More Powerful Than Any Bomb


Wretchard totes up the butcher’s bill from Marxism and its consequences.


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  1. MOAR! Harder, with enthusiasm this time!
    It’s to build a better future without people who cause the problems.
    We promise that a Clinton Administration will be just what you need.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yeah, but *this* time around, the communists will have the *right* people in charge, and kill the *right* people. This time. Swearsies realsies.

  2. Neocommunists, same as the old communists.

  3. walter Mitty

    Hitler did did not start WWII. It was started by the British Banker Elites.
    The Polish government was egged on by the British not to negotiate with
    Hitler. The National Boundry re-alignment after WWI put Danzig, a Prussian city, inside Poland. Hitler wanted a corridor to this Prussian city.
    He offered the Polish Government a Security Pact against the Soviet Union.
    The Polish leadership refused. Ethnic Germans in Poland were being attacked killed in this German region. Hitler tried and tried to stop the war
    and wanted to negotiate which could have saved millions of lives. He was rebuffed by the British.
    The end result for Poland was the Katyn Massacre of the cream of Polish manhood and 45 years of “occupation” by the Soviets.
    Over 1 million German Soldiers were killed by the Allies after the war. They were put in open air prison camps , reclassified as criminals instead of being classified as POW’s ,not given protection against the elements and were starved. See the video Hellstorm. If Hitler were in charge of Germany today German women would be able to walk the street ‘s of Germany in safety. There would be no Islamic invasion, nor the invasion by the third world Africans. .
    The Judeo / Marxist/ Communists are destroying Western Europe. Take a good look at what is happening in Britain. The same is planned for the U.S.

    • I guess you forgot the gobbling up of Czechoslovakia and Austria, eh? And any attacks on ethic Germans were as likely done by provocateurs as by ordinary Poles. Maybe all were orchestrated by provocateurs.

      Don’t try to whitewash Hitler. Or are you a provocateur too?

      • Poland bit off a piece of north Czech and Hungary bit off a piece of the south when Hitler went in. Stalin invaded Poland 2 weeks after Hitler. Why didn’t the ‘Allies’ declare war on them? Hmmm.

      • no, he is not a “provocateur”. You, Paul, are in a state of blissful ignorance. The facts on the July-August 1939 Polish massacres of ethnic Germans in Silesia and elsewhere are well known and acknowledged even by conventional historians of the WW; cf. Richard Blanke, ORPHANS OF VERSAILLES – THE GERMANS IN WESTERN POLAND, 1918-1939. And no one “gobbled up Austria”. Schushnigg offered, and Hitler accepted, a plebiscite on the Anschluss. Schussnigg then tried to rig the plebiscite by excluding all voters under 25 years of age…precisely where Nazi support was concentrated. Hitler then sent in the troops and was welcomed in Vienna by ecstatic, enormous crowds as what he was: the Prodigal Son Returned. Nor did he “gobble up” the Bohemian Empire, alias “Czechoslovakia”. Via the Munich deal with Britain and France, he took back the Sudetenland, hijacked at Versailles and whose population was more than 90% ethnic German. The Bohemian Empire – as it did again in our own time when the SU and communism collapsed – then broke apart, with the Slovaks – a rurul, religious, conservative folk who have always despised the Prague cosmopolites – seceding to set up their own state. As to Poland, Hitler – despite the masscres – offered Beck and Smigley-Rydz a good deal: “give us a corridor to East Prussia, and we will compensate you with land the Czechs stole from you at Versailles” + extend the current military alliance (against the SU). Instead, egged on by Britain (read: Rothschild), the stupid Poles chose war, and got jumped by the Germans AND Russia

        As to Hitler in general…he wanted war, alright. A series of short, sharp, one-front blitzkrieg-type operations of the sort the German military had been built for during the later 1930’s. He did not want the multi-front WorldWar that eventuated; that war resulted from the intrigues of Churchill, Roosevelt, and others. In fact Hitler tried to deter same by (1938-41) threatening the Jews…w./o understanding that the British/American Zionists actually desired a large-scale massacre of (non-Zionist) European Jewry in order to increase post-war political traction for the Israel Project

    • SemperFi, 0321

      My father was from Konigsberg, East Prussia; he lost his entire family to the Soviet onslaught. This is exactly what he always told me, that the Poles were egged on by the Brits to keep pushing Hitler into doing something stupid, and the Brits would jump into the fight. Not unlike the US/MiddleEast today. It worked.
      Look at the standard of living in Germany in 1936 vs the US/Britain. No wonder they wanted war.
      The Western lie hasn’t changed in 80 yrs, just keeps getting bigger every time they retell it.

    • The 3 oldest corporate banks on the planet are in Germany, Italy, and Japan. It’s no coincidence those countries formed the Axis.

