Hume And The Human Scale Of Political Structures


H/t to Brock for this collection of classical views on human organization.

Useful info both for The Fight and The Rebuild.

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  1. Hmmm, I thought “republic” just meant “not a monarchy”. Other than this nit, a good article. However the author seems to accept the meme of “representative government”, at least in its present form, which does not make any sense. Nobody can properly “represent” (if the word is to have any meaning) even as few as two constituents who stand in opposition to each other – never mind 690 thousand of them.

    • Grey Ghost

      The whole point of Hume’s representative Republic is that his republic has safeguards to protect the minority view… and when the govt representatives don’t agree by certain percentages then it defaults back to voting by the citezenry. It also has a means to recall the “Senators” … can’t do that here anymore. What I didn’t read was anything to protect the natural rights of man. Overall not a bad idea by Hume. With a little tweeking it could work for a long time, we’ll never know though because noone will pick up the torch and start again with new guards… we have a death compact with the CONstitution.

      Grey Ghost

  2. A post in two parts, first from Nyquist, then Heinlein.

    The primary objective is to change the policy of the future incarnation of NASA. And unfortunately also a goal which is perhaps unattainable, i.e.,
    the personnel of said agency being trustworthy.

    7. In the world of the future: —- The burgeois oligarchy, which hasn’t been very clean or upright, will be turned out of power. This is because the bourgeois oligarchy, which seemed so humane and promising, has helped to bring about the worst catastrophe imaginable. For the bourgeoisie, as a ruling class, has been from the outset unable and unwilling to uphold economic freedom, Christian values, and good government which are essential to the continuation of the bourgeois way of life. In all of this, the bourgeoisie has proven itself to be, paradoxically, a propertied class against its own kind of property, overseeing the development of monopoly capitalism, the welfare state, and paper money. So self-destructive is bourgeois capitalism that even its nemesis — socialism — is largely the product of bourgeois “thinking.” And communism, as it developed from its Russian base, could always count on the capitalists to “sell it the rope.”

    8. In an age of mass destruction aggressive military action has built-in advantages. When weapons can depopulate entire continents, a first strike may be the last and only strike—-winner take all.

    Circumstance itself therefore dictates an ideology of attack, an ideology of palpable objectives like those advocated by Hitler in Mein Kampf. In other words, the voice of history itself becomes perverted and favors the monster, the devourer, and the preemptive imperialist.

    Whereas in the First World War the weakness of offensive arms led to a repudiation of imperialism and militarism, in the Fourth World War the weakness of defensive arms will dictate that every ideology become imperial, or perish.

  3. Part 2 of two parts

    Quoting Heinlein, from “Expanded Universe”

    (ed note: Heinlein made the original prediction in 1950, revisited it in 1965, and revisited it again in 1980)

    1950 The most important military fact of this century is that there is no way to repel an attack from outer space.

    1965 I flatly stand by this one. True, we are now working on Nike-Zeus and Nike-X and related systems and plan to spend billions on such systems—and we know that others are doing the same thing. True, it is possible to hit an object in orbit or trajectory. Nevertheless this prediction is as safe as predicting tomorrow’s sunrise. Anti-aircraft fire never stopped air attacks; it simply made them expensive. The disadvantage in being at the bottom of a deep “gravity well” is very great; gravity gauge will be as crucial in the coming years as wind gauge was in the days when sailing ships controlled empires. The nation that controls the Moon will control the Earth—but no one seems willing these days to speak that nasty fact out loud.

    1980 I have just heard a convincing report that the USSR has developed lasers far better than ours that can blind our eyes-in-the-sky satellites and, presumably, destroy our ICBMs in flight. Stipulate that this rumor is true: It does not change my 1950 assertion one iota. Missiles tossed from the Moon to the Earth need not be H-bombs or any sort of bomb—or even missile-shaped. All they need be is massive . . . because they arrive at approximately seven miles per second, A laser capable of blinding a satellite and of disabling an ICBM to the point where it can’t explode would need to be orders of magnitude more powerful in order to volatilize a house-size chunk of Luna. For further details see my THE MOON IS A HARSH MISTRESS.

  4. Deep breath everybody.

    How you live your life is your choice – of course you know that choices have consequences.

    Long dead philosophers are worth reading about, but hike up your drawers and figure out what the fuck you’re going to do to protect your 16 year old daughter tomorrow (yeah, I have one of those).

    Here – this is what I think about old, dead philosophers (Marx and Engels) included.

    By the way, to all the Norge out there – tomorrow (syttende mai) is Nasjonaldagen.

    Drive the muzzies out.