A Future Desaparecido


Google celebrates some Commie bint.

No matter, despite what Denninger or some damned Kiwi says.

It’s not like they have their own private entrance to the Obamashack.

Sure glad they haven’t been collecting data on every freaking online person on Earth.

What could go wrong?

12 responses to “A Future Desaparecido

  1. I followed this rabbit down the hole as I use google once in a while. I click on the picture to see who it was.. I read the description.. Maoist check. Marxist check. Black separatist check. I think I would have a heart attack if I saw Ayn Rand or Robert Heinlein or someone like Chesty Puller or Carlos Hathcock.

  2. Stealth Spaniel

    What is it with these fools and their hyphenated, SOMETHING-American? I have never felt the need to say that I am a CAUCASIAN American. And then they want kisses, flowers, and money for supposedly caring about other people-who are not who they are.
    Google is a fools errand. I only have Facebook for my dog pictures. I have never posted a picture of me. I don’t Facebook my house, my car, give advance notice of vacations, or any other stupid acts that encourage some agency or some-one to spy on me. I’m sure that if the FBI has a file on moi, the picture is a black cocker spaniel. And her identifying marks are also kept secret.

  3. Jimmy the Saint

    Seeing her old pictures, she’d have been kind of pretty….

    ….with a garrotte tightening around her throat and her eyes bugged out.

    But I’m a romantic.

  4. You don’t park your private 767 at Moffet Field and use use military fuel unless you have a serious in with Uncle Sam.

    It’s server farms surpass that of the NSA, yet attract no attention. No one talks about it’s data gathering on people and geographic locations across the world. Whereas the NSA attracts all sorts of attention when they fart, Google, Microsoft or AT&T can go hog wild and only a few pay attention.

    They are for all intents and purposes data gatherers for sale to the highest bidder. They are the all seeing eye.

    But it gets better!! If you think their recent focus on IOT and networked homes(Nest) is just for $$ – it’s not. It’ s a form of surveillance. With IOT and Nest(which google just bought) is to get access to your homes. They’ll know whose home and when, what they read, buy and eat.

    Now factor this into the new game consoles that are always connected to the internet and the TV’s with voice activation that are also connected to the net. Add in the new cars with On-Star or some sort of WiFi, the government will always know where you are, what you are saying who you visited and what you did.

    And if you have a cell phone – it’s just a leash with a built in tracker.

    The take home is this: All these nice devices are forms of watching people, They are our enemy.

  5. anonymous

    Google is a private corporation. You are free not to do business with them. If you don’t want Google collecting your data, don’t use their free services. If you don’t like Google’s doodles celebrating whatever person you object to, don’t use their free services. Nobody is forcing you to use Google’s free services. Use one of their competitors instead. It’s called Free Market Capitalism ™!

    At least that’s the rationalization that has been offered by useful idiots who make claims like “it’s impossible for corporations to have to much power” (i.e., conservatives, libertarians, Tea Partiers, and/or whatever else the folks on “our” side call themselves nowadays).

  6. Google is storing data for DOD and Amazon is developing a secure cloud for CIA.

    Welcome to the modern tools of oligarchy. Kings had their scribes and scroll rooms.

  7. Hymen Roth

    StartPage and DuckDuckGo are alternatives.
    Why anyone who cares about liberty and privacy uses Faceberg is beyond me.

  8. Uncle Larry

    General Hayden,. former head of both the CIA and NSA, said that the NSA has an algorithm for everyone in the USA. And probably far beyond. If you don’t know what to do this weekend, call the NSA and they’ll tell you ahead of time what you’re going to be doing.

  9. last few days, I’ve dry-fired my Glock 23 into that communist skank’s head around a dozen times. By and by, it’ll be for real. Her Jew billionaire boss will get the same