UK Telegraph: ‘We thought Mao was doing a wonderful thing’


Utopians bring mass murder.

Every time.


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  1. Marxism is a death cult plain and simple.

  2. If not mass murder, then mass destruction, Utopians are they

  3. “Utopians bring mass murder.” – Obama is doing his best. I mean Treyvon, Ferguson, San Bernadino, Baltimore; but the fire just won’t catch for him. Lucky for the country, Obama is as inept at starting a fire across the country as he is most everything else.

    • Obamao just presides over a country of armed, delusional frogs in a pot of warm water.

      Mao just tossed em in the oven basically.

    • outlawpatriot

      I’d like to start a fire. Can’t get enough people to blow on the embers though. 😉

    • FrozenPatriot

      Proverbs 28:2

      When there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily. But wise and knowledgeable leaders bring stability.

  4. SmackDaddy

    Getting tired of hearing the kosher “conservatives” getting all worked up about Obama and his visit to Hiroshima. Going on and on about the evil Japanese and the “Rape on Nanking”. Fucking nonsense. We absolutely should be apologizing to the Japs. “Sorry for getting tricked by joos like Morgenthau into fighting on the wrong side. And then letting our team of sick joo scientists led by Oppenheimer run their little experiment to see how many of you guys they could melt at once.”

    • when Empires collide, wars result. Fearing that Hitler would soon KO Russia, Churchill/Roosevelt during the summer & fall of 1941 cut off 2/3 of Japan’s external trade and 90% of her fuel supply. The Japs then did the hoped-for, and provided FDR a back-door into the European War. No one need apologize for anything. And, for the record, all the Manhattan Project Jews (exception: Teller) opposed use of the bomb on Japan. They had meant for it to be used on (White) Germany, not their fellow Asiatics

      • Haxo, you are quite entertaining. Your posts consist of 80% perfect sense, always combined at the end with a howler or a statement that makes one go, “Huh?” Don’t ever change.

    • Grenadier1

      You are a compete fucking dumb ass….
      I will point you to any number of allied POW’s that will be glad to educate you on the treatment they got from their gracious Jap hosts. Bushido brutality towards the concurred is not some Jewish propaganda plot.
      The Japs did actually rape their way through China.
      I have absolutely no fucks to give about Hiroshima or Nagasaki. I have shaken the hand of Dutch Van Kirk and personally thanked him for doing his duty. The Japs lived by the sword and they damn well died by it.
      They are a much better people today for it all.

  5. “Utopians bring mass murder.”

    But they do it “for the children”.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Morons….Willful morons.

  8. Alaska Paul

    When I was in University of California, Berkeley, from 1966 through 1970, I went out of curiosity to a lecture that also had someone who was an honorary Red Guard who went over there during those times. After his little presentation, he asked for questions. Some Chinese who were children of those who escaped from Mao’s utopia started challenging him right there. He just spouted the party line. Pretty good display of brainwashing and BS.

  9. indyjonesouthere

    Mao told the young rebels to rebel against the ” 4 olds”. Old customs, old culture, old habits, old ideas. Sounds like the familiar ring of fundamental transformation of America by a Chicago communist community organizer.

  10. rightwingterrorist

    There’s also this.


    But then again, we’re probably just looking to invade ourselves.

  11. FrozenPatriot

    “Utopians bring mass murder. Every time.”

    Including Anarchist Utopians.

    Like the Communist Utopia, the Anarchist Utopia hasn’t worked anywhere because both are built on the flawed foundation that humans are inherently good…

    • There is no such thing as an anarchist utopian; that’s an oxymoron. If an anarchist ever came to believe his paradise should be imposed on another, then he would instantly stop being an anarchist. He just wants to be left the fuck alone.

      Nor does any anarchist believe humans are inherently good; where could you get such a notion? Post a link of an anarchist saying that. They just want to get the non-anarchist boot of their own neck. They wouldn’t even believe the Libertarian Party would improve things, necessarily over time itself becoming corrupt through power.

    • Jim Klein

      So cute…and the Constitutional Utopia has worked like a charm. Is that your point? Yeah I know, you guys will get it right next time. You’ll TRANSFORM it into a “real Constitutional Republic,” right? We should all HOPE on it, yes? Hmm…hope and transformation; rings a bell.

      As far as being inherently good or bad, how about we each speak for ourselves? Does that work for you, or is it only others for whom you’re willing to speak?

      On a more serious note, do you actually consider yourself “inherently bad,” irretrievably evil regardless of your choices? Surely you see how tragic that is. Seriously, and no offense intended…what is it that keeps you going, that you’ll be good after you die? FWIW I think you’re pretty good right now, here on Earth.

  12. Grey Ghost

    I dare say Mao killed more of his own people than any other dictator in history. Marxist/collectivists have one goal… destroy non-believers, we should adopt that policy towards ALL marxist/collectivists and make sure you bring the black flag… take no prisoners when it comes to these destroyers of the US.

    Grey Ghost

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “bring the black flag”

      Red flag. Black flag still lets them be spared if they don’t fight. Red flag means they die whether they fight or not. (Interesting to note what color flag Communists march under…)

  13. Send that asshole (Michael Crook) where he belongs: North Korea. He doesn’t deserve to live in a comfortable place like England.

    • Mark Matis

      The EU leaders are quite happy with him in Jolly Old England.

    • It really is a shame that these old Marxists/Maoists die comfortably in their own beds, surrounded by friends and family. Crying shame.

  14. Stealth Spaniel

    People need to ask themselves, “What kind of a POS am I, that I would follow some aged asshole who follows other aged assholes, into the Devil’s Lair?” That-more than anything-worries me about public education (indoctrination). It kills any and all self thought, discernment, and clear understanding. I remain ever grateful to my mother, who told the LA Board of Education, more than once, to stick their obsession with me where the sun didn’t shine. I was her kid, and if she decided that we were elegant gypsies for 4 months, than it was none of their damned business. Parents are so cowed now, I wonder if they would stand in the way of any group think.
    That being said, this is another reminder to value being an independent thinker, who has the ability to defend themselves, and views all group think as dangerous indeed.

  15. What I find striking is that far too few Communists living in the US die natural deaths.

    • Mark Matis

      As far as I am concerned, it is instead far too MANY Communists living in the US – or anywhere else for that matter – who die natural deaths.

    • They have to actually succeed to bring about Communism, before they start dying in droves (along with everybody else). So, strange to say, it’s actually a good thing our domestic communists die in their beds.

  16. William Wilson

    Mao was a reaction to foreign dismemberment of China. Name the Brits and the rest–the opium empire. Opium brought down Imperial China. What are we in the U.S. going to do as Soros, the superjew money changer, continues to hire thugs to interfere with our national political processes?

    Who will be our Utopian savior? Like it or not, Trump is a Utopian–a man on a white horse. Essentially no different from AH, Stalin, Ho or Mao. Chiang Kai Shek operated his army on opium. That’s why he went down. Chiang was a problem maker, not a problem solver. Once a nation deteriorates too far, the Utopian autocrat is the only operator.

    I wish it weren’t so.