UK Independent: Nato risks nuclear war with Russia ‘within a year’, senior general warns





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Bert is not impressed:

UPDATE 1555EDT 18MAY2016: See WM on related RU/NATO brinksmanship.

40 responses to “UK Independent: Nato risks nuclear war with Russia ‘within a year’, senior general warns

  1. NATO is a paper tiger compared to Russia today. If NATO were to engage Russia over the Turk question, Russia would win outright, and would have plenty of help from the Orthodox countries to remove the Turk from all of Anatolia, something that should have been done in 1919.

    The US government just appointed a Sodomite as Secretary of the Army, that fact isn’t lost on any of the countries that the US government is antagonizing these days, either.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The US government just appointed a Sodomite as Secretary of the Army, that fact isn’t lost on any of the countries that the US government is antagonizing these days, either.”

      The Spartans and Thebans did pretty well with Sodomites. Granted, theirs were made of a lot sterner stuff.

  2. Dear God, I hope so. Imagine that—a Christian, God Loving nation with a leader that Loves his Country and its People vs a Faggoted Dictator directed kleptocracy that has gone from putting a Man on the Moon to forcing a “maaannnny” into the Women’s bathroom.

    If the Russians manage to wipe out DC, NYC, Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, LA, Seattle, Sacramento and a few other houses of Satan along with the putrid pestholes of London, Paris, Berlin and Rome they will have done the world and the old USA & Confederate States a big favor.

    • Mark Matis

      From your mouth to God’s ear…

    • Bill Harzia

      At this time, I believe that the only thing that would slow down the Russians is changing their uniform pants (from pissing themselves laughing at us). No disrespect to the veterans on this site is intended; I’m referring to the continuing downward slide of our military readiness, and what the Russians will be likely to face in 2-3 years.

      I used to have a Discovery Channel video of the Soviets putting 8,000 paratroops on a drop zone in 30 minutes. Their APC drivers rode in their machines out the back doors of the cargo planes. Land, cut the rigging away, start the engine, fight.

      Our new, modernized “army” would still be trying to figure out which bathroom to use.

    • Aw man, I like Austin. Kirby Lane… Lovejoy’s… 6th Street… the chick in the tight, tight orange leather low rise hip huggers…

  3. The Sacred Band of Thebes didn’t work out so well for the Greeks.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      It did pretty well until Alexander came along. But again, sterner stuff.

  4. outlawpatriot

    Meh. The economy is gonna crash too. 😉

  5. Same ass kissin ladder climbing generals that have been morale termites. They already chose their side.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Wanna see why the descent into sodomy is happening to our military?

    Take a look

    Fast forward to about 18 minutes.

  8. The “old boy” has had a fine career (classic story 50’s Kenya to knighthood, position at Oxford and advisory on a non-profit NGO). However, neither the hawking of his book by a pandering press nor his lectures on strategy will infuse the one thing that the empty-vessel of NATO would need. Resolve, especially by the country that has the SACEUR slot. The little EU panty-waists are more concerned about who’s going to keep paying their share of the allowance that funnels to the Ponzi scheme in Brussels and, over here, it’s all “Totally Fabulous Diversity.” (And no bak-sheesh</I. for the handful of trigger-pullers remaining.) Putin has no need to start a war; the Soviet mission to degrade & disassemble NATO is being done for him, regardless of what the sign on the HQ says.

    Recently the German tankers outshot the other countries in a competition; let 'em go for it. (Army didn’t send our best team across the pond, probably out of embarassment that it was actually a NG outfit in North Carolina trouncing the Big Army maneuver folks in the Sullivan Cup.)

    Background here; contrast with Russia.

  9. And that first pic. Fire extinguishers on a nuclear launcher?

  10. SameNoKami

    If the Ruskies were smart they’d EM-PEE on us.
    Save the infrastructure (kill 200million+ people as we read on WRSA) and never fire a shot.
    If they just have to do air bursts to destroy cities, I really would like for Congress, Scotus and Potus etc to be in DC when the balloon (cloud ?) goes up.
    Bad as I hate to, I’m willing to sacrifice my congress-critter and Senators.
    Somebody’s got to take one for the team.

    • Only problem with an EMP attack is that the Russians would have to take the same kind of hit themselves. No, I think the real EMP threat will always be terrorist groups, leaving nothing left to hit back at.

  11. rightwingterrorist

    Russia won’t have to go to war with us.
    Our leadership will draw a red line, which they’ll subsequently step over, and we’ll draw another.
    If Russia so decided.

    Besides, why should Russia even try?
    We’re busy eating ourselves alive while they’re only getting stronger.
    Not only that we’re a cess pool, ideologically, racially, politically, and socially.
    We’re already unilaterally disarming.
    Why should Russia risk themselves for US?
    Think long game.

    The military limp-wrists currently in charge are pc/multicultural/diversity/affirmative action hires looking to justify their existence.

    • Yep. Anyway this saber-rattling has more to do with getting an increased military budget and building internal empires, than it does with any real threat. As you say, why would Russians do anything? “Never interrupt an enemy who is in the process of making a mistake”, or however that goes.

