The Last Überpost


I started reading Kevin a long time ago.

He’s had it.

So has Miss B.

Don’t blame either a bit.

Learn as much as you can about how the Poles, the Irish, and other subjugated people kept their values alive in the face of tyranny.

We’re each going to need that knowledge.

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  1. “men like Huntley and Brinkley, Edward R. Murrow, and Walter Cronkite”. Much guffaws. The Info situation, thanks to the ‘net, is one million times better now than it was decades ago, when all we had to rely on was a half-dozen rad-lib Beltway Bullshitters. The collectivists now have to rely on $trillions$ in debt issuance every year to keep their moral-political ponzi going. When the debtbuck dies (because we are also a lot better armed then back when), we will kill them. All of them. I understand that this will make a fearful dent in the Eskimo population, but it is a price we must pay

    and Ann Elizabeth now wants to kill everybody. Not surprised

    • Cronkite was a full on Marxist/progressive, always was, he never changed. Why does anyone think otherwise, he had the Clinton’s to his “retirement cottage” for a week or two back during the Clinton Junta’s stay. Diane Sawyer mourned the loss of their “gatekeeper” status, permanently whacked by the Internet, she hated Drudge (despite his actual Tribe DNA).

      Yes, the Tribe, sponsor of the last ditch effort to destroy Christian whites in Europe and the US through unlimited non-white immigration, will ultimately lose and the remedy will be to remove the Tribe and their two Cat’s Paws from all of North America, South America, and all of ancient Christendom. Whether any of the Tribe (and their soldiers) are permitted to exist any place on planet earth is a question for the future.

      There are those that have been fighting this fight for many centuries, they’re ready any time we are.

    • Eskimo?

      But yeah, Cronkite et. al. were no angels. Access to information is infinitely better now. I cringe at how much time I used to spend in (government) libraries, trying to figure out how the world worked, before the Internet was born.

      • Eskimo is a way to reference a certain tribe without triggering censorshiop, as is surrounding a subject with ((parentheses)).

  2. Let’s all run away to a better country… there one? If not, dig in for a long protracted battle in which the people will probably not win. More bacon, beans,bullits, bandaids, and lithium please.

    • I maintain that if the conservatives in Texas, OK, Montana, N. Dakota, S. Dakota and other plain states would just pack up all their guns, ammo and a two week supply of food and water; we could easily drive up and take over Canada and they have no guns and only 30 million people; Texas has that almost by itself. Lots of oil there to export too !

      • Now there’s a fine plan (snort).

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Don’t even need the guns. Just demand political asylum – they have to let you in, then. And you’d only need a couple million to have a voting block big enough to change their national political system.

  3. “I no longer love what is behind me.”

    I suspect many of us feel the same way, but few are willing to openly admit it. Too many ‘murika types standing around who wouldn’t understand how/why you got to that point and would jump all over you for saying.

    Local focus is good but you have to be willing to accept mixed results. Too many people stuck in the national matrix. They can’t see their chains are held just as distantly now as back in 1776.

  4. Personally, I turned when the govt did nothing to fix the VA system while letting the moochers and homos a wide berth to whatever they desired. Not that i am naive enough to think the VA wasn’t always a mess because its govt run, but when it became public knowledge and not one govt official has stayed on it to improve things, some that are even vets itself; i have had enough; let it burn; hope enough patriots are left to bring it back to its foundings after.

    • Being a veteran and seeing veterans die while waiting for care/benefits while illegal aliens/refugees got moved to the front of the line does a lot in turning one’s attitudes.


    Haxo has a point about the Huntley-Brinkley-Cronkite axis. It started with the darlings of Camelot who beguiled a nation of emotional cripples and then co-opted and managed the news. Yes, Kennedy was murdered by insiders to keep the CIA-MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL-FEDERAL RESERVE axis intact. But, the sheeple bought the Warren Report. And even when congressional hearings years later confirmed an assassination conspiracy, the sheeple said ho-hum.
    I have not loved what is behind me for a long time. It is my obligation to my family and beloved trusted friends which keeps me focused and engaged in the daily struggles of prepping and vigilance against the encroachment of the Leviathan. As I sit and wait for the next shoe to drop, I look back on the peace and prosperity of the 50’s. Maybe my granddaughter’s grandchildren will enjoy something like that one day.

  6. TheBohunk

    Where would we find some good information on those Irish and Poles ho maintained their cultures in the face of tyranny?

    • Norman Davis is the premier Polish historian in the English language (and appreciated in Poland, too). His two volume history of Poland “God’s Playground” is sort of slow reading, but very worthwhile. You will be an expert if you finish it.

      For more focused books on some exceptional military events in recent history the same author’s “Rising ’44: The Battle for Warsaw” is excellent, and describes the fiercest armed resistance of any people to an overwhelming modern military force in the urban environment in modern times.

      He also wrote the excellent: “White Eagle, Red Star: The Polish-Soviet War 1919-1920 and The Miracle on the Vistula”.

      The only reason that the Poles existed as a nation to fight the Nazi’s to a standstill in 1944 is because they had beaten the Russian Communists in 1920. That was conventional warfare.

      The third book in the trilogy, should be about the overthrow of Communism in Poland by the Solidarity movement, a victory that quickly spread throughout the captive nations. “The Polish Revolution: Solidarity” by Timothy Garton Ash.

      Between these you have the three approaches to defeating totalitarianism: by conventional war when the threat is external to the boundaries you are trying to protect, by guerrilla warfare when that has failed and the enemy now controls the nation itself, and by civil resistance, when the possibility of civil war and armed rebellion is not possible or favored. In other words, roughly the options that American patriots conceivably face moving forward.

