Czech President: ‘It’s Impossible to Integrate Muslims into Western Europe’

islam billboard


Or FUSA, for that matter.

Here’s why:

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 10.18.52 AM

Never forget the American traitors who facilitated the importation of savages for domestic political purposes.

You’re going to need a bigger list.

(H/t Bracken via Twitter)


31 responses to “Czech President: ‘It’s Impossible to Integrate Muslims into Western Europe’

  1. Mike Bishop

    • So lets play this out, Euroland is largely toast, subsumed by the Aloha Snackbar hordes. Lets assume they are able to take over fully as in full political/military control. At what point do they gain control or access to something more than an AK? Something with Glow Power? Where does that leave the rest of the west? Europe’s done. There are ramifications to that FUBAR.

  2. keith park

    Fight back you damned coward!!!!!!!

  3. We are long past time for the Saxon to begin to Hate.

  4. No need to integrate them, theyre working on integrating us.
    The czech dude has it all wrong.

  5. Muslim dirtbags, try bullying our teens here in the Redoubt. Our boys and girls will be the last thing you see in this world.


      Careful, Diane Dina. Read the weepy screed in today’s(05/20) edition of the Cd’A Press about the photograph of the little boy’s bear hunt. The cosmic whites are also holding PFLAG potlucks to raise money for their dysfunctional, mutant she/he kids. The Prog/SJW infection in Rawlesland is steadily metastasizing. The next step will be “harmless” small families of “Muslim Refugees” brought in by their evangelical whack-job cheerleaders. Get ready.

      • Mr. Weasel,

        I’m impressed with your commentary of the last several months. Excellent remarks.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        It’s funny how establishment conservatives mock blue states for losing population while red states gain population. Of course, they never make the connection that the influx is collectivist. Red goes blue, blue goes ultraviolet.

  6. Virgil Kane

    Racial diversity is not what made this country great. However, you could sure correlate the timelines of racial diversity and decadence in the US.

    Here’s your racial diversity.
    “…but what are those jobs you created going to do for us? Who wants to build furniture?…”

    • Grey Ghost

      This day in history, 20 May 1861, North Carolina seceded from Lincoln’s coercion. NC became known as the Atlas of the Confederacy. And it appears they have decided to be the first to fight the tranny brainwashing from the current community organizer’s transformation agenda.

      Grey Ghost

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  8. Islam is fundamentally incompatible with any nation within Christendom, it has always been a political philosophy of conquest and enslavement. It was rightfully banished from most of Europe, it should have been rolled back from all of what was the Byzantine Empire, which was Christian. The Bulgarians, Romanians, Armenians, and Russians stand ready to do just that in the not too distant future.

    • Do you claim to be a modern or true Israelite?

      God will know His own.

      Recall Matthew 7:21-23 and chill out.

      • I claim to be a Greek Orthodox Christian, in the parish of St. George Cathecdral, Greenville, South Carolina.

        • Sunni Muslim jihadis, Isis, etc rail against Jews and Christians. They quote the Koran about looking for Jews behind every tree.

          After deploying to Iraq I can say it’s disappointing to see people who call themselves Christians here write similar things. It’s your 1st amendment right of course. I’m curious, though, is this something your church condones or is it more of a personal viewpoint? There’s no biblical basis for it.

          • After your deployments you should have examined why you were deployed more closely.

            Jews have been murdering Christians for 2,000 years, by one method or another. See the Mammal Pool Massacre:

            It’s sad, in a sense, that you don’t know how often Christians have come under Jewish assaults and massacres over the centuries. We must include the Boldshevil murders of Christians in Russia, tool. Over 80% of Bolsheviks were Jews, they murdered over 70 million Orthodox Christians.

            So, Mr. GS, I’d suggest you get a grip on reality, and do so quickly.

            Last, my position is completely Biblical, with no exceptions.

            • Pat,

              I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on my deployment. I have no regrets for who I was able to help and if I put a speed bump in front of some jihadis for only a short time, then at least I was among that tiny few who actually DID something and didn’t just talk about it. It remains to be seen if history looks back on me and calls me a Crusader or an Infidel. A lot of that will depend on how many people are willing to leave their couches and porches in the years ahead.

              Now it’s time for you to test your own reality. Your 80% citation is utter nonsense. It’s already been settled here in previous heavily linked posts on my part that the majority of communists who founded the USSR were not Jews and in fact included many former Christians (like Stalin himself who had been to seminary). Stalin destroyed churches and synagogues alike. Whether the communists were former Christians, former Jews, or former whatever religion signified a falling away from God. They’re often referred to as atheists. They made bad choices and have been surely judged for it.

