Partyzantski: Connecting the Dots: EgyptAir, Fundamentalist Islam, and The Not So Friendly Skies

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The West is paste.

10 responses to “Partyzantski: Connecting the Dots: EgyptAir, Fundamentalist Islam, and The Not So Friendly Skies

  1. This threat is coming to the usa because it can’t offend any muslims either and I’m using up all my frequent flyer miles this year to lessen my probabilities.

  2. Uncle Larry

    I worked at O’hare Airport for 20 years. The feds require the airlines to hire all religions and ethnic groups. Right after 9/11 the feds fined American Airlines and United Airlines several million dollars for profiling too many middle eastern passengers. Remember, American and United both lost 2 aircraft full of people. The feds have a limit on how many can be asked questions, believe it or not. In my department, one of our security guards was a Muslim from the Kashmir, of all places. Not too radical there are they? We had another devout Muslim who did all his prayers every day in the locker room. I can’t remember how many times I came running into the locker room and almost fell over him while he was down on his rug. The governments of the West are anti-Western. The catering companies that put food on the aircraft are staffed with immigrants. They will work for less, of course. That’s why they’re here. The feds have programs that offer incentives to employers for hiring “preferred” people. I finished my PhD. in race studies and observations at that airport.

    • the woodsman

      “The governments of the West are anti-Western.” No – it’s more basic than that the governments of the “West” are anti-White. The governments of the “West” have been taken over by anti-Whites whose nearly every action is anti-White and pursued with White genocide in mind.


    You cannot fix a problem if you are too stupid to know you have one. And, you won’t win a fight if you don’t know that one has started. I’m waiting for the day when Achmed with a Manpad from Benghazi stands just beyond the runway fence at O’Hare or LAX and takes out a 747 bound for somewhere. Hysteria, hand-wringing and then martial law.

  4. This situation is absolutely egregious at Dulles and Reagan National airports. Sick political judo, it is. Just wait till you get to the cab lineup… all immigrant cabbies, I will wager a year’s pay that the number of foreign Intelligence Officers driving cabs there is non-zero.

    Then, take a look at the immediate suburbs of Sterling, Ashburn and the like. Not many original residents remain in what is now a renter ghetto. A LOT of shady business is going on in those venues. A LOT.

  5. sheer Islamophobia. Most likely it was a “center fuel tank explosion due to standing too long on the runway”

  6. Waitaminnit waitaminnit waitaminnit wasn’t it a Mossad false Flag like all the others?

  7. I have worked the ramp for 35 years… LAX, DFW, SLC, ATL, and LAS. In many instances, we sort of ‘self-monitor’; because we had family, friends, and co-workers; on those jets. But the EEOC affects the ramp, and the entire airport – just as it does everywhere in this country. Security usually does not bother us, we understand the necessity. But we see the prayer rugs, and etc., of folks that have supposedly been ‘vetted’ by the same agencies who clear us for our SIDA badges – local law enforcement and the FBI. The problem is systemic in this country, we have become soft – and more concerned with offending some rather than protecting all.
    Each passing day, Ms. Barnhart makes more sense… death to islam. We cannot ‘coexist,’ So, they need to stay on their area of the planet. Or die.