      • Thanks very much for these recommendations, Jackson. Those who know history are condemned by those who repeat it…but reads like this might help us recall we are in the company of patriots of many nations across the ages.

    • Here is a start:
      Guerilla Days In Ireland – Tom Barry
      Bandit Country The IRA & South Armagh – Toby Harnden
      Joe Cahill A Life in the IRA

      Conventional Films Itunes etc:
      Michael Collins
      In the Name of the Father
      Shadow Dancer
      Bloody Sunday

      Documentaries (you can learn an awful lot by watching just these, the cost of a real civil war in this country will become clear). Nothing in that war over there was what it seemed but it’s a damned good example of what happens when a small but determined forces faces off with Goliath in a 20th century environment.


  7. We can’t put it back in the egg, but we do have to deal with the dragon before us. Dress right and lances forward eh?

    • outlawpatriot

      Nah. Just come on line. No lances. If you wanna put a bayonet on, feel free. And I would prefer that your weapon utilize standard 30rd 5.56 GI mags. I suspect a lot of ammo redistribution and picking up grounded weapons is gonna be the case. 😉

  8. I think we should all relax and keep doing what we’re doing in preparing for that inevitable fuck up that will turn into a shit storm of scary crap, and who knows for how long. The left will keep at it, fucking the country a little harder each time, in pursuit of their victory for the proletariat (aka; whoever they designate as the proletariat.) And we’ll keep doing what we’re doing, with an aware mind, equipped with intelligence, and a clear idea of what we stand for, and want to bring about, being some of the best weapons we have. It all looks like hopeless shit because the left pretty much does what it wants, and we’re constrained by the morality we possess. Don’t sweat it, every dog has his day, and ours is coming. Want to lose heart, want to betray? Well, don’t. This is the men’s department, and here, we do the difficult and grotesquely complicated shit, because we’re men, and we don’t quit, and we don’t despair because men that are winners don’t despair. They persevere. We are persistent, and we are determined and we are going to fucking win. And if anybody wants to know how the Irish and the Poles did it, you just read it. It will take a while, and it will suck and blow with every living breath, but in the end, we will win. Write THAT in stone.

    • outlawpatriot

      A bit contrary to the usual commentary here. But a truer thought has never been penned here before. 🙂

    • Amen Brother… Well Said…

    • My thoughts exactly. I have tried repeatedly to convey that attitude, but not nearly so well.

      Funny how things work… I was thinking today, long and hard, about how so many of us spend so much time trying to list, comprehend, predict, analyze and “solve” (or deny the solution thereof), of an endless and growing litany of each and every latest desecration. The obvious futility and enervation which is the result, is the very reason “no one does a damned thing.”

      Action against All in All through Each and Every is obviously futile… reacting to each outrage would soon expend us all.

      Sean has clearly stated the only realistic attitude: we have got to outlast and out live the g-d damned sonsofbitches.

    • That. Right. There. “…there was music in the cafes at night, and revolution in the air”
      You can feel it, it’s palpable… like the smell of rain on the wind in the desert – the storm is coming, and with it; the fine cleansing that washes the shit out of the air, and the garbage off the street, and leaves us with clear blue skies. But, first we have the storm. We are moral, responsible men; with values, traditions, and a sure knowledge of just how… awful and horrible… it is going to be. It will not get easier, prettier, more dignified, and less ghastly… if we continue to put it off. So…
      1Kings20:11 “let not him who girds his armor on, boast as one who takes it off”
      Let’s party.

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  10. “This is the men’s department, and here, we do the difficult and grotesquely complicated shit, because we’re men, and we don’t quit, and we don’t despair because men that are winners don’t despair. They persevere. We are persistent, and we are determined and we are going to fucking win. And if anybody wants to know how the Irish and the Poles did it, you just read it. It will take a while, and it will suck and blow with every living breath, but in the end, we will win. Write THAT in stone.

    Amen, Brother! Great ‘buck up’!!!!

  11. Grenadier1

    Heh heh heh, Welcome to the party. Face it folks. The FUSA is a classic 1967 Mustang fastback that we just wrapped around a tree….Its totaled. It was awesome, we loved it. It cant really be replaced, but its fucked. We cant just put on some replacement parts and buff out the paint. So move on. There’s a nice Hemi ‘cuda for sale we just have to be willing to do the work to purchase it.

    • outlawpatriot

      Sure. But another muscle car none the less. We ain’t goin’ for a Caddy, right? 😉

  12. “Never before in human history has there been a population so utterly and completely depraved. Just as I have advocated for the exterminations of the musloid CULTURE and the black hip-hop CULTURE, and cite the agreement by all morally sane people that the Nazi CULTURE had to be exterminated, so too I now declare that what is now the “american” culture MUST be exterminated.”

    This is similar to the conclusion arrived at by the Nazis, just replace culture with ethnic group responsible for intentionally creating that culture. Study up on the depravity of the Weimar Republic; Germany at that time was a destination for the sex tourist industry, for example. Perhaps their response wasn’t so crazy or immoral after all, if even AB has reached the same point.

  13. I gave up on this fuck up 10 years ago and stay way back here in the sticks with a very small cadre of like minded persons, very small. I’m a 70’s army vet and that’s what started me on this long downward slope to now. I don’t give a shit if it crashes, expands, blows up or whatever, I’m in my own world until I’m done here. Out of the loop, under the radar, outside the box, and so gray I’m clear. Onward…..