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  1. When even the cartoonists have noticed how bad it’s gotten, the cops are doing it wrong. For about forty years.

    Too many Tacticool Tommies who never served five seconds in so much as a delayed entry poolee military status have convinced themselves that a few weeks hazing at the local 180-day Wonder School Of Law Enforcement makes them an elite (para)military force. Then they’ve bought into the BS that it’s them and a million of their blue-suited brethren against everybody, 24/7/forever, no matter what. Testilying, shot while resisting arrest, far worse and more have been shoved down the people’s throats for decades. I can tell you biologically what happens when you do that to an individual, and it’s little different for an entire society, but the vomit in the latter tends to look a lot like Molotov cocktails once it starts flying.

    Blue vs. Everyone?
    Okay, Officer RespectMyAuthoritay, you called that coin toss in the air all by your ownself.
    When things get sporty, you aren’t going to enjoy the kickoff return on that call. But you’re gonna get your wish. And it ain’t going to look like anything starring Clint Eastwood for you.

    And then, just before your last breath, far too late to do you or anyone any good at all, you’re going to wish you’d paid more attention to Sir Robert Peel, and spent less time thumbing through gear catalogs for cool shit, before your own blood-choked screams of agony dwindle and fade.

    And then better folks than you will be splitting up your gear.
    Sleep tight.


      Aesop: Thanks. It used to be that police recruits were required to recite from memory THE LAW ENFORCEMENT CODE OF ETHICS. This was done when we fell in for inspection first thing in the morning before classes. We studied Sir Robert Peel. Two of his principles were drummed in our heads: The Police are the People and the People are the Police. And, NO QUALITY IS MORE IMPORTANT TO A POLICE OFFICER THAN A PERFECT COMMAND OF TEMPER. A QUIET DETERMINED MANNER HAS MORE EFFECT THAN VIOLENT ACTION.
      As Amerikan society has corrupted itself, so has Amerikan law enforcement, which recruits from society. But keep in mind, not all who put on the badge are some clueless delayed-entry-program military wannabe. There are a lot of vets who get into the job, for better or worse. Thomas Chittum, in his prescient tome CIVIL WAR II, observed when you dress a cop up has a soldier, he/she becomes a soldier with a soldier’s mindset to kill people and break things.
      I would like to see the responses in the Letters to the Editor section of the papers that have the moral courage to publish the above cartoon. In the Blue Hives, you will get a mixed bag. In the Red Hives, the Lee Greenwoods will be out in force. As a side note, SFPD COP was just forced out of a job. Once again, “Never interrupt your enemies…”

    • If it gets that sporty; anything wearing baggy black will be a death shroud.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      It seems like at least a few police departments are trying – at least somewhat – to correct things. My local police have been doing a lot of “reconnect with the community” stuff of late. It seems to be at least 50% charm offensive, but they are at least talking with locals about local problems. Maybe it’s legit, maybe it’s just a local version of Mao’s Hundred Flowers campaign.

      • Mark Matis

        If your local police have anyone assigned to any of the DHS Fusion Centers across the country:
        then what you’re seeing is just “testilying”. Those Fusion Centers operate per good ol’ Jeh Johnson’s orders. And those orders are to fill out files on every gun-hugging Bible-thumping veteran who believes in the Constitution. And your local police are filling out those files while sitting elbow-to-elbow with their FedPig Brothers in Blue, sucking donuts and swilling coffee like there’s no tomorrow. Which makes your local police just more Praetorian Guard who can be dealt with appropriately by an armed irregular.

    • Well said!!!!

    • I have a question. Why didn’t the two little thugs vigorously correct the big thug when he slammed a prisoner’s head against the wall? Why were the little thugs smiling as the big thug gave the stunned prisoner a tune-up out of sight of the camera?

      Possible answer: Because all three are such good guys? Best sumbitches who ever shit between two boots? Society’s finest? Men of sterling character? Moral men who would never do such a thing?

      Is that it? You know, the “vast majority” and all.

      • Because a “good cop” is a fucking myth, just like the easter bunny and bigfoot.

  2. Clint Smith, of famed Thunder Ranch training facility in Lakeview Oregon has a saying.

    ” Dude, your a cop, Not an operator” !.

    I cant tell you how many times I’ve watched the “pups” try and load a 30 rounder in a M4 backwards. Truly amused the shit out of me.

    On the other hand their are some truly switched on men, who are dedicated, and train often on their own. This crowd is generally operating under the “Reasonable man Doctrine”. Generally a bit older, with a better understanding of what’s reasonable, what’s not.


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