SLL: Biden/Warren 2016?


Robert muses.

Humor futures down sharply on the speculation.


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  1. fly in ointment — filing deadlines in most states has passed. The possibility of pulling a Torrecelli in all 50 is nil. So if but a dozen states say ‘no go’, the whole idea is off the table. The only out is if Biden’s team has had the foresight to have filed in all the states beforehand.

    • deadlines don’t matter when rule of men has replaced rule of law….

      • When the man running for Frank Lautenberg’s US senate seat was indicted, Lautenberg was put on the ballot well after the deadline had passed.

        Deadlines mean nothing.

    • “What if Clinton, upon announcing her withdrawal, released her delegates to vote for Joseph Biden and Elizabeth Warren, who had agreed, for the good of the party and the nation, to accept a last-minute draft?”

      If it is possible for Clinton to do such a thing, then the filing deadlines are irrelevant to this picture. She’s already got the delegates, and can (presumably) do what she wants with ’em.

      I think Robert does a fine job of prognosticating in this article, and I pronounce his prediction as not only plausible, but probable. There are just too many arguments in favor of this tactic (from the point of the ruling class) to pass this one by. Such maneuvering is far from uncommon in presidential races.

  2. keith park

    You never heard of the “Draft Kennedy” movement back in the 70s?

  3. George True

    I see Robert’s scenario as more likely than not at this juncture. The Dims have to realize what an abysmally poor candidate Hillary Hamrod is at this point, even without an FBI recommendation for indictment. And I believe the Dim establishment would secretly breathe a sigh of relief if it was Biden/Warren instead of her. And they would be harder for Trump to beat. Even though both are hardcore committed leftists (read: Communists) they do not come across nearly as badly as Hamrod does. They would have a far easier time hoodwinking the LoFo voters than she would.

  4. Yeah, Biden, that’s the ticket.

  5. I could see the movers and shakers of both parties getting together and agreeing, “We’ll dump Hillary if you dump Trump”. That would ensure both sides of the establishment getting back on top, with no risk of defection by outraged voters.


    Poppycock! There will be no indictment. Most Amerikans cannot even spell Benghazi, let alone tell you where it is. They could care less. The Hildabeast will keep the freebies flowing and the legions of wimmen will put her in office. The MSM will cooperate and any “leaks” by “outraged FBI agents”(yeah, right!) will only seen the light of day on whack-job conspiracy websites.
    Stop focusing on this Marxist Bitch. No right-thinking person should get their underpants in a twist over something that is going to happen sooner or later. How many bullets from smoking guns has Barry and his minions dodged during the past eight years? The Clinton crime dynasty has been dodging them a lot longer and a lot more adroitly. Get and stay prepped. Keep an eye on activity in your A/O. Watch and wait.

    • The sheeple might not know how to spell Benghazi, but the Praetorians do. This abandonment of an ambassador and his crew along with the staffing and equipping of ISIS was a tectonic shift inside the deep-state. A fridge too far for even the dim bulbs. Trump is signaling the MIC that money [printing] won’t be a problem but continued black-ops,false-flags etc. for the Saudis,Turks,Israelis or whoever has the best lobbyists will be a problem. This cunt has no real support. The old commie has actual support from the ‘people’, such as they are.

  7. Grey Ghost

    Whoever is the nominee AFTER the convention WILL be on the ballot… that’s true for BOTH parties.

    I put NOTHING past the Socialists/Communists of the left in this country.

    Grey Ghost

  8. again, there will be no Indictment. Soros owns both Obama, and Mrs. Clinton. Biden is over-the-hill, and Warren is not (yet) Wall Street property