Brushbeater: A Baseline Patrol Kit


One man’s take on the bare necessities.

Other suggestions?

14 responses to “Brushbeater: A Baseline Patrol Kit

  1. Who is being patrolled against?

  2. The beauty of a baseline is that’s it imminently adjustable with minimum effort. Nice.

  3. Thank you for posting /writing this.

  4. keith park

    I’ve found full chest rigs unsatisfactory because they keep your body from going flat when prone, and, when prone, it’s difficult, if not nearly impossible to get your mags. I use an LBV that has chest mag pouches, but I keep two-mag pouches on my web belt that have a thinner profile so as not to get snagged in the bush and that are easier to get to when prone. Got to keep it light so you can move quickly and for longer distances. Shoot an maneuver.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “I’ve found full chest rigs unsatisfactory because they keep your body from going flat when prone, and, when prone, it’s difficult, if not nearly impossible to get your mags”

      Brits had the same experience with their web gear in WWII.

  5. Weapons, ammo, water, med kit, chow “mission critical gear” . EVERYTHING ELSE is snivel gear. Carry dead minimum snivel gear. You cannot fight with rucksacks on. You also cannot RUN with rucksacks on. Carry nothing in your ruck you cannot abandon without warning and still Charlie Mike. Wire cutters are “mission critical” everywhere east of the Mississippi river , as there is a fence every 100 to 300 yards. Wood handle E tools ARE better than folders or trowels. But the good ones are heavy and bulky. Because of heavy industry, overpopulation, toxic waste dumps, oil drilling and strip mining. The ground water east of the Mississippi is often highly toxic, and in eastern Kentucky ,East Tenn. and western Virginia. often radioactive as well. Filters and Iodine tabs don’t help. There are places with clean ground water; BUT; You have to know where they are. In places that saw strip mining-EVEN FIFTY YEARS AGO- The fish and cattails cannot be safely eaten. The mud at the bottom of the pond or stream is both loaded with heavy metals AND VERY RADIOACTIVE (oil shale, and coal shale overburden, is LOADED with radium )

  6. I picked up a Specialty Defense Systems chest rig a while back. If you keep it bare it lays snug against the chest without bulging out to bad while holding up to 8 mags. If using lighter mags it isn’t heavy and can be worn under a button down shirt.

  7. Elect someone who doesn’t consider the American citizens the ‘enemy’ and none of this would be necessary.
    Trump 2016!

    • Trump aint gunna stop Nothing. This machine will keep on chuggin away.

      Sounds alot like the dems back in 2008 with their hope and change Bs.

    • Virgil Kane

      I bet you think our rights were safe from 2001 to 2009. 81 to 89?

      • Definately not!
        But one thing I’m sure of after 7 years of Obama.
        Americans have no hair on their family jewels.

  8. Anonymous

    Thanks for linking to it – I thought it was excellent. In our area, we’d trade a machete (file in sheath) for the hatchet, and add a hammock because we have way to many biting / stinging insects and poisonous snakes to sleep on the ground. Hardly any weight added, lots of options.

    Thanks again.

  9. Uncle Larry

    Urban conflict is the most likely scenario. IMO. Chest rigs are the best way to go. Might even slow down some of the incoming hand gun rounds. Like to see more info on MOUT from Iraq and Afghan vets.