What Combat Leaders Need to Know About Neuroscience


Detailed but useful.


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  1. Recent casualty.

    On Saturday I got nearly-critically injured at the range from a ricochet. One of the things that has me curious is why I was considering how to rip my own shirt off and use it to staunch the bleeding in my neck for the first couple minutes before I had the clarity of thought to have a buddy run ten yards to the truck and grab my IFAK.

    It’s always important to learn why the brain does weird shit, that way I can game the system ahead of time.

    And also, yeah, the BOK is getting strapped to my damn leg from now on.

  2. An excellent article that I have re-posted in the leadership section on the MVT Forum.

    Much is talked about that we reference on classes, in particular the Combat Team Tactics Class, including ‘muscle memory,’ breaking the freeze, operant conditioning, visualization and rehearsals.

    You need to train to succeed in combat!

  3. Recent casualty.

    Also, hoss, if you can email me, I’ll send a link to the inevitable writeup on my hitting myself in the neck with a ricochet. I’m no expert on anything, just a dumbass who runs around in the woods with guns, but it’ll probably be informative, or at least make for good “Don’t be that guy” fodder.

  4. Most of these “studies” are unproven and generated on behalf of an organization that has not won OR TRYED TO WIN a war in seventy years. IMO any “study” done on behalf of .GOV should be taken as high order bull shit until proven otherwise.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I’ve always wondered how these newer combat studies/stress tests would compare to Tarawa or Kursk, instead of blowing up 3 mud huts and then handing out medals to all involved for their outstanding achievement. Same applies to weapons/equipment tests.

      • Grey Ghost

        You forgot Iwo Jima…uncommon valor and all that, but your point is well taken. I used to have some sand from there, but lost it in Hurricane Katrina along with just about everything else. Today’s SOF and officer corp think they have to win hearts and minds in order to win a “war” and spread democracy to the unwashed masses of the world. We all know how well that has worked out over the last HALF CENTURY or more.

        If your enemy has hoisted a black flag you best do the same if you expect to win.

        Grey Ghost

  5. “The limbic system is evolutionarily older than the prefrontal cortex—primitively old, in fact.”

    sigh… Men are far more than the biological machines modern “science” would reduce us to.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Metaphysically, that could be the case. Physically, we’re just the same decaying organic material as every other critter.