From The Old Sarge

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I think we should all relax and keep doing what we’re doing in preparing for that inevitable fuck up that will turn into a shit storm of scary crap, and who knows for how long. The left will keep at it, fucking the country a little harder each time, in pursuit of their victory for the proletariat (aka; whoever they designate as the proletariat.) And we’ll keep doing what we’re doing, with an aware mind, equipped with intelligence, and a clear idea of what we stand for, and want to bring about, being some of the best weapons we have. It all looks like hopeless shit because the left pretty much does what it wants, and we’re constrained by the morality we possess.

Don’t sweat it, every dog has his day, and ours is coming.

Want to lose heart, want to betray?

Well, don’t. This is the men’s department, and here, we do the difficult and grotesquely complicated shit, because we’re men, and we don’t quit, and we don’t despair because men that are winners don’t despair. They persevere.

We are persistent, we are determined, and we are going to fucking win. And if anybody wants to know how the Irish and the Poles did it, you just read it.

It will take a while, and it will suck and blow with every living breath, but in the end, we will win.

Write THAT in stone.

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  1. outlawpatriot

    Been doing exactly that for the last 2-3 years now. And I’m quite happy with the result. Not totally content, but quite happy none the less. Everything she’s a cool. 🙂

  2. Pretty accurate assessment of the State of our Nation.
    Speak truth to power.
    Panem et Cicenses

  3. Hadenoughalready

    Excellent comment. Saved it for a wall hanger.

  4. While I appreciate the sentiment, I don’t get the focus on the left. I thought our problem was anybody in power above us.

    • Jim Klein

      That’s focus Paul, not exclusion. My strong hunch is that this doesn’t escape the Sarge. Genuine leaders are rare and genuine leaders work with what they’ve got. They’re very reality-oriented and rarely miss a detail; I doubt that this one would miss something like that.

  5. In short “Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down”

    • Grey Ghost

      IIRC, that line is from “The Handmaid’s Tale”. Pretty good book.

      Grey Ghost

  6. “We are persistent, we are determined, and we are going to fucking win. And if anybody wants to know how the Irish and the Poles did it, you just read it. ”


    “I am standing on the threshold of another trembling world. May God have mercy on my soul.”

    “They may hold our bodies in the most inhuman conditions, but, while our minds are free, our victory is assured!”
    -Bobby Sands

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Of course, the Irish and Poles were primarily oppressed by foreign powers, not domestic. That gave them an advantage – it’s always easier to revolt against foreign rule.

      • For us Southerners, this is foreign rule–for the last 150 years.

        • Grey Ghost

          Yep, 150 years of foreign rule is exactly right. And the CONservatives still can’t figure out why they lost the Southern primaries after the shit Nikki Haley pulled in SC. What did the CONservatives think was going to happen in the other states after that disrespectful act towards the South? That’s what they get for being cowards, Lincoln bootlickers and thinking southron are too.

          Fundamentally, it’s the marxist collective hive against freedom and liberty loving America. The marxists are winning and have been for decades. The resistance WILL go on until all the marxists are gone. There can be no reeducation camps for marxists… they have to GO in one form or another.

          Grey Ghost

      • The DC pit is a foreign beach head , like a socket plugged into the life-stream of the nation. The globalist owners are happy to provide us with folksy front men but rest assured we are under foreign rule. No old school home-grown tyranny would be this steeped in treason. The Irish are not useful as an example-they have fully submitted to the eurotrash and musloids. I could go on a spiel about the ‘troubles’ being a giant Gladio op but the whole sorry story is there for anyone to find.

  7. The young men I have trained on the ramp for years, have heard it over and over… in the 120 degree heat, or oppressive humidity, the driving raining wind, freezing ass cold… still loading airplanes with ridiculously heavy cargo, freight, bags – whatever…
    “out here on the ramp, we do man shit… even the girls that work with us are doing man shit”. We as a group will; sooner rather than later, when it is time to do man shit; will cowboy up and take care of business…
    When it happens, since ‘lowest common denominator’ is what it’s reduced to… the choice is ‘either all of us, or all of them’. So, it will be all of them. So be it. As Pete has said forever…”there’s going to be a fight. Let’s win.”
    And as I’ve said, I’m not getting any younger. Fuck them. Let’s dance.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Spent yrs working the ramp for Frontier, Wien Air Alaska, Alaska, PSA, UPS, don’t miss that shit for one minute, especially the de-icing before sunrise or the December rush.

      • Hardest job you’ll ever love, brother… I hate the ramp, and wouldn’t miss it for the world, lol. Always faithful, devil dog…

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  9. old duke would say somebody aughta smack em in da kisser but not me no somebody needs to awww hell ill do it …on a side note ive got a fiddle lets get this jig started !

  10. The only advice a chance, of giving us a chance.

  11. Hi “Shooter!!,
    Reading this directed me “back’ to this… Just read it.

    Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat,