Defensive Operations in Urban Areas – Lesson 1: Defining Defense

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Matt at SSI begins a series.

Worth your time.

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  1. It’s a good discussion. Love that Depuy bunker, and those aiming stakes are to die for, er, they’re good. Good overhead cover, supplementary positions, forward cover, M-203, yowza. Needs more vegetation/concealment, all around, place is pretty bare, specially around those aiming stakes, and some stuff to break up the outline of that helmet. This is probably a “school solution” bunker, left intentionally bare, so it can easily be viewed by students. I would walk in from 500 meters, and different angles, and on the way in note if it can be easily detected, and make corrections accordingly. I would also beef up that forward cover, if time permits, making it thicker, and back it with small logs. Bring yer bug dope and powder, the fleas will be there within 72 hrs. Looks like a Mermite container (chow) sitting around in the background, needs policing up, and having thick woods in back of you to egress when the time comes is a plus. In case anyone is wondering, this thing will be an all day project, IF you got enough people. On second thought, this whole thing belongs inside the wood line. You can avoid the work on forward cover, if you simply dig in your firing ports from ground level, and then you won’t even need aiming stakes.

  2. If you’re doing g defensive operations in an “urban area” you are doing g it wrong.

    Think offense, mobility and country-side.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “If you’re doing g defensive operations in an “urban area” you are doing g it wrong.”

      Vasily Chuikov respectfully disagrees.

  3. Yeh what Sean said…. Urban combat? SO. WHAT. In order to conduct any military operation , an organized group must be able to: Bring “on demand” food, water, ammo, POL, replacements , and weapons forward to units as and when needed, and evacuate the wounded to an effective chain of care. NO CIDG or MILITIA in the US can do this in any way. It takes about two to four TONS of supply per week to keep 200 men in the field with minimum needed supply and medical care . Combat effectiveness is measured in tons of supply per day. Not magazine capacity . Urban combat uses up men and supply’s faster than any other military operation. Militia units have what they can carry or cash. Or about 1% of the tonnage needed to conduct a month long operation. AT BEST. So this whole article is academic in its real usefulness to someone who is not in command of a regular national army company sized unit or larger. For Militia. Foxholes in the woods=GOOD. Foxhole in the city=VERY VERY bad. His basic defensive outline works anywhere. IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT. BUT ; You had best remember that in any given US town or subdivision the ratio of noncombatants to fighters is 4.5 to one. Or, four women and kids for every trigger puller and Men who will fight won’t desert mom and Jr. Start adding old people/sick and injured onto the NC list, and add the fact that most Americans have only seven days food in the home and LESS than 1500 rounds of all types of ammo, and defending a 1000X1000 yard cornfield from marauders starts to look grim. URBAN COMBAT??? More like irrelevant to our needs and “full retard”. Something I have come to expect from SSI.

    • Ray: can you take the points above, supplement them with citations, and turn out a briefer? Tone can/should be “wake the f*&k up” but develop the logistics pieces you note here?

      I’ll post upon receipt.

    • outlawpatriot

      Agreed. Urban combat. Dumbest fuckin’ since polio.

      That said, Ray makes assumptions. 😉

      • outlawpatriot

        Whoops. Dumbest fuckin’ idea since polio.

        And while I’m thinkin’ about it. NPT’s, CTT’S. Same, same. 🙂

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Enh, polio just gets a bad rap because it didn’t finish the job with FDR.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Depends on the sort of urban combat, I suppose. For house to house fighting on the lines of Hue ’68, sure. For something more akin to Provos vs. Loyalists in Belfast, much less so.

  4. Detail on defense, tailored to a civilian environment, can be found in this manual, ‘Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival,’ written expressly for this purpose:

    The accompanying novels, Patriot Dawn and the sequel Patriot Rising, also give numerous fictionalized and illustrative examples.



  5. Anonymous

    Your enemies are your neighbors, whose envy makes them hire men to steal from you and kill you. Your bunker doesn’t prevent your neighbors from snitching on you or paying their mercenaries a salary. Get over the idea that any collapse is going to be so total as to prevent your neighbors from hiring 500 men to Waco you in the name of equal outcomes. Any bunker you dig will be your grave. Your bunker is porn to feed a fantasy that your neighbors will trip themselves up so completely as to vanish as a threat.

    Face reality, which is that you are a capitalist attempting to live inside the People’s Republic of China or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The government benefits will go away in a collapse, but the government threats mostly won’t.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Anonymous

    Plane spotters in Kansas. Little Green Men in Area 51. I did it to impress Jodie Foster. The Extraterrestrial in the Sky objects to all humans speaking the same language. Government produces more than it collects. Global warming. Peak oil. The Population Bomb. Internal improvements. Public schools. The Mainstream Media is a watchdog. Gun control. Iron curtains create prosperity. Socialism works if only the right people are in charge. Bunkers.

    Let’s get real. How are you going to prevent your neighbors from snitching on you, or paying their mercenaries?

  8. I never understood those aiming stakes. I used to toss mine and catch hell. I would use my visual observation of terrain and my range card. That photo is Reagan/Clinton era M-16/203 “Fritz” K pot and M.I.L.E.S. gear.

    For urban and suburban combat, I can only devise mobility, surprise and careful thorough planning and audacity of execution. But I’m just an 11B-30 combat vet and Operations Sergeant. I keep studying and learning because no amount of careful planning trumps just plain dumb luck; and no plan survives first contact.

    Backstop and periphery. Egress and rally points. Running password and stress word.

    They say it takes a village to raise an orphan, it takes a platoon to raze a village.

  9. Dude! The whole point of sector stakes is to not shoot the guy in the next hole in his ass at 3AM in the pitch black rainy ass night. They are also markers that allow you to cover your sector of the fire plan even when you can’t see anything but smoke and darkness. Any 11B PFC should know that.