Wirecutter: IFAK


A quicky, but important.

How good are you with your first aid gear?

With both hands?

2 responses to “Wirecutter: IFAK

  1. At first, I thought it was sushi, and I was reaching for my chopsticks.

  2. Virgil Kane

    I keep these blow-out kits in my shooting bag and cars. If you find a time where you need your CCW, you just might need a tourniquet too. Plus accidents/negligence happens around firearms. That is today.

    Are we also preparing for the post-neighborhood battlefield where there is no ER? Without modern medical facilities, the tourniquet may just buy some time to say goodbye to those that matter. That is not a bad thing, but let’s be cognizant of reality. In the scenario we regularly discuss, it won’t be like Iraq (or even Vietnam) where you stop the bleeding with gauze or QC and send your buddy to the rear where a trauma surgeon is waiting to fix him and start rehab.

    What do you do with the guerrilla fighter who has a severed femoral artery just above the knee and a CAT around his upper leg and no trauma facility?

    BTW, the SWAT-T seems like a good piece of inexpensive and easily carried gear. $12 and you can carry it in your pocket. It’s going to take 2 hands as opposed to the CAT or SOFT-T.