              Those still calling themselves Christians have also done an efficient job slaughtering each other whether in my family’s land of origin in the “British” Isles, other places such as France (La Rochelle), the War Between the States, and the Spanish Civil War.

              Your “completely Biblical” comment would be laughable if it wasn’t a sad portrayal of your spiritual health. Your position is purely personal. Your rejection of all Jews flies in the face of Moses and Elijah appearing to Jesus. They talked. He didn’t cast their spirits into pigs. Go back to God’s manual for your life and review it some more. Get it right in the time you have left. Our time is always too short.

      • Maybe he’s saying modern Israelites aren’t true Israelites. Maybe he’s right.

  9. That video is exactly what happens when you train boys to squat to piss.
    In the 80’s, some German friends were appalled when we visited them, to find out that I stood up in front of the toilet to piss into it. They were raising their sons to sit to piss. I was making fun of them for doing it, warning they they were raising their boys to be wimps.

    Now, they have a nation of squatpissing pussies.

  10. that sign is 3/4 correct: Abraham and Moses, fronted for by Mohammed, have their act pretty well together. As to the vid, watching it was pure pleasure: a White cosmic pussy getting slapped around by a Jihadi who is, at least, a Man. All the more reason to do concealed carry, “legal” or not: if a raghead decides to practice on you, you kill him on the spot. Then walk away from the corpse(s)


      Hammerless .38sp+p in jacket pocket. No-draw, just fire through. Got tiny bodycam to backup the only story of the incident?

    • Both the old and new testament clearly(as clear as scripture can be) testify to Jesus as the Messiah. If you deny that you cannot claim him even as a prophet, and a lot of prophesies in the old testament are obsolete as well.

      And I haven’t even touched actual content.

  11. The muslims need more honest recruitment billboards:

  12. “Absent deceit, tyranny, or both, is it even possible to devise a single governing agreement for 330+ million people spread over much of a continent?” WRSA super-title friday 20May 2016.

    Obviously, not. Republics that work and keep working are MUCH smaller, nearer the size of a County in Citizens with not all persons present being part of the Polity. As long as loyalty is kept proportionately close to the family, then to the clan, tribe/friends, local fraternity/clubs, then the local Government can be kept starved and weak, and the Federal/Military nearly powerless against an individual citizen, while coordinating all against external threats (foreign Nation-States/”refugees”/corporate oppression). It really helps to have a common language among culturally-compatible people to call it “a nation”.

    Considering recent cultural research that supposes that humans can only have about 150 people in a “circle of friends”, that puts a limit on who you might be able to trust. Can you trust a “friend of a friend”? Maybe, half as much as you would trust the friend, until the fng proves himself and is upgraded to one of the 150 slots. This kind of personal knowledge of others greatly limits the size of a believable County gov’t where you know somebody who knows that guy (2 degrees of separation). Let’s say that of your 150 people, 100 are good/trustworthy, and they also have good/trustworthy men with them in the tree. Betcha there is a lot of overlap, which can be quantified as “certified-trusted good men” who likely have good sons worth adding to the network as they are known to outside families. 10K would be the max span, but 4000 is likely, then add wives/sisters/brothers/sons and you could have hundreds of thousands population within 2 degrees of a good man keeping track and doing political things as-needed. Of course, there is room for extraordinary women. Families who suppress their bright girls will suffer in politics and trade, and won’t be as prepared for war as those who maximize their people. It might seem a little bit feudal, but it’s more likely to work post-collapse than “One man, One vote” imho.

    It’s all about the quality and span of the database.

    • Which is why the United States were* founded as a union of several small free and independent states, each having and expected to continue to have its own culture, customs, laws etc. There’s very little in the Constitution about actually governing the states; most of the federal government’s attention was to be directed outward (diplomacy and defense) with an inward eye only to maintaining– not regulating, but maintaining– communications (“post offices and post roads”, and IMHO their technological extensions) and resolving disputes between the states (as that between Michigan and Ohio in 1835-36). The federal government was the creation of the states, not the lord over them, a cooperative effort at maintaining a united face to the rest of the world.

      Which is why people like me look to restoring the Constitution as written and amended as a good first step.

      Following, of course, I would have certain preferences; abolishing the 16th and 17th Amendments; forbidding taxation of incomes and exports; adding penalty clauses to the BOR; even incorporation the BOR into the body of the document. I could go on, but I know my audience here and can pretty well predict what any response is likely to be 🙂

      Ultimately, though, I look forward to eternity, and in the meantime expect to see the Millennial reign of Christ, the only true Theocracy in which NO mortal man will have authority over another, and under which I believe
      II Corinthians 3:17 will come to full fruition.

      *The correct original form of the verb