  12. rightwingterrorist

    On Estonia.

    I went there once, back in Nov/Dec of ’92.
    Took a train from St. Petersburg to Tallin.
    Stopped in a field somewhere around the border, middle of the night.
    In comes the “border guards.”
    Went from cabin to cabin checking passports and visas.
    “Do I have a visa? Well…no, but check my passport please ($20 bill inside). Thank you, I expect to have a fine day in Tallin.”
    Look outside the window, there’s a large group of people. Men, women, children. It’s below freezing outside. We must have traveled another 30 min before we actually hit the border and saw lights. They, in that cold field, in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, were all Russians.
    Bad blood, there.

  13. I don’t think anyone has won any real war for a long time, maybe never unless you use very simple measures. But the idea of winning a nuclear war is beyond insane.

    Further, what is the actual evidence that Russia needs to consider the US an enemy? I see why we need to have them as enemies, because we don’t have anyone else even mildly credible to justify the size of our military budget.

    The General’s justifications “Invasion of Ukraine”, etc are beyond propaganda, normally propaganda has some truth in it.

  14. Shinmen Takezo

    “If the Russians manage to wipe out DC, NYC, Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, LA, Seattle, Sacramento and a few other houses of Satan along with the putrid pestholes of London, Paris, Berlin and Rome they will have done the world and the old USA & Confederate States a big favor.”

    …well all of the above is exactly what is going to happen.

    And FYI–it will happen very quickly –as in 48 hours or less… then the good ole’ USA will be suing for peace. This is what the conservative/globalist version of “foreign policy” means –intervention and ultimately war. Wrap your skulls around this fact.

    When this war unfolds–there will be no “UN resolutions” we will be seeking beforehand. No build up of troops as seen in Gulf War I –no “Arsenal Of Democracy” ramping up production. No “Liberty Ships” rolling out of the dock yards one per hour. There won’t even be lines of young men lining up at armed forces recrutiing stations choming at the bit to get some licks in at Ivan. There will not be a build up of troops and rapid deployments. No tank battles in the Fulda Gap. Nope. Won’t happen.

    It will however, unfold literally over night–with the first few hours of this conflict unfolding on CNN live –live that is until the stations go dark after the first wave of nuclear detonations on US soil. Russia will use nukes first–and all of these overseas NATO bases will be wiped off the map. All of our carrier battle groups will be sent down in flaming wrecks–some live on CNN.

    The horror will unfold very quickly and then end with destruction and chaos in the USA. This is what your Dominionist, fuk-crazy Neo-Cons and globalists want. This is what they yearn for.

    And you know what–the USA will have started it all. It will all be the fault of the USA and the crazy scum that is running things behind the scenes.

    This is the version of conservative (globalist/Neo-con) “foreign policy” really means.

  15. This General must be smoking something. What possible reason would there be for Putin to invade the Baltic countries? Yet more evidence our ruling class is completely mad, courting nuclear war. If they start something we will see a lot of pols hanging from lamp posts. I’ll be cheering them on.

    • Invading would shore up their southern flank of the sea fleet. It would also neutralize the Nordic countries for the most part.

  16. I don’t find Hognose’s writing very plausible.

  17. Stealth Spaniel

    Please! No more man-o-mano french kissing! In Army uniforms yet. EEEWWWWW!!!
    The Spetsnaz will be very busy if Putin and Trump can’t get along.


      Word. After all of my experiences dealing with these deviates as a peace officer, I am still utterly repulsed by what I see. They only things in my mind which is worse are the photographs of the innocent, aborted children.

  18. The insanity of the EU is beyond belief. They put all their arms and ‘men’ on the eastern front. Then they invited a million man muslim army into their cities to rape their daughters and pillage their welfare state. In the Ukraine, the EU took the side of the Banderites, followers of Stepan Bandara who was an ally of Hitler in ww2 who also took part in the Holocaust by slaughtering 100 thousand Polish and Jewish civilians. Putin happily took the other side, his military completely replenished and by far the best in Europe.
    Putin won’t have to bomb the EU. The EU has already invited a million muslim weapons of mass destruction into every neighborhood on their continent. They are going to start exploding first, by the tens, then the hundreds, then the thousands. Putin is just gonna get some popcorn, put his feet up, and watch the catastrophe on the tube.

    • Probably. Sooner or later the Muzzies there are going to unleash a can of whoop ass on the effete Euros and basically gut them like a fish.

      And the only military around that could short stop that is the Russians. I am sure for a price they’ll cleanse Europe of Muslims.

      Or maybe they’ll let it burn and see it the Euros grow a pair and fight back. if they don’t they aren’t worth saving.

      • Effete Euros, eh? I’m afraid you’ve been indulging in too much pro-American propaganda. There are plenty of hard men over there. Once they decide to move against the Muslims (conveniently concentrated in ghettos) it won’t be pretty.

  19. Virgil Kane

    What would Russia gain by destroying the USA? The world still depends heavily on the US. Proxy wars keep the money flowing.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Not to mention that to do so, they’d have to expend most of their arsenal, which would leave them kind of weak for someone like China…