Debunking Popular Clichés About Modern Warfare


An antidote to “You can’t fight City Hall”.

TL;DR version:

You can, if City Hall is stupid.

16 responses to “Debunking Popular Clichés About Modern Warfare

  1. Interesting read. I will only offer one observation. A nuke trade of Chicago or NYC for Moscow would be the worst thing an American President could consider. Having lived there several years, nuking any other Russian city the Russians would be pissed but rational. Nuke Moscow and the response will be irrational and all out. To Russians Moscow is more than just a seat of power. Its also its cultural and religious center.

  2. Bullshit and propaganda. America cannot fight anyone. The US wants a cold war because it’s military ALL OF IT is smaller and less capable than it was in 1936 when it was # 64 in the world behind Bolivia in manpower. They (the ruling junta) want a massive build up of “new tech” ah-lah the Reagan years, and the only way to get America to pony up 500 trillion dollars and surrender whatever is left of personal liberty to a military police state without a genocidal and suicidal world war, is another cold war to stampede the sheep. Voting for Trump cannot and will not change anything about that.

    • Happen to agree with your assessment as to “ruling junta” motive RE selling the Cold War Ver. 2.0. The article is, for me, most decidely not bullshit, however. Probably one of the more candid assessments available. Forget getting the “crazies out of the basement” – there are many buildings inside the beltway that need to be de-loused from the basement parking garage to the tip of the roof antenna.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Pretty sure we’re more capable than in 1936 just based on the fact that we now have nuclear weapons, nuclear submarines, planes with nearly global reach, and satellite reconnaissance capability.

      Purely in a early-mid 20th Century infantry slugging match, you may be right.

  3. just plain todd

    yup. what Ray said. +1000.

  4. SameNoKami

    “Voting for Trump cannot and will not change anything about that.”
    Voting cannot and will not change anything about that.
    Fixed it for ya. 🙂

  5. Saker understates the problem. The neo-conz and cucks intend to destroy Russia utterly. It is a large, White Christian pebble in the Judeo-globalist shoe, and they fully intend to remove it; they cannot win without so doing. And I can assure DrDog that if so much as one American/EU nuclear weapon hits any Russian city, Putin will obliterate ‘Murka in a counter-strike. People like to play games with the notion of a nuclear “escalatory ladder”; In the real world where emotions rule, distinct from the think tanks, there will be no such thing

    • You will be quite surprised of Russian fatalism. Twice they suspected US had launched pre-emptive strikes and held their powder. Many Russian cities exist for a singular purpose, are hell holes to live in and would not be missed.

      If Russia nuked Detroit do you think I would want the President to go full nuclear war? If we nuked Shishmarevo, same effect. Some places deserve it.

  6. swan832013

    I know this is off topic– SORRY—- but now trees are racist…


    • the enviro left will certainly make an exception to destroy nature now that its been deemed racist.

  7. Goat herders with tents beat high-tech invaders from 8000 miles away with extra tents and shovels for tunnels. Trade 500000 $1 tents (donated by foreign aid agencies) for 50000 $50000 bombs (=25 with eight zeros) flown on $8k/minute sorties targeting empty tents (simulated terrorist heat signatures) allowing invader country to declare success and withdraw. Saddam did this with cardboard tanks in 1990 to good effect, but with insufficient enthusiasm. Invading country may face currency or credit collapse due to wealth being expended on worthless campaign (no huge oil/gas fields to exploit for 40 years). Goat herders pick up fancy recycling and UXO’s between having many more sons to tell stories of glorious victory to.

    • SameNoKami

      Didn’t the Serbs use telephone poles mocked up to look like cannons on which we wasted bombs ?
      Got deception ?

  8. I love the poster.
    Does the US even have $50,000 bombs?
    I thought they were all at least a million.

    • Dumb gravity bombs are in that price range, without delivery. A lot of the cost of explosives to the US economy is invisible and suppressed by the way business is accounted for.

      Even a half-blind goat-herder with an Enfield older than his great grandfather can give huge costs to an invader. At very least, he delays a mission for a little while, and might put a $2M soldier out of the fight and cause $5M in cost over the next 2 decades of his life. Teach the goatherd what SNCO’s or Officers look/behave like and get triple-bonus score. The rich army might shoot a $75000 anti-tank rocket at his 450M away position after a few minutes of frustration at not being able to stop the fire with small arms (intentionally under-trained at stalking/observing/accurate return-fire by Rich Army). The best score for locals is when air-support appears (a chance of putting holes in expensive aircraft!), but mere combat operation of aircraft is costly and of limited availability. Non-arrival of air-support may be valuable for demoralization of Rich Army ground forces, or as distraction from a coordinated event elsewhere (stress on command info and asset-assignment teams). All actions are an economic-warfare “WIN” for the patient local team regardless of the survival of the individual shooter.

      Afghans 3, foreign forces 0. Betting window is still open on current game.

  9. The Ziggy Brzezinski plan is to fight a hybrid AWG / Kinetic Full Spectrum dominance to a collapse of all 3 powers US / Russia & China. After the collapse & alleged exhaustion of resources is to offer/co-opt a faustian bargain to co-rule the planet. Because of the huge Technological advantage the US has, Ziggy thinks that the other’s (Russia & China) will jump on board & embrace the sharing of the advanced Warfare technology. DEW’s, Scalar Energy Weapons et al etc. would be available to the other countries under this plan. We have already been in a War plan since at least 2001 w/ PNAC. Should be a hoot if it gets that far. Hard to say where it goes but I have read the docs & plans until self induced nausea from reading the drivel takes hold. Doesn’t matter whether it’s Travistock, Aspen, Brooks, Atlantic Council, RAND or Mackinder’s Heartland Theory circa 1904 et al etc. They are all in & going for it. We are past the Rubicon & why else were the DUMB’s built ?

    • Iceni26AD

      There it is, y’all.

      Could not be better researched, nor better stated, nor more succinctly condensed.

      “Why” indeed.