Three From Brushbeater


Know Your AK Ammo

On Rainwater Collection & Cisterns

Supplemental Notes to “The Baseline Patrol Kit”

High-quality material in each; NB the sleep plan discussion in #3.

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  1. Great reminder on the AK ammo. I shop AIM Surplus, for literally all my rifle ammo. Perhaps one of the best AK ammo sales businesses in the US, that’s 5.56×39 and the 762×39.

    If your not aware of AIM, have a look, you won’t be disappointed


  2. One thing to watch for with the soft points is that they may not feed reliably in some AK-type rifles. The soft nose can catch on the bullet guide and become deformed. I would do some testing with soft points in your rifle before deciding to stock a large quantity of that particular ammo type.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Second that. Some of those older SP’s are some hokey shit, they appear to have drilled a hole in a FMJ and then swaged a piece of lead into the nose, forming a lead mushroom that resembles a normal lead soft point.
      Some of the HP’s appear to be made the same way also, with a drill. Quick Russian conversion of millions of rounds of surplus FMJ’s in the 90’s.

    • While I’ve had no issues with the SP’s (good accuracy actually, lot-to-lot) your larger point about a person testing in their rifle should be well taken. These rounds – the standard FMJ, 8m3, the 125gr SP, et al – all fly differently. They may provide fine accuracy as to groupings but should not be mixed. Think hard about the purpose of the round you use and test before settling on something. That, and your rifle, will tell you what you need to know. A miss with the finest projectile is still a miss.

    • If you run into feeding issues, jewel the feed ramp with a very fine diamond rod.

      • Grey Ghost

        Second that. I’ve done feed ramp polishing on my Springfield Armory 1911 that DID have feed issues early on and have had no problems since. Not had any feed or extract issues with my current crop of rifles but would not hesitate to polish the feed ramp if I did have feed issues. I admit I’ve seen feed and extract issues with the type ammo and manufacturer used in a specific weapon. Know your weapons and the ammo they like.

        Grey Ghost

  3. Anonymous

    I use some of that Russian ammunition in my CZ carbine, it’s pretty good for that too. I do wonder if at longer range, the 154 grain bullet tumbles because of barrel twist – I need to check that out.

  4. On his third link, with the comments about patrol gear and patrol base operations, which have been covered extensively at MVT, we do in fact run a civilian class that covers this.

    ‘Combat Patrol’ covers reconnaissance, combat patrol, patrol base operations, live fire raid and ambush, over 4 days. It’s a serious no nonsense class. The Combat Team Tactics 3 day live fire class is a prerequisite.

    If you want this training, it’s out there. I’m curently in Wyoming on my way to Idaho for an 8 day private class: CTT, mobility, Combat Patrol.

    At MVT we take training seriously, and offer no nonsense military training adapted to a civilian operating environment.