Bracken: Ten Arabic Words – A challenge to national security professionals engaged in the Global War On Terror


Matt’s latest.

Never forget the Quislings.

There will be a reckoning.


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  1. Yes indeed accurate & true. Should add Muruna & Kitman to it as well.
    But then those learned of History already know the Roman Catholic Religion has always used Islam as Patsy’s for it’s agenda & plan to expand it’s empire. History proves this, Q.E.D. History also proves civic ignorance, indolence, apathy & complacency is how we got here. Time is neigh & the fuse is short.

  2. American_Patriot

    LOL…Mister Trump’s supporters are now saying that his Yuuuge border wall will actually be a “virtual wall” and deportations will be “rhetorical” (according to the co-chairman of Trump’s Congressional endorsers).

    “I have called it a virtual wall,” Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., says of Donald Trump’s proposed border wall, according to Buffalo News.

    “I call it a rhetorical deportation of 12 million people,” Collins says
    “They go out that door, they go in that room, they get their work papers, Social Security number, then they come in that door, and they’ve got legal work status but are not citizens of the United States”

    “We’re not going to put them on a bus, and we’re not going to drive them across the border”

    Hear that, Trumpbots? Do you really think one of Trump’s top surrogates would be saying this stuff without his approval? Trump’s already laying the groundwork to betray his brainless voters. The illegals will be coming right back in the door.

    Rep. Collins also said that the “Muslim ban” will only apply to Syrians with ISIS ties.

    In other news, Mister Trump has been meeting with neocon godfather Henry Kissinger to plan policy.

    And after NWO billionaire Sheldon Adelson endorsed him and pledged $100 million to his campaign, Trump is now planning a trip to Israel.

    I can’t wait to see the dumb WN’s who supported Trump (like the Daily Stormer and various Twitter morons) get thrown under the bus and utterly ostracized by The Donald. Mister Trump used you dumbasses, and he will now shit on you and discard you.

    It’s ironic that some dumb people (like Lineman) think that Trump is a weapon to destroy the GOP. In fact, Mister Trump will save the GOP by lulling White people back to sleep. Trump is actually the last chance the GOP has to regain the trust of White voters and restore their faith in The System. A Jeb/Rubio nomination would have destroyed the GOP and permanently broken the trust of White voters in the GOP.


    • Trump has already wreaked havoc on the status quo. As to your main point: I grant you may be right. Most of us admit that. As Ann Coulter says, we have been betrayed too many times to fully trust anyone. If Trump doesn’t keep faith with us, we will buck him off our shoulders and into the ditch. And the next Leader to arise may actually be what Trump has been slandered as. He really is very moderate. They would be wise to play ball with him.

    • “I can’t wait to see the dumb WN’s who supported Trump (like the Daily Stormer and various Twitter morons) get thrown under the bus and utterly ostracized by The Donald. Mister Trump used you dumbasses, and he will now shit on you and discard you.”

      So, what else is new? Vote for Hillary?

      No man knows the day or the hour….

      Wait and watch, cocked and locked.

    • SameNoKami

      Doesn’t matter.
      We aren’t voting our way out of this mess anyway.

    • Well said AP, well said.

      Hope is a dangerous drug.

    • Iceni26AD

      You say all this as though ANY OTHER CANDIDATE OF EITHER FLAVOR would do anything differently.

      Once rudely awakened, sleep is elusive.

      It doesn’t matter really, who or what Trump is or is not. It is a certainty that JEB!/Rubio/Cruz/Kasich/Paul/Sanders/Clinton/Warren/Biden are exactly the same, and will carry on exactly the same agenda.

      If Trump caves, the outcome will be the exact same as if any of the above prevail.

      Politics…The Game of Sheep.

    • Ahhh your just all pissy because I know your a troll for Hillary and called you on it…How much you getting paid you little punk ass bitch… Now get back to your safe space before the real world catches you up side the head…

  3. America is too divided to notice these 10 words.

  4. Yes, there is a terrible hadith where one of Mohammad’s companions ask him why dhimmi status was not offered to the defeated enemy. He responded that it was only to be offered after a great slaughter in the land. In other words, dhimmis have some rights and that gets in the way of acquiring booty of various kinds.

  5. Matt Bracken’s clarion voice calls it dead on yet again! Use ANY of those words in any official context, you won’t get invited back to meetings at the 5 sided foxhole.

    Think of all the reports and analysis the average intel type reads, produces or edits… how many times do they see ANY of those words? ZERO. That is how many times. They don’t even enter into any analytic work. You won’t hear it in a “tank” session, or in a brief to a service chief.

    If you were writing on Russia, you could use Maskirovka, but try taqqiya writing on Iran or Saudi Arabia!

    How long until the center court yard of the Pentagon sports a local version of “chop chop square”?

  6. Virgil Kane

    Was the attitude any different under GWB? I don’t think it was, but it was either ignorance of Islam’s true goals or it is all political malevolence and no amount of hand wringing and internet whining will change a thing. Obama is a Muslim; he was raised in a Muslim country under Sharia Law. He knows more about it than 99% of Americans and his actions are definitely deliberate.

    Even Trump is backpedaling now. He said ban Muslims from entering the US. Now he says we don’t want to ban the good Muslims. There are no “good” Muslims from a non-Muslim’s POV. Is that ignorance or malevolence? Either one gets us killed.

  7. To this date, I don’t know if Obama is a muslim lying to the American public, a socialist, a budding dictator or some combination of all three; but I do know that his presidency was well planned out. He got some things to help along the way like Ferguson; but there’s a little of the which came first; the chicken or the egg on things like increased racial violence in the usa and president Obama imo.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. Steve Kristmann

    Yes, Matt definitely tells it like it is!

    Sorry to see that the thread’s been hijacked by the
    ‘Trump-Anti-Trump’ dog yodeling! Folks, Trumpie isn’t
    going to save you or the country…he’s in it for himself
    and to be part of the CFR collectivist elite..just like bushpig
    Hillary and freeze dried marxist bernie. Read what Carrol
    Quigley said about ‘political parties’. There is NO voting our
    way out of this!! was ‘voting’ that got us into this mess in the first

    It’s sad when a fictional character understands the situation that people in real life refuse to admit to.

    Quinn from Homeland Understands the Problem

    Also the word ‘halal’ should be added to the list as ‘halal fees’ are clearly used to fund jihad!

    Yours In islamless Liberty!
    NorthGunner III