Partyzantski: Review Of “The Naked Warrior”



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  1. Love Pavel, but Convict Conditioning by Coach Wade is better.

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    NOw what are the chances I can reach that “pistol shot” goal?

    “The book today is by Pavel Tsatsouline, titled “The Naked Warrior”. I chose it for this week’s book review because it focuses almost entirely on the use of body weight exercises and is applicable for old and young, male and female alike. It is what I am using to overcome some of my own combat earned disabilities. It is not easy, but then again, nothing worthwhile ever is, right?”

  3. Pavel is the MAN

  4. Pavel knows all the research, all the techniques to get strong. He cuts through the bullsh!t to build muscles for “go” instead of “show”. Ronnie Coleman ain’t tactical. Pavel is.

  5. I’ve known Pavel for years. Read and heed.

  6. Mephistopheles

    Pavel is a true badass, and a warrior. A kettlebell (of appropriate size) and a pull-up bar is all you need.

    • Dip bars and push-up stations made of black steel plumbing pipe-(the stuff that’s used for gas lines in houses)-for incline and decline push ups,along with various positions for hands when doing the push-ups.
      Same with pull-up bars-using the same black steel pipe-weld 8″ pieces of the pipe perpendicular to pull-up bar,with one set close together-6-8″ one farther apart,12-16″ ,one at about 24″ apart,and one that’s wide-48″ or so apart.
      A local combatives/martial arts/MMA,etc.facility had a friend weld the stuff up-we went to check it out after he installed all of it-much harder to do the exercises using the various pipe configurations.
      Showed me that I have a lot of work to do in the PT dept.