Gobsmacked Gomer

Clinton E-mails: Is The Fix In?

Damage control from the cucks at NR, but still worth the read.

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  2. The article reminds me of Watergate – you couldn’t make sense of anything unless you had been spending vast amounts of time studying all aspects of it. Anyway, nothing like starting a Presidency under a cloud of suspicion. The best would be to have her holding her daily presidential briefings behind bars. Is that too fond a hope?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Nobody has ever been able to lay a glove on her, so yeah, probably too fond a hope by a lot.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

  4. Doesn’t really matter. This whole affair has two ways to go. 1) Grand Jury then petit court. 2) Court of Public Opinion when the leaks start out of the FBI. (2) is more damaging to HRC. Either way she’s toast.

  5. HHH Old Vet.

    Hang. That. Bitch. For. TREASON. Enough said.

  6. With so many believing that Chris Kyle was a heroic, good person instead of the brutal murderer that he was, and so many believing that an ambassador and three valiant soldiers were killed at an embassy in Libya instead of three mercenaries and their controller shifting arms from Libya to Syrian ISIS, there will be the above story and many more. Look behind the what the owners of the mainstream media want you to think and for the machinations of the Tribe, the funding and movers of all in the Middle East and in Europe and Ukraine. The Rothschilds put the Jew that’s in charge in Ukraine in the office he holds; he’s having two groups of Christians kill each other, just like they did during WWs one and two.

    • Chris Kyle… your not worthy to lick his boots, you should kill yourself now loathsome worm.

      • outlawpatriot

        Yeah. Pretty much ranks up there with Buppy’s slamming of Marcus Luttrell back when. It might endear some to them I suppose, but damn sure not me. Obviously I’m not alone in that regard. Good to know. Always good to know. 😉

        • Chris Kyle was a brave man. And an Imperial Stormtrooper. Men like him, when domestic push comes to shove, will be lining up the families of FreeFor and gunning them down. According to orders + paycheck


            I am afraid you might be right. I saw a post on another website from a guy who lives close to an army base here in Amerika. I do not know how true this is, but he contends that the vets he has run into returning from Iraq or the ‘Stan are pro-Administration and support TPTB.
            This makes sense when you consider who is signing the paychecks. Just like the local Leviathan and its ORCS, you have to keep your eyes and ears open and have a plan to deal with these “government” operatives when things deteriorate.
            As far as Mr. Kyle is concerned, I often wonder if his killer was a MK ULTRA plant. Kyle, may he rest in peace, was outspoken and had attracted the attention of corrupt people. The former NFL player who enlisted after 9/11 and was: “killed by friendly fire” comes to mind. This controversy will go on for quite a while. Just make sure, in your A/O, you know who your friends are.

  7. Does this mean Hillary isn’t going to die in prison?
    Crud, I already ordered a cake.

  8. OF COURSE the damned fix is in! Hillary wouldn’t be Hillary without it. Her and her pet moslem Bitch will probably walk away from all this smelling like a three day old fish, but they WILL walk. It’s what they do. The icing on the cake would be if this colossal whore gets into the WH, and the economy collapses around her. I would give a lot just to watch her reaction.