Mark Steyn: On Climate Alarmism And His Lawsuit With Michael Mann

The issue is much bigger than dummied-up data.

Watch the whole thing.

(H/t Maggie’s Farm)

5 responses to “Mark Steyn: On Climate Alarmism And His Lawsuit With Michael Mann

  1. who is behind the “climate change” and carbon trading schemes?

  2. Just plain disgusting.
    How in the hell have electricity rates increased 38% when the price of oil and gas are near record lows ? The only answer is government telling you what is best and making you sit and take it and at the same time keeping everyone down by continuing to increase their cost of living.
    BTW, this is happening while “Official” sunspots continue massive downturn – – Unfortunately for americans, the govt is likely to bankrupt them before the continuation of the decline in solar activity causes an undeniable solar minimum and puts the global warming myth to bed; but what do I know; I’m just an astrophysicist. Let’s believe Al Gore, a guy that flunked out of divinity school; instead.

  3. Climate Science scientists really want to protect their research grants. They are akin to academia, and we know those folks are just control freak Communists

    • Jimmy the Saint

      As a side bonus, they get to enact a lot of policies that kill and cause misery. Don’t think they aren’t jerking off to that aspect of it.

  4. Uncle Larry

    Tonight (May 14/15) it will get down to 32 degrees in Chicago. The Ice Age cometh.