matis

    Once again, dead pigs tell no tales.

    They stand behind their Blue Wall and laugh, and the Only Ones do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in.

    No open casket funerals. And that goes for their whores as well.

  17. for a Prez who “hates Jews”, the Obama regime is certainly larded with the Chosen – both Red and Zionist – at every level. For instance, his current SC candidate. By and by, Comrade Black and all her ilk will be dealt with