From The German Parliament: Erdogan The Zoophile

Via GoV.


9 responses to “From The German Parliament: Erdogan The Zoophile

  1. Detlef Seif is to be congratulated for publicizing this poem. Bravo, Detlef! Well done!

  2. Ben Franklin

    Here in America, if that was a poem by some Hollyweird progtarg about George W. Bush, it would have been considered art, printed and displayed at the Smithsonian right next the Christ Piss display.

  3. Hymen Roth

    Accidental troll is best troll.

  4. Historian

    A Turkish Pres named Erdogan,
    Did not want German poetry heard again,
    He said ” I don’t suck off sheep,
    my goats never weep,
    and I never kill Kurds, here’s my word again!”

  5. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Hard to believe the grandfathers of those pussies banged on the gates of Moscow. Now they are trembling that they might get sued by a fucking musloid turk.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The Allies were too successful by half at changing the nature of the defeated Germans and Japanese.

    • well said. But it’s not the Musloid Turk that terrifies Merkel. It’s the open-borders banksters that control Germany’s massive debt. Rothschild Sr., 300 years ago:

      “give me control of a country’s money supply, and I will control that country”

      and so it has come to pass. And not only in Germany

  6. Considering what has happened to Eurape, I think the ditty was far too kind to Ergodan….