      When the global banking crisis hit in 2008 those same banks came together to bail each other out.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Hitler did did not start WWII.”

      Dude wasn’t even in power when WWII started. Europe and America were serious latecomers.
      – China

  4. Questions: What percentage of commentary and comments from the “Right”, teach that America is not worth fighting for? What would a operation be (not look like), that would increase morale?

    • What is America?

      Serious question.

      • outlawpatriot

        No point talking about that in this forum. Suffice to say that some… no, enough know. 😉

        • Amigo:

          There are tens of millions who believe that the bankrupt, collectivist, pecker in the girl’s room nightmare of FUSA2016 is America.

          There are hundreds of thousands who believe that MYOBOIWFKY (mind your own business or I will fucking kill you) is America.

          There are 20 million who believe that El Norte is the land of opportunity and who will side with whatever strongman promises to keep the opportunities flowing.

          There are milions and millions who believe that America is a racist nation who must atone for its sins of 150+ years ago via trillions of dollars in reparations.

          There are scores of millions who believe everything they were taught in school about America, whether those lessons were delivered in the Sixties or the current era.

          There are millions who believe America is a constitutional republic, and tens of millions more who believe it is a democracy.

          There are millions who believe that America around the world and domestically is a crippled old lion, ready for its throat to be torn out and turned into carrion.

          ‘What is America?’ is the essential question, and there is zero agreement on the current state and on the end state.

          That is a big Bidening deal, amigo.

          • See….. I’m not the only one that is crazy!

          • outlawpatriot

            No argument, counselor. It is a valid question and does need, check that, will have to be more clearly defined once we get to, assuming God permits, a moment of correction.

            Forgive me, but this forum with its colorful cast of characters is certainly not a suitable venue for such an endeavor. Smart money says that it would quickly devolve into the usual drivel that is so often seen here with regard to related topics. That’s unfortunate, but a simple fact.

            Suffice to say that I find the question academic. Gotta win a war first anyway. It will remove some of the static from the air as a result. Discussions will be more fruitful at that time. 🙂

      • Just what I was thinking.

      • CA,
        A physical and cultural target, for the small groups of people that run Russia and China.
        A territory to be occupied after World War 3.
        A collection of Opportunities.
        A collection of Fates.
        An object lesson for the future.

        From Jeff Nyquist (again)
        A picnic…..
        Quoting from “Origins of the Fourth World War” (to Robert Gore – SSL)

        “Up until now, every world power *with a future” (italicized) has denied the importance of comfort and the pursuit of happiness. Hitherto, every world power has been compelled to cultivate hardness and stoicism, to emphasize duty and self-sacrifice.

        But this is inconsistent with our consumer orientation. For us there is something disturbing about Cicero’s “Dream of Scipio,” in which the ghost of the elder Africanus says: “all those who have presrved, aided, or enlarged their fatherland have a special place prepared for them in the heavens, where they may enjoy an eternal life of happiness.”

        But no.

        We want to have our happiness *now*. Why should we wait? Why suffer for our country and for its strategic position? It is big enough to get along without us. And thus it becomes appropriate to ask whether the United States is a polity or a picnic.

        Given all of this, it is logical to assume that one has, in the American superpower, an illusion of power: a weak-willed and poorly led giant; a klutz respected for its grotesque size and its sheer fiscal weightiness; a big baby that refuses to grow up. In the final analysis America is a temporary star, a passing phase, a misunderstanding that gives forth embassies and makes treaties until, at last, it is understood and slinks away. For how can comfort rule when the comfortable are unqualified to rule?”

      • Jimmy the Saint

        A second rate band from the 70s.

      • “What is America?”
        Now: strong evidence that the notion of a ‘limited’ State is delusional. Formerly: strong evidence of what is possible if the deleterious effects of the State are eliminated.

        • The biggest government in the world, and most of the idiots empowering it believe it to be some sort of fairytail dream. It’s insanity.

    • An operation would be a mass movement of Patriot’s to areas that have a conservative base already that is also self sufficient, sustainable, and be able to isolate if/when it all falls apart… Once a base gets established it will more Patriot’s and Liberty Minded folks to it expanding that base outwards… It would be a beacon for folks that still love freedom and want their families to prosper…

      • lineman,

        If the operation was oriented towards an area.
        Perhaps better would be a Patriot (so-named) (restaurant or gas station, with printed articles and books) in the heart of liberal-land…especially the downtown areas of port cities, the most visible signage.
        A two-pronged statement to the left, that their victory is not inevitable, and a message to the altRight, that we can go anywhere and fight anywhere in the US.
        Don’t give ground until its taken from you.

