Quote Of The Century Candidate


“…There are now two operative phrases that underly nearly everything this government does: fuck you, do what we say, and fuck you, pay me. But the truly important part of it is: fuck you. Now run all that codswallop about the “land of the free, home of the brave” again for me, whydon’tcha…”

Cold Fury

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  1. Stealth Spaniel

    Well, maybe we all need to go to a 1960+ diesel engine truck; with a brand new diesel engine in it. Then a silent local farmer consortium that buys a lot of diesel for tractors. Until the shooting starts, seems like a reasonable solution.
    I hate the EPA. But he is correct. Until we follow the lead of our Founding Fathers, we will keep wallowing in this bullcrap.

    • And what did the founding fathers have which Freefor can’t seem to get through their head…Meatspace Baby…

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Of course, meatspace was easy for them. They had taverns, churches, etc. where they all met. Churches are mostly empty or enemy now, and the tavern has gone the way of the dodo. Bars aren’t the same thing.

  2. It’s been said before … “Government is Force.”

    That’s ALL it is.

    It isn’t reason. It isn’t Justice. It isn’t compassion.

    It is an armed Collective, laying claim to that which it did not earn.

  3. The following is off topic, but timely. Today, the 21st, is Armed Forces Day.

    An Armed Forces Day Prayer

    Dear God of our Christian forefathers, the true almighty Lord, head of the army of angels, and the real Defender of our nation:

    Today is Armed Forces Day. It is a day which our lawmakers have set aside in order to honor and to support our military personnel.
    Amid the festivities, keep this day from becoming simply another May Day parade in which our nation would glory in its weapons systems, proudly display them before the public, and put its trust in them! Rather have us humbly realize that we must put our trust solely in you, our mighty Shield and Defender, who has pledged your legions of angels to surround us with protection (2nd Kings 6:17) personally and nationally, if only we would believe in our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ!
    Thus we plead for the protection of our military youth who are endangered and embattled in far-flung areas. Be their Guard and Shelter! Safely bring all of our troops home! Keep them united with their families where they belong, not separated! Likewise, keep our daughters off the battlefield, for they could do the most good in their God-given roles at home.
    Hence the best way in which we actually could salute and support our troops today, will be for us to pray to you for their well-being, that is to pray above all for their conversion into the soul-saving belief in their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; to have you protect them not only from physical
    harm, but also from spiritual assaults on their souls; and then for us personally to do whatever else we could to help them.
    Likewise, move our lawmakers to support our military properly in good faith, not to neglect their welfare or safety for petty political reasons! To that end, keep our national leaders from sending our forces into unjustified wars under the guise of legitimacy, in which our men unnecessarily are killed, maimed, or mentally scarred for life!
    To defend our land, give us more servicemen like pious Joshua, who unashamedly confessed, “As for me and my house: we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15); like David, who willingly professed before all, “I will confess my transgression unto the Lord, and you forgave the iniquity of my sin” (Psalm 32:5); like the centurion of Capernaum (Matthew 8:8) who, in simple faith, confidently relied on the words of Jesus to do their job; like Cornelius who wished to hear more of the gospel, to share it with his family and friends, and to have them baptized in order to wash away their sins (Acts 10); and like the centurion beneath Christ’s cross on Calvary who openly confessed before his soldiers, “This was the Son of God” (Matthew 27:54); for such gospel-believing servicemen will posses that God-pleasing “righteousness which will exalt our nation” (Proverbs 14:34), not degrade it, and will move you to fulfill your pledged blessing of protection and deliverance! Indeed, this will be the highest form of patriotism.
    Furthermore, show us how in your anger you have threatened “to break the bow and to cut the spear in two” (Psalm 46:9), that is, to demolish decisively the military might of any nation which boastfully has rejected you along with your gospel news of salvation! Yet assure us that as once in Old Testament times you kept this threat, and destroyed three armies which had arisen against the defenseless nation of faithful King Jehoshaphat (2nd Chronicles 20), so whenever any nation would repent of its sins, and believe your gospel pledge, you likewise will keep your promise to protect it, even if it would take a similar miracle!
    Above all, teach us that in order for our nation to have outward peace from war, it first must have peace with Heaven by believing your gospel pledge of deliverance from sin and from its eternal punishment through the punishment load-bearing of our holy, crucified substitute, the Son of God; for without having this gospel belief, a state of war will exist between you and our unbelieving nation! As a result, you will punish such unbelief beginning already in this life by raising up enemies to attack us. This is our greatest national crisis. Therefore, to avoid all this, we confess our national and our personal sins before you; plead with you to forgive them through your gospel grace, and humbly request of you patiently to remain at peace with us!
    Grant all these requests, for we ask them confidently in Jesus’ saving name! Amen!

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