WeaponsMan: On Zimmerman’s Gun Sale And The Resulting Furor



Keep this example in mind when you are thinking of the exciting times ahead.

Most folks are invertebrates.

9 responses to “WeaponsMan: On Zimmerman’s Gun Sale And The Resulting Furor

  1. Virgil Kane

    I guess those auction site owners never heard of Jim Zumbo.

    They don’t seem to have the best business plan. May they reap what they sow.

  2. 100-200 million.

    You or them.


    Embrace it.

  3. SameNoKami

    Only bought one gun on GunBroker, but I won’t buy another one and I’m unsubscribing to their emails and not checking their site for prices.
    What GB doesn’t understand about commie-libs is they will never be satisfied with a pound of flesh. They want it all. And they won’t stop until they get it, especially now that they’ve found a weakness.

  4. I going to do a Jesse. James mother deal. I’m ordering 100 tomorrow and getting Zimmerman to write me certificates of authentication for them.

  5. Stopped reading at George Zimmerman, that whole thing was a psy-op, and so is trying to sell this gun

  6. I hope you don’t mind if I start calling my boneheaded buddies,fluid stains. Allows your imagination to run wild. Nice.

  7. Marlo Stanfield

    Future tense, don’t have out of shape, non qualified people doing security type functions or doing street level law enforcement work. Zimmerman is proof that just having a gun won’t always save you. If Martin had been a few pounds a few years older, some BJJ under his belt Zimmerman would have been killed or in a wheel chair. It doesn’t take many head to concrete side walk to render you stunned. If Martin had attacked with a piece of lead pipe, steel pipe or Walmart machete, Zimmerman would be dead. Was Zimmerman guilty as some claim? I don’t know I  wasn’t there. The simple reality is Zimmerman was armed, not in shape, clearly not a regular viewer of WRSA websites. Zimmerman had some pounds on him, but clearly not able to bench press his body weight or squat it. I doubt if he ever spent any time on a high school or college wrestling team. If you can’t bench press, military press your body weight you have some work to do. Camp out at Cross Fit until you are up a few levels. Its not the end all, but for getting started it will have you sucking eggs and sweating. Which is what you will be doing in a life and death moment. I see lots of out of shape people doing the open carry thing. Wearing the cheapest holster they could find. They are just asking to be blind sided when they are in Condition White. Then there is the use a restroom in a public place and leave their gun behind. For some businesses it is a weekly thing to find a weapon in the restroom. They should not be given their weapons back.   

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    • I carry concealed, which is why I do not need a retention holster. Concealment is the best retention. Since Texas passed open carry, I swear to Pete, I have not seen one outside of a gun store. I was taken aback at what some of the employees inside the gun store were calling holsters. I could have stealthily walked up behind one, and drew their firearm for them and offed them. I was stunned! Even carrying concealed my leather holster still has a damn elastic band that secures my pistol by the beaver tail, even if Andre the Giant picked me up by my feet. At minimum a fucking button strap on the holster but that I did not see. Open carry should be a right, but bear in mind it makes you a target with a capital T. You are not a cop, you are not on duty, and you have no backup or radio. For the life of me, every off duty cop I know, does not open carry. They have them concealed and hidden every which way on them, but not openly. The gun community would be wise to take head of this! P.S. Like above said, if you leave your firearm in a restroom, you don’t deserve it back, and should be charged with at minimum a Class A misdemeanor if a kid finds it.

  8. Virgil Kane

    “clearly not a regular viewer of WRSA websites”

    I’m glad I’m doing something right.