        • Kinda like that Baker that took a stand Right… If you controlled the local area you were in it might work but I doubt it…You have to realize at some point that some areas are lost causes and get the hell out…If you don’t control at least the county your in then that means the highest power the county Sheriff will not be on your side in the coming conflict… We are in a war and if you are not on war footing of taking ground and holding it then your behind the eight ball…The statist are wanting to kill you and everything you stand for and your wanting to play footsie with them…

  5. There is no America, there’s is only the proposition nation kept together through force beginning in 1861, and going on to this day.

    I lived in California for 13 years, I have no kinship or nationness with them at all. I lived in Montana for four years, while I liked them a lot, no kinship there either.

    The south is my nation, South Carolina is my country. If DNA can be altered by real nationhood, then mine is so altered.

  6. Walter:

    So the Germans wanted a chunk of Poland because the bad Poles had regained control of the city of Danzig, today and previously known as Gdansk. Which was previously Prussian, not German. And they needed to own a piece of Poland to reach this Prussian city. Because, you know, the sea was not convenient.

    And the Poles not agreeing to this caused the war.

    Seriously? That’s the most absurd interpretation I’ve heard. Are you a neo-Nazi trying to recover Hitler’s reputation or something?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Look at old maps of Europe, hundreds of yrs ago. Poland is a nation that at times barely existed, then grew, and again reduced in size, and now we’re led to believe they were a world power in the middle of those stupid Germans? All the remaining medievel /Hanseatic architecture speaks for itself.
      Danzig bleibt Deutsch!

  7. 1st: Walter Mitty most likely is a govt paid troll who then emails the SPLC to say now wassict this site is.
    The picture above of the girl on rubble basically portrays how Venezuela is now, in complete collapse. It is the major story on the planet earth today yet almost no coverage. The complete collapse of socialism and a once vibrant, successful country. Yes, Maduro has cut off all TV and internet, yet pics and video do get out. The media just won’t show it. Venezuela wishes for the days when they were just short of TP. Now people are looting the stores and dogs and cats are being eaten. Venezuela has the largest reserves of oil on earth, they say. More than the Sauds. There can be no excuse for being a socialist now.

  8. Walter Mitty

    Read the revisionist. The truth does not need hate speech laws.
    The truth does not need laws outlawing serious inquiry into a historical event I.E. the Holocaust. The truth does not need to shut down freedom of speech on the internet. The truth does not need to censor Facebook or Youtube. The truth does not need to put an 87 year old women into prison for questioning what occurred in the German concentration camps. The Truth does not need to put Ernst Zundel in prison for 6 years for disagreeing with the Holocaust Story.The truth isn’t afraid to listen to the complete speeches of Hitler or read His proposals to stop the war or limit arms in Europe.
    Who financed the Bolshevik Revolution? Who sent Lenin and Trotsky back to Russia at the outbreak of revolution in 1917? Who traded with the Communist Government keeping the Communist Government afloat while millions of Ukrainians were being starved to death .Who attacked Poland from the East, slaughtered the cream of Polish Manhood and occupied Poland for 45 years? If the war was to free Poland why didn’t the British and U.S. attack The Soviet Union? Why did the U.S. provide billions in war material to the Soviet Communist’s?
    ” Some call it Marxism, but I call it Judaism”. Chief Rabbi of the United States Stephen S. Wise answer when asked what he thought about communism( The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935).
    You can label me with whatever derisive term you like. The fact is, Germany under Hitler would not be suffering an invasion aided and abetted by Marxist’s that is going to destroy White European Germans ,along with White European Brits and French. White European People better wake the Hell up or our Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren are going to curse our names.

  9. Grey Ghost

    Hell, Maduro has blamed the economic collapse of Venezuela on a U.S. plot. He should be blaming Saudi Arabia for not cutting back OPEC production. I would add that any state of the USSA that depends on oil for a lot of income is having a difficult time now too… LA and TX both have state budget issues directly related to oil pricing.

    The United States of America no longer exists. It hasn’t since 1861. What does exist is a sectionalized and fragmented USSA. The United Socialist States of America. The socialist revolution occurred under FDR and the NEW DEAL and the right has not rolled back much of the big socialist programs of FDR. During the FDR socialist revolution, NOT one shot was fired… the American sheep just rolled over and let it all happen and that was when the literacy rate was a lot higher than it is now. The progressive LEFT and RIGHT keep moving the window left while the CONservatives just want to hang on to what the LEFT leaves them after one of the left dictators leaves the offal office. The CONservatives NEVER move window back to the right, they just want to hold on. Not a good strategy.

    There is NO putting sectionalized USSA back together and I don’t GARA what the leaders of the CONservative movement say.

    Secession anyone? Oh wait I know, it’s not bad enough yet. Ok, but it will be and sooner than you think.

    Grey Ghost