From the Rightly-Guided One above and Twitchy below (but do go to the original tweet for both extra gack and commentary):

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23 responses to “But…But…Vagina

  1. Just her comments on the RKBA make her ineligible.

    Wanted to see how many of you know what RKBA means….

  2. I’m in. Soon as I hear from Tiffany Chen and Kristi Yamaguchi

    • Don’t be too hasty though — as far as I know we have not yet heard from Mary Lou Retton.

  3. Paula Jones

    Comedy central. Classic. They parody themselves.

  4. No.

    Vagina (aka pussy) is warm, soft and inviting.

    That demon is a cunt.

  5. Grenadier1

    Not sure about this part of the ad

    “Using the same winning HR strategy used in such places as Benghazi, the old Clinton White House and Mena Ar, positions are always opening up and advancement is assured”

    I wonder about the Bennie’s?

    • War is coming. That’s a given. The only question is who is going to be the Indian/Armenia/Kulak/Jew and who gets to be the white hat?

      In the words of our esteemed host:
      There’s going to be a fight.
      Let’s win. Because losing sucks.

  6. Looking at that face, I’m reminded of an old dog food commercial from the sixties, in which a bulldog is voiced-over while licking his lips, “This is dog chows’ finest hour”, sounding like Winston Churchill. Some one voting for her may as well ask Santa Claus to give them leprosy for Christmas.

    • Show some respect. She will soon be your queen. šŸ˜‰

    • Mark Matis

      There will be PLENTY of hive-dwellers voting for her, from not only Blue hives, but Red ones as well. Because after all, she is nothing more than a Rove Republican with a pair of balls.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. SameNoKami

    We just think O is bad.
    Hell hath no fury like a woman and all that.
    She’s uber PO’d and gonna get even with ‘Murca cause they snubbed her